Immortal Destiny Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks To Level Up And Farm Better Gears

Immortal Destiny is a brand new MMORPG by Neocraft. Read on for Immortal Destiny cheats, guide, tips & tricks to level up fast and get better gears

Immortal Destiny Cheats Guide TipsNeocraft, well-known for Tales of Wind and Eternal Sword M games, recently released a brand new mobile MMORPG called Immortal Destiny for Android & iOS. In the game, you will be playing as a swordsman who fights the demons, bosses and gets stronger with the regular upgrades. You are gonna embark on the journey where you meet a lot of NPCs who give you tasks that you can complete for EXP, currency, and other items. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Immortal Destiny guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Immortal Destiny cheats, tips & tricks that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s get started with this walkthrough guide. 

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Immortal Destiny Cheats, Guide, Tips & Tricks To Level Up Fast & Farm Gears: –

Immortal Destiny Cheats Guide TipsFirst thing first – you don’t fight alone in this game. There is a partner system – partners are the characters or companions who assist you in the battle. They also possess unqiue skills like the main character. There are lots of partners in the game that you can unlock once you meet the unlock requirement. Other than that, your main character can transform into Deity. Deity characters have powerful active skills that you can unleash to knock down all the enemies and bosses on the battlefield. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Immortal Destiny tips, tricks in this walkthrough guide – 

Get Stronger In Immortal Destiny

There are various ways to make your main character stronger and increase his/her combat power – here’s the list of main methods that you can use and get stronger in immortal Destiny: –

  • Rank-up your partner
  • Enhance gears 
  • Embed gems to the gears(you can earn gems from hero treasure hunt event mode)
  • Equip high-tier gears
  • Level Up
  • Upgrade Fate Runes(bottom-right corner in the game screen -> fate rune -> upgrade). You can get fate runes from the fate rune dungeon. Also, the fate rune points required to upgrade fate rune
  • Strengthen the Deity(Deity formation -> devour soul niche -> start devouring). From the Deity Dungeon, you can get the divine soul points
  • Upgrade Mounts
  • Realm Upgrade(backpack -> realm -> upgrade realm)
  • Class Change – class change or reincarnation enhances character power. You will get to change the class at level 150 – for the first time. To complete the class change, you must complete all the stage quests. A class change button appears at the top; tap it to check the stage quests

Learn How To Beat Powerful Bosses Without Having Equal CP

Bosses do the massive damage that causes massive HP loss. If you want to defeat the powerful bosses while not having the strength equal to them, then we recommend disabling the auto-battle mode. You have to play the battles manually when fighting the bosses; keep an eye on their area of the target and keep your character away from their attack range. In the manual mode, you get to dodge the boss attacks while in auto-mode, your character would not dodge the boss attacks as you can do in the manual mode. 

If you don’t want to lose too much health from boss attacks, keep dodging their skill attacks by getting out of their target zone and attack when they are on basic attack mode. 

Level Up Fast In Immortal Destiny

If you want to level up fast in the Immortal Destiny game, then we recommend doing the dailies that grant EXP. Tap the daily button in the top menu list to check all the game modes that you can play regularly. Here’s the list of game modes that grant massive EXP and help you level up faster at the highest rate possible: –

  • EXP Dungeon
  • Escort Beauties
  • Complete Daily Quests
  • Pray (menu -> free praying)
  • Complete main quests
  • Complete side quests
  • Slay down the high-level demons on the map

Getting Better Gears In The Game

The best way to farm high-tier or grade gears in this game is by defeating the powerful bosses. Tap the boss button on the top menu list -> select the boss that you think you can defeat easily and challenge him for the fight. Defeat and get powerful gears; equip to the main character to increase the base stats drastically.

Complete All The Dailies

Dailies not only give you the specific rewards, but also the activity points that you must collect to get milestone rewards such as offline autoplay card, mount rank-up item, escort token, etc. 

  • Daily Quests – EXP, Silver
  • Arena – EXP, Honor Coins
  • EXP Dungeon – EXP
  • Gear Dungeon – EXP
  • Partner Dungeon – Rattle Drum, Advanced Tendon-Flexing Pellet
  • Escort Beauty – EXP, Silver
  • Wild Boss – Ultimate Orange Gear, Golden Skyplume, Legacy Set Stone
  • Auto Ratting – EXP, Gears
  • Gear Enhancing – Materials
  • Apex Dungeon – EXP, Ultimate Orange Gear
  • Silver Dungeon – Silver
  • Refine Dungeon – Silver, Blackblade Whetstone
  • Sword Heart Dungeon – Sword Stones, Sword Force
  • Ornament Dungeon – Greenvine Belt, Weaver Cloth
  • Trial Tower – Mana
  • Awakening Dungeon – Book of Heritage, Advanced Breakthrough Crystal Stone
  • Deity Dungeon – Mind Training Tailsman, Divine Soul Points
  • Hero Dungeon – Shards, Fine Mystical Shard
  • Faction Quest – EXP, Faction Contribution

Keep An Eye On Time-Limited Events

Time-limited events open for a certain period. You must participate in them for great rewards. You can access these events from the daily menu – 

  • Faction Banquet – EXP, Faction Contribution
  • Hero Treasure Hunt – Silver, Gems, Edict Stones
  • Quiz/Answer – Fate Runes, Upgrade Stones
  • Floor – Fate Runes
  • Kill The General – Fate Runes

Progression Guide To Immortal Destiny Players

We recommend proceeding through the main quests and side quests that you see in the top-left of the screen. Other than that, focus on the daily quests, dailies, and events. 

Join The Faction

Faction gives you access to the community of players – you can join factions created by other players and access to faction game modes for more rewards and content. Tap the + button to expand the menu -> faction -> there you can join other factions. 

So this would be all in this post on Immortal Destiny guide, tips for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below. 

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