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Kingdom Alive Offense RPG is a brand new mobile game by Plustonic, published by Mobirix. Check out Kingdom Alive guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Mobirix has just released a new RPG, named as Kingdom Alive, the game features challenging levels, lots of game modes; adventure, rumble battle, 7 days of sanctuary, loads of heroes, commanders. The battle system is quite simple; all you need to do is defeat the enemy’s tower as fast as you can. As you progress a little bit, you will face problems in clearing the stages as enemies are way too powerful. Another challenge is you have to complete the stage within a specific time limit. If you are having the trouble understanding its mechanics or looking for tips, then this Kingdom Alive guide and Kingdom Alive tips, cheats & strategy will help you.

Things To Know In Kingdom Alive Offense RPG

To clear the hard stages in the game, you will have to level up/power-up the heroes and deploy them wisely in the match. Since level up material costs you thousands of coins, you can repeat the stages to earn EXP(a free way to level up). Additionally, you will need to craft equipment to make the heroes more powerful. To craft the equipment, you need equipment fragments. You can obtain these fragments by completing the adventure stages. There are many more ways which we will discuss below. For now, just remember that it’s a grindy game and you will have to repeat the stages to farm fragments, coins, chests, and more items.

Battle – In the battle, you have to destroy the enemy tower as fast as you can. All you need to do is deploy the units wisely; they will attack the enemy units automatically. Additionally, In the boss battles, you can summon the commander and use its skill to deal massive damage. The tower is another main thing. It also attacks the enemy, if they are in range. And, it also has a skill(for example; cannon fire).

Opal – You need this item to upgrade the hero’s skills. Coins – You can use coins in leveling up, upgrading, crafting, summon, in the black market, and many more tasks. Garnet – It is required in equipment upgrading. Gems – Premium In-game currency, used in summoning heroes, equipment. So that’s the Kingdom Alive basics.

Battle – Cost, Units, Limit

Kingdom Alive

In the battle, at the bottom-left corner, you can check the mana bars. The player needs mana to deploy the units. There would be red dots above the heroes’ icons. The number of dots represents the mana cost. For example; Melee hero need only one mana. Whereas Titan needs (3) mana.

You can deploy a certain number of troops only. At the top-left corner, just below the auto button, you can check the army limit.Kingdom Alive

Weak Gauge – In Kingdom Alive, there are many types of heroes; melee, archer, bishop, wizard, Titan, assassin, knight, trapper, and glider. All these heroes are strong/weak against each other. There is a correlation between the hero classes. For example; Archers are strong against glider. Trappers are good in dealing with the assassin. The game helps you in choosing or deploying the strong hero by marking it with a special symbol, at the top-right corner of their icons. When you use it, the weak gauge gets charged. What’s it? Heroes deal bonus damage to the weak class units. For example; glider is weak against the archer. An archer class unit deals bonus damage to the glider class hero.

Kingdom Alive Heroes Guide

All the heroes in Kingdom Alive belong to one of these classes: –

  1. Warrior
  2. Archer
  3. Knight
  4. Bishop
  5. Wizard
  6. Titan
  7. Assassin
  8. Trapper
  9. Glider

All the heroes have different action skills, mana cost, stats, attack-style, and role. For example; Bishop type heroes support the allies in the battle by healing them over time.

How To Get Heroes?

You can get heroes by using summon feature. You can summon a hero by spending gems or gold coins. The game lets you summon one hero for free every day.

How To Power-Up Heroes In Kingdom Alive Offense RPG?

  • Level Up
  • Mount equipment
  • Upgrade equipment
  • Equip Insignia
  • Upgrade Skill
  • Upgrade
  • Evolve

Level Up Heroes -> There are two ways to level up heroes in Kingdom Alive game. The first one is by playing or repeating the stages in the adventure mode. All the heroes in the team earn EXP points when you get the victory in adventure mode’s battles. It is a free way to level up heroes. Simply repeat the stages.

Another way to level up heroes is by using Grade EXP tickets. There are three types of tickets; low grade, mid-grade, and high grade. High-grade ticket grants a massive amount of EXP to the hero. You can obtain these tickets from the chest(adventure mode recover reward), by completing the quests, from 7-day sanctuary mode, black market. If you have, then go to the team menu by tapping the hero option -> select a hero -> tap the level up button -> use the <> icons to select the quantity.

Upgrade Heroes -> Upgrading is different from the level up process. When you power up a hero to its maximum level, you will need to evolve it. Evolving is not possible until you upgrade it. Tap the upgrade button -> select the heroes(selected heroes will disappear) -> confirm.

