BattleSky TapTap Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

BattleSky TapTap or BattleSky Brigade is a brand new mobile game by BattleBrew Productions. Check out BattleSky TapTap guide, tips, cheats & strategies

BattleSky TapTap is a cute Idle clicker game for Android and iOS. In the game, the player builds his/her town in the sky. And, In the town, the player can build 200+ buildings, recruit 200+ troops, and loads of facilities to boost passive income(Koins). If you have just started it and have no idea how things work in BattleSky TapTap game, then today’s BattleSky TapTap guide and BattleSky TapTap tips, cheats & strategies will help you in getting things.

Things You Need To Know In BattleSky TapTap Game: –

1.) The Basics

BattleSky TapTapYour main objective is to construct all the facilities, buildings in the town and recruit all the troops/characters. To accomplish this objective, you need trillions of Koins(In-game item). You get Koins by tapping the screen, constructing the facilities/buildings, recruiting troops, and defeating the pirates. The main building in the town is HQ. To unlock new facilities, buildings, you will have to increase the HQ level by upgrading. And it will also cost you Koins.

All you need to do is tap the menu button(at the bottom, tap the ⇑ button) -> hit the upgrade button next to HQ. When you upgrade the HQ, you get more Koins per tap. Let’s learn about the facilities, troops, and buildings.

2.) Facilities

The second tab in the menu is Facilities. These facilities help you in earning Koins without tapping the screen. If you plant these facilities in the town, you will earn Koins every second(Passive income). You can even upgrade these facilities to increase the passive income(number of Koins per second).

At the top-right corner, pay attention to the amount next to Hourglass icon. It shows the income you are earning every second passively.

And the amount next to cursor icon shows the income you earn per tap.

3.) Buildings

The third tab in the menu is Buildings. Just like facilities, these buildings also increase passive Koins earnings. Constructing new buildings unlocks new troops or characters. You can also build multiple instances of a specific building. For example; Kointainer. But for each extra instance, you will have to spend more Koins.

4.) Troops In BattleSky TapTap Game

These troops do not increase the passive Koins earnings, but grants tap buff to the player. Recruiting and placing troops in the town will increase the Koins earning per tap. You can unlock new troops or characters by constructing buildings. And to unlock new buildings, you will have to upgrade the HQ.

BattleSky TapTap Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Defeat Those Pirates

BattleSky TapTapEvery now and then, a group of Pirates will spawn near your town and attack your base. Those pirates also have a decent amount of Koins that you can loot. To attack the pirate balloons, tap them rapidly until they lose all their health. After it, the game will show you the message; enemy bloon destroyed. And, you will also get the offer to earn gems by watching the video ad. Hit the yes button to confirm.

2.) Use The Boosters Often

BattleSky TapTapAll the boosters get unlocked before HQ level 400. As of now, BattleSky TapTap game features three boosters; Firin’ ma Koins(auto-tap 5 times per second for 5 minutes), Smillionaire(Earn 1000X Koins instantly), and Super Smolian Disko(Increases Koins production by 3000 times for 5 times). To activate these boosters, you just have to tap the booster icon. At the bottom of the screen, you have four options; three boosters and the fourth one lets you reset booster cooldown instantly by watching the video ad. Use these boosters often to earn loads of Koins.

3.) Complete All Kinds Of Quests

At the top-left corner of the screen, tap the quests button and explore the challenges. Complete all kinds of missions; quests, Island improvement tasks, normal tasks, daily tasks, and all-time tasks to earn gems, loads of Koins.

4.) Increase Offline Koin Storage Time

If you close the game and open it after a couple of hours, the game will show you the message; “Welcome Back” and the amount of Koins generated while you were offline. The buildings and facilities work even when you are not online. But only for a couple of hours. After a certain amount of time, these buildings will not work until you come back online. And it is obvious that you will go for sleep for more than 6 hours. So it would be better to increase the offline Koins storage time. By default, it is 2 Hours(buildings & facilities will generate Koins passively for 2 hours).

At the top-left corner, tap your name to check the offline Koin storage time.

To increase, build more Kointainers. Tap the menu button -> go to buildings tab -> there you will find this building.

5.) Prestige To Get Sparks and Koin Bonus

You will be able to prestige once you reach HQ level 400. This is the most common feature in all Idle games. When you use this feature, the game will grant you Sparks and Koin Bonus. Sparks – You can spend sparks for HQ skins, Island Skins, and New Islands.

And, every time you prestige, you get a Koin generation Bonus. Go to the menu -> In the first tab, just below the HQ, you get this option. Tap the button next to Prestige and check the number of Sparks and the Koin Bonus. Keep playing the game, build & upgrade HQ/facilities to increase Sparks and the Koin Bonus.

Also, keep in mind that, you will lose all your buildings, troops. However, you will not lose buildings and troops that you bought in exchange for gems.

6.) Use The Camera Reset Feature To Change View

If you are having trouble with the town view and pinching in or out is irritating you, then use the camera reset feature that throws you back to the default view of the game. At the top-right corner, near the gear option, tap the Smol icon.

So these are the top BattleSky TapTap tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share with other fellow players, comment below!

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