Idle Rabbits Cheats: Guide, Tips, And Tricks

New to the Idle Rabbits game? Understand all of its core aspects with these Idle Rabbits cheats and tips available with a guide for beginners

Idle Rabbits Cheats Tips GuideIdle Rabbits Cheats, Tips, And Guide: – 

This article covers “how to play Idle Rabbits”, about the rabbit city, buildings, upgrades, and other things such as in-game currencies, tips to earn massive earnings, about progression, and much more. So, let’s get straight to Idle Rabbits cheats, tips, and guide: – 

Getting Started With The Idle Rabbits Basics

The rabbit city is infected and you have to save it by lifting the infected curse from all the buildings in all the areas. Once a building or house is saved from the infection, it will produce the bucks. You can use bucks to unlock and upgrade the buildings. Another currency in Idle Rabbits game is “gold coins” that you can use in the shop to buy the time-lapse items that give you hours of earnings immediately. 

Guide To Upgrades In Idle Rabbits

There are three main upgrades in the Idle Rabbits game; capacity, healing, and chance. Let’s learn about them all: – 

  • Capacity – this determines the number of rabbits that can stay in the city at a time. For example – if it’s 13, you will see x13 rabbits walking in the rabbit city
  • Healing – Healing is required to lift the infected curse from the building. When you unlock a building, you will see the number of healing points required to lift the infection completely. Each rabbit that enters the building grants healing. By raising the healing, rabbits will be able to lift the infection quickly. For example – if the healing is 7, then one rabbit will grant x7 healing point upon entering the building that you just unlocked. 
  • Chance – there are special “nurse” rabbits in the Idle Rabbits game. These special rabbits grant more healing than the other rabbits. This upgrade determines the chances of getting a nurse or special rabbit

Guide To Rabbits In The Idle Rabbits Game

Rabbits come from the main hospital building – the one with a helicopter on it. There is a max limit – which is determined by “the capacity” upgrade in the lower-left corner. You will need rabbits to lift the infection from the building. 

Unlocking The Buildings

You unlock buildings one-by-one; starting from 1-1, then 1-2, 1-3, and so on. It will cost a fixed amount of bucks to unlock the building. If you have enough bucks to unlock the building, an unlock button over that building will appear. Tap on it. Once the building in Idle Rabbits game city is unlocked, you will see a bar on it that shows the healing requirement. For example – if it’s 357, it means, x357 healing points would be needed to lift the infection. The rabbits in the city will start entering this building once it’s unlocked – they will grant healing and remove the infection. 

The healing upgrade determines how much healing a rabbit grants. For example – if the healing upgrade is at 10, then one rabbit will grant x10 healing upon entrance. And, based on the above example – you will need x36 rabbits to lift the infected curse. 357(total healing required) = 36(total number of rabbits) * healing(10). 

Upgrade The Buildings Wisely

Buildings or houses in Idle Rabbits game produce the green bucks over time – you will need to collect the bucks manually; if you have not bought the auto-upgrade yet. 

We recommend focusing on upgrading the high-level building first as they produce more bucks than the previously unlocked buildings. For example – 1-7 building produces more bucks than  1-6, 1-5, 1-4, and all the previously unlocked buildings. 

And, because of that mechanism, it would be better to unlock the next building as soon as possible – if you want to yield more profit; as higher-level buildings produce more bucks. It would be a bad strategy if you stick to particular building upgrades. Unlock the next one asap and prioritize the upgrades of high-level buildings first. 

Make The Idle Rabbits City Upgrades

At the bottom of the screen, there are three main upgrades; capacity, healing, and chance. We’ve explained all of them in the above part. To lift the curse quickly when you unlock a building, focus on these city upgrades. 

Buy The Global Upgrades In Idle Rabbits

On the lower-right corner, tap the upgrade button to open the global upgrade menu. The best upgrade is “auto-collect”. This upgrade is available for all the buildings and helps you by collecting the cash/bucks from the buildings automatically. By default, you have to collect the bucks manually each time. So, buy this upgrade asap. 

Get The Freebies

There are lots of adverts offer in the game; by watching video ads, you can get free gold coins, bucks, income booster, etc. Speed-up the progress by getting these offers. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Idle Rabbits cheats, tips, and guide for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below!

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