Garena Free Fire Guide, Tips, And Cheats To Get 1st Rank

Garena Free Fire Tips Guide CheatsGarena Free Fire is one of the best battleground games for mobile devices. In this game, you fight against other players for the survival. Check out our Garena Free Fire guide and Garena Free Fire tips, cheats, and strategy to get the 1st rank

Garena Free Fire(previously known as Free Fire – Battlegrounds) is an amazing mobile battleground game for mobile devices. The game features solo and squad mode in which your one and only goal is to survive. It has crossed over 10 million downloads on Google Play Store and still, it is getting hits, the reason behind its popularity is its intense gameplay, graphics, smooth controls, and regular updates. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; Garena Free Fire Guide and Garena Free Fire tips, cheats, and strategy. Let’s start the Garena Free Fire guide first;

1.) Get Started – Garena Free Fire – Battlegrounds – The Basic

Garena Free Fire Tips Guide CheatsIn this game, you will fight against 50 players from all over the world and each player has only one goal; survive. You just tap on the solo or dual option to start the match. After it, you will join 50 other players from all over the world. The battle starts after a few seconds; you have to wait.

After it, all the players will land on the ground. You just tap on the eject button and open the parachute. Once landed, the next task is to grab weapons and other useful items. At the start of the match, you have no weapons & items. You can find these items in buildings, house. Explore the city and search for these items. So this is the basic of the battleground game; now let’s start the Garena Free Fire guide – part 2

⇒ Play Zone -> At the top of the screen, you can see the messages; safe zone is shrinking, danger zone, safe zone appearing in few minutes, and more. Starting few minutes are relaxing; you just have to explore and find weapons; guns, medical kit, ammo. But after it, the safe zone will start shrinking and to survive, you have to move there. At the top-left corner, tap on the map and you can check your location; you should be under the sphere. In short, play zone will shrink after every few minutes and to survive, you have to go there. Keep an eye on danger zone, if you are in danger zone, they get out yourself from there.

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⇒ Controls[Garena Free Fire Guide] – >

At the top-left corner, there is a map. Tap on the map to zoom in or for a clear view. Always keep an eye on the map; your location, if you see red spots, then it means your enemies are close to you, safe zone, danger zone, airplane, and more.

At the bottom-left corner, use the joystick to move your character, to run automatically; tap on the sprint button, just above the joystick. At the right corner, there is a fire button, and crouch & prone, jump options.

At the top-right corner, you can see the status; how many players are alive and how many players you have killed. Just below the status, you can see your weapon list; tap on a gun or item to equip.

At the bottom-left, there is a bag icon, tap on it to check the items you have and tap on an item to use it or for more information.

Here’s the process you have to follow in Garena Free Fire game;

  • After landing on the ground, search for weapons and useful items
  • Avoid enemies during exploring
  • Move to the safe zone
  • And at last when there are only two players left; you and enemy; shoot the enemy using our tips
  • Claim the reward

Now let’s start the Garena Free Fire tips cheats and the strategy guide to get the first rank!

2.) Garena Free Fire Tips Cheats and Strategy

Achieving the first rank in battleground game is not an easy task if you play carefully, you just have to survive, that’s it and to accomplish this task; follow our Garena Free Fire tips cheats and strategy guide;

Tip 1.) Don’t land in the crowdy place – Free Fire Tips

Garena Free Fire Tips Guide CheatsAs all of you know that at the starting of the game, you have no weapon or any item. So the very first step of each player is grabbing the useful weapons & items; guns, ammo, medical kit, grenade, and much more. These items can be obtained from the buildings. And everyone will try to grab precious items first and land where there are so many buildings. This action increases the chance of encountering with enemies. So you should land on a less-crowded area; where there are only 1-2 buildings! In short, to avoid encounters with enemies, land on a less-crowded place. After you tap on the eject button, you can use the joystick to move your character. What are some best items & weapons? A medical kit and a good gun are enough.

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Tip 2.) It’s not a shooting game! – garena free fire tips cheats

You don’t need to show your shooting skills on the battlefield as it is not a shooting game! It is a survival game and you just have to avoid the enemies and survive yourself. If you are finding the enemies since the beginning of the battle, you are doing wrong. After the battle starts, search and collect useful items and wait for the safe zone. Once appeared, move to there but don’t let others see you; go in proning or crouching position. Or try to keep yourself on the boundary of the safe zone; to avoid enemies.

Tip 3.) Use headphones – Garena Free Fire Tips

Using headphones, you can listen to the firing and enemies driving the vehicle. This will alert you and you can keep yourself under the cover. Another reason is if someone is shooting you then you can quickly take an action. On the other hand, if you are playing without headphone, you will miss those alerts; firing, nearby enemies on the vehicle. So use headphones while playing the battle royal game.

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Tip 4.) The Last Moments; I can see you but you can’t- Garena Free Fire Tips Cheats

Garena Free Fire Tips Guide CheatsIn the battle royal game, you can not track your enemies on the map, if you find the enemy first; then takes the advantage; shoot like a pro and don’t let him/her see you. Opposite side; if you notice, you are in the range of the enemy, then it would be better to do some dance; just activate the sprint mode and move in the zig-zag pattern and make it difficult for him/her to target you.

The last moments are pretty simple; two players are on the field; you and the enemy. You will get the advantage if you see him, if it goes wrong and you are in the range, then do some dance. If you find him, then shoot like a pro shooter, don’t let him see you! That’s it.

Tip 5.) Quick Strategy – Garena Free Fire Tips Cheats Strategy

  • Land on the less-crowded place
  • Search and collect useful items
  • Wait for the safe zone
  • Keep yourself on the boundary of the safe zone
  • Hide behind the rocks, in bushes in last moments
  • Avoid enemies; you don’t need to kill, just avoid
  • Read four tips mentioned above

So this is the Garena Free Fire guide and Garena Free Fire tips cheats and strategy to get the first rank!. Download the game – here(Google Play Store). Also, see – PUBG guide, tips, and cheats

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