Kick-Flight: Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Kick-Flight is a brand new aerial battle game for Android & iOS. Read on for Kick-Flight guide, tips, cheats & strategies to master the gameKick-Flight Guide Tips Cheats

Kick-Flight game has three game modes; at the start of the game, you will be able to play the Scramble mode where your goal is to collect the crystals. The team with the most crystals at the end of the battle gets the victory. Kickers or characters or players spawn on the start point. The 4v4 battles are quick and engaging.

The two other game modes are Flag Flight, Rapid Ball. Both these modes unlock when you reach S Rank. You start from the C+ Rank and gain ranking points by getting the victories and as you earn more, your rank will gradually increase and these new modes will get unlocked. 

If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Kick-Flight guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Kick-Flight tips, cheats & strategies that you may like. So without further ado, let’s navigate to the main content. 

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Kick-Flight: Guide, Tips & Cheats –

In the game, characters are called Kickers. Kick-Flight game features (12) Kickers – each with special skills, stats, and strength. During the battle, you can use the character’s Kicker skill by sliding up his avatar and special skill when it activates. Another key aspect of the game is Disc. There are many Discs in the game that you can equip and use during the battle. For example – disc with healing ability can heal Kicker, a disc with attacking ability can help you knock off the enemy. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Kick-Flight tips & tricks: –

Master The Controls

The first thing is to get used to the controls and master them so that you can easily control the character during the battle. Let’s take a look at all the controls: –

  • Acceleration – Tap/Double-tap for boost dash/acceleration. It consumes energy(see the yellow color round bar near the HP bar? It displays the energy – it recovers gradually)
  • Fly/Move – Tap and hold down on the screen to move/fly. 
  • Halt Quickly When Flying – Flick Down
  • Quick Turn Around – Flick Up and Down
  • Attack – Approach the target, tap his/her icon on the right side to lock him/her as a target. After that, your character will start attacking him/her automatically when in range
  • Disc – Flick up the disc to use
  • Kicker Skill – Flick up kicker’s Disc at the bottom-center to use Kicker’s unique skill
  • Special Skill – It’s below the Kicker’s disc. It activates when the gauge is full. The gauge fills up as you move, attack, and defeat the enemies. 

So that’s all in this Kick-Flight controls guide for beginners. Let’s check out more info and some tips & tricks!

Do Not Hold Many Crystals, Entrust

If the enemy defeats you, you will lose the crystals that you have collected so far in the game. It would be better to entrust crystals to the guardian so that you don’t lose the crystals if the enemy kills you in the game. At the top-center of the game screen, you can check the map – it displays the ally guardian point and the enemy’s guardian point. If you are on the red team, then it would be a red color spot on the map. If you are on the blue team, it would be a blue color spot on the map. 

Learn About The Guardian Point In Kick-Flight

This is the point where you can entrust crystals that you possess in the current time. Can the enemy steal crystals from Guardian? Yes, the Guardian releases crystals if it is suffering damage from the enemy. The game will show you a message when the enemy deals damage to it – your guardian is in danger. 

Is it a good idea to entrust crystals to Guardian? Well, yes! It’s better to entrust crystals now and then as it’s better to store crystals at this safe place because you could be attacked anytime and if you get killed, you will lose all the crystals in possession. Also, it would be bad for your team. 

Keep An Eye On The Map And Stats

Map – here you can track the enemies – also, it displays the number of crystals they have. The yellow arrow on the map displays your location – it’s better to keep an eye on the map for better navigation. Avoid going near the group of enemies – co-operate with the allies all the time. 

Stats – on the left and right side of the screen, Kick-Flight displays the ally Kickers and enemy Kickers’ HP, crystals reserve. Try targetting and killing the enemy who has the most crystals. 

Must-Have A Healing Disc

In Kick-Flight, players can add up to four discs to use in the battle. Make sure to include at least one healing disc that restores the Kicker’s health. And, for the rest 3 disc slots, we would recommend using the ATK discs. Other than that, you have Buff, Warp, and Move type discs. Warp type discs could be useful when you are low on health and the enemy is all set to send you to hell. With Warp Disc skill, you can warp to the start point. 

Head to the Disc tab to check all the available discs. Tap the disc to check its effect, type. Tap the video to see it in use. 

Choose The Best Kicker

Kick-Flight has 12 Kickers or Characters.  All these Kickers are classified into four types; tank, speed, attack, and support. 

Tank type Kickers have good health but they are not good at dealing damage. Their role in the team is to protect the allies and soak the damage. Play as their shield. 

Speed type Kickers in Kick-Flight game are fast. For example – Tsubame – his quick and can easily leave/chase the enemy. His special skill increases the movement speed even more. 

Attack type Kickers in Kick-Flight game are good at dealing damage to the enemies. Although, their DEF/HP or survivability is not good. 

Support type Kickers in Kick-Flight are balanced characters – but have amazing skills to increase the speed of allies, heal allies. 

Head to Kicker menu and there you can check all the Kickers. You get kickers from the scout. 

Open The Disc Capsules In Kick-Flight

After getting the victory in Kick-Flight battle mode, you will receive a disc capsule, which contains disc cards, disc force. Duplicate disc cards are required to upgrade the disc. You will need Disc Force in-game currency to enhance disc. You can spend Jet Coins to open these disc capsules immediately. 

Use The Special Skill At The Right Time

Special Skill activates when its gauge is full. The gauge fills as you move, attack, and defeat the enemies. Since it’s hard to recharge again in a short period, we would recommend to use it when needed. All the Kickers have different special skills – make sure to read their profile info by visiting the kicker menu. 

At the bottom-left corner of the game screen, you can check the score points that you have earned so far. The player with the most points in the team gets MVP. Collect more crystals, kill more enemies to score more. 

So this would be all in this post on Kick-Flight guide, tips, cheats & strategies to master the game.

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