Evolve -> Evolving increases the grade/star level of a hero. You need evolution stones; rage, patience, wisdom. You can craft these stones in the alchemy shop. Main screen -> there you will find Alchemy. You can also merge evolution stones to get a high-grade stone. Merging will cost you gold coins.

Equipment -> You can get the gears; weapon, armor, helmet, earrings, necklace, and ring from the adventure mode or craft in forge menu. Additionally, In the summon menu, you can spend gold/gems for better quality gears. To craft equipment, you must have enough fragments.

Upgrade Equipment -> Go to the inventory -> tap the equipment -> upgrade -> select the useless gears(selected gears will disappear). It will cost you gold coins, garnet. You can earn/get garnet from the quests. sanctuary mode, adventure mode, blacksmith.

Equip Insignia -> Just like equipment, you can craft Insignia in the forge menu. Go to the hero’s description screen -> at the bottom, head to Insignia tab -> equip.

Upgrade Skill -> This is another one of the best ways to increase the power of heroes in Kingdom Alive game. Go to the skill tab in hero description menu -> spend opal/coins to level up. You can earn opal from the quests, sanctuary, adventure mode, by dismantling heroes.

So these are the top ways to power up heroes in Kingdom Alive Offense RPG.


You can use or summon commanders in boss battles. In these battles, you will see the commander icon at the bottom-left, tap it to summon. You can increase the power of the commander by leveling up, upgrading skill. To level up a commander in Kingdom Alive, you must have enough number of fragments. You can obtain these fragments from the adventure mode. Just below the commander’s portrait, tap “how to get fragment” option. Play these stages to earn.

How to change commander. Main menu -> hero -> set team -> commander -> set commander.

So this is the Kingdom Alive guide for the beginners. Let’s take a look at our top Kingdom Alive tips, cheats & strategies to clear hard mode stages.

Kingdom Alive Tips & Tricks

1.) Repeat The Stages To Farm

This is what we did to progress and would recommend you to also. The reason is the stage difficulty level increases as you progress. But the power of heroes would not be enough to deal with those elite monsters. Additionally, there is a time limit. So to power up heroes, you must farm the resources; EXP to level up, fragments to craft equipment, coins to summon heroes/equipment. Keep in mind that you can play an area in three modes; normal, hard, and hell. Switch to hard after clearing the normal.

2.) Understand The Correlations

As we mentioned above, certain classes deal bonus damage to the certain class enemies. For example; the enemy is a glider. Then deploy Archer as archer class is strong in dealing with gliders. Here’s the tree chart: –

  • Archer > Glider
  • Glider>Bishop
  • Bishop > Knight
  • Assassin > Archer
  • Assassin > Wizard
  • Wizard > Warrior
  • Warrior > Titan
  • Titan > Knight
  • Trapper > Assassin

You can check the enemy class before you start the battle. And, in the battle, at the top, under HP bar.

3.) Check Out The Black Market

Make sure to check the black market daily and grab the desired items. You can obtain some items by paying a small number of gold coins. These items include; EXP tickets, crafting material, mana essence, opal, garnet, and more.

4.) Deploy The Heroes Wisely

In addition to the correlations advantage, you have to deploy the heroes wisely; pay attention to the mana cost, enemy’s type; put the knight/low-cost melee first(knight’s HP stats are good so he can defend, warrior’s mana cost is low), then archer who deals damage from a range, then support type heroes(Bishop -> to heal), gliders or if you have full mana, then deploy titan. The knight will defend the archers, archers will deal damage from a range, and support type heroes will heal the allies.

5.) Power Up, Upgrade To Defend

In the guide part above, we have described all the ways to power up heroes. Follow them and build a strong team. Additionally, don’t forget to level up the tower, tower’s skills.

6.) 1* Heroes Are Useless

When you start the game, you have 1* heroes only. Never ever develop 1* heroes. They are not good for the long run and if you develop them, they will eat loads of resources. Go to the summon menu -> spend gems/gold to get high-grade heroes. If you head to the hero section, just above the hero’s icon, you will see the stars. The number of stars represents its grade. Repeat the stages -> earn gold -> spend in summoning -> get good heroes.

7.) Spend Attribute Points

Kingdom AliveAs you level up, the game will give you attribute points. You can spend these points in the attribute lab and activate buffs.

So these are the top Kingdom Alive tips and a guide for the beginners. You can share your own tips in the comment section below.

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