Last Day On Earth guide: tips, cheats & strategies

New to the Last Day On Earth Survival game? Understand all of its concepts with this Last Day On Earth guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

Last Day on Earth: Survival is a popular survival MMORPG for Android and iOS. A bunch of clones is also available in Google Play Store, but, it’s the best one as of now. The game challenges you to survive in a dangerous world(full of enemies/zombies and other players). They can kill you, destroy your base, steal your resources, and harm you. Your objective is to stay alive and protect yourself and the resources from the enemies. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: – Last Day On Earth Guide and Last Day On Earth Cheats, Tips, and Tricks!

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1.) Ultimate Guide

In Last Day On Earth Survival game, your one and only objective is to stay alive and keep the character’s body in good condition by maintaining the food, water, and health state. Read the cheats, tips part below to learn how to get water, food easily in Last Day On Earth game.

Additionally, survival is another challenge; there is no one who will help you in the dangerous world except your true friend dog. Zombies and other players can visit your shelter, they can kill your character, and loot the resources. Similarly, you can also visit their shelters and loot the resources. The challenge is protecting the resources and staying alive.

If you die, then you will lose all the inventory items. However, if you die in certain areas(base/home/shelter, bunker, events), then you can recover the inventory items by finding the dead body. But if you die in areas such as the yellow zone, red zone, green zone, then you can not recover or find the dead body.

So, this is the basic Last Day On Earth guide for the players who are playing it for the first time. Now, let’s learn about more in our Last Day On Earth ultimate guide that covers the topic; chopper/motorcycle, skill, breeding, dog, and more.

  • Dog Guide

You can take dogs to other locations and they will help you in many ways such as dealing damage to the zombies. You will not get a dog directly. Find the puppy first and add it to your inventory. You will get the first two puppies easily by exploring the locations.

Once you have puppies, you will have to grow them by feeding. For this task, you need to build the dog crate. The dog crate is used for keeping and breeding dogs.

Read the breeding guide below. You can also purchase dogs from the dealers(build the CB radio that allows you to contact dealers, raiders).

Once you build the dog crate, you will be able to feed them; raw meat, dry food, and more items like the dog treat. Feeding the puppies will grow them and they will become dogs.

In adult age, your dog will show the rank(I, II, III, IV). The growth will generate skill traits depending on their rank. One of the best ways to get higher rank dogs in Last Day On Earth Survival game is breeding.

Skill Traits? These are buffs that add a bonus like an increase in the chances of getting rare items, rare animal, and more.

There is a very rare trait called the true friend(Rank IV). The dogs with this trait can access doggy doors in bunker alfa, can be equipped. However, there are only 5-10% chances to get this true friend trait.

  • Breeding Guide

You can breed two dogs(same rank, male and female) in the dog crate and a new puppy will be produced. It could be of the same rank or higher.

You will lose both the dogs(male, female) and get a higher or equal rank puppy. There would be an option named “inherit traits” to pass parents’ specific traits to the young puppy.

  • Exploration Experience Points

Last Day On EarthThese points are different from EXP(Experience Points). You earn EXP by playing the game and from every activity like gathering resources, killing zombies, building and crafting). At the bottom of the game’s screen, you can see the level bar. Gain enough EXP to level up.

But these exploration experience points helps you in learning skills. And these exploration points can be obtained from zones. On the global map, when you tap a location, the game will give you the overview of that location and the list of skills you can learn from that location.

You can check the progress just below of the mini-map(at the top-right side of the screen). Once it reaches 100%, you will get the chance to learn a new skill. These zones are – Oak forest, snowy locations, bunker alfa, pine forest, base, and mountain.

  • Skills

Last Day On EarthThere are three types of skills: active, passive and temporary. Active skills can be activated by tapping the button. In Last Day On Earth Survival game, there are two default skills; auto-mode and sneaking(bottom left, right corner). You can learn new skills by obtaining exploration experience points(read the guide above).

List of active skills: –

  1. Animal Friend
  2. Look Around
  3. Self-Healing
  4. Sprint
  5. Roll

Passive skills are like buffs. Learn these skills to get special bonuses. For instance; the hacker is a passive skill. With this skill, you can hack terminals and other electronic devices while exploring bunker alfa.

List of passive skills: –

  1. Focused
  2. Motorcycle Driver(Required to drive chopper)
  3. Extra Pocket
  4. Cold Survival
  5. ATV Driver
  6. Trader
  7. Hacker
  8. Walker
  9. Medic
  10. Biker
  11. Robber
  12. Glutton
  13. Lucky
  14. Dog Lover

To learn more about these active & passive skills, go to the inventory, tap the upgrade icon next to water status.

  • Last Day On Earth: Chopper Guide

The chopper or motorcycle helps you move or walk or travel faster on the map. However, it would not be easy to build the chopper. It unlocks at level 6 and you can craft its blueprint with these resources: –

  1. Iron Bar
  2. Bolts
  3. Pine Planks

After it, you will have to build a structure(for placement); floor. Once done, it’s time to assemble parts. To build a chopper in Last Day On Earth game, these parts or items are required: –

  1. Bolts
  2. Ball Bearing
  3. Chopper Fork[Bunker Alfa – Loot]
  4. Chopper Gas Tank[Bunker Alfa]
  5. Backpack
  6. Scrap Metal
  7. Rubber Parts[Bunker Bravo, Zones, Loot]
  8. Chopper Wheel[Forest, Bunker Alfa]
  9. Wires
  10. Engine Part[Air Drop, Loot, Base, Bunker]

Once assembled, learn the motorcycle driver skill. Read the exploration experience points guide above.

  • Bunker Alfa Guide

In Last Day On Earth, it is one of the places where you can find rare items. You can find it on the global map. To go inside it, you need the passcode. Where to get passcode? You can obtain it from the dead soldiers in resources zones or with CB radio. Keep in mind that there are many dangerous creatures inside who can easily strike down you. It would be better to equip armor or a strong weapon. Also, see – Top new Android games

Last Day On Earth Cheats, Tips and Tricks

In this part, we will learn how to keep yourself alive, protect the resources, and progress fast in Last Day On Earth game. It is pre-assumed that you have already built the small house in your base and you are keeping all the chests, workbench in that house. If not, then build the small house first.

#1.) Water, Food, and Health

Your first priority in Last Day On Earth game should be maintaining the body’s condition.

How to get water?

  1. Check the inbox(tap the coins type icon near crafting icon at the bottom of the screen)
  2. On the next screen, at the bottom-left corner, tap the inbox option
  3. Take the water bottles
  4. Go to the inventory
  5. Use the water bottles
  6. Don’t throw the bottles
  7. Build the rain catcher device
  8. Put the empty bottle inside it
  9. After a certain amount of time, you will get the water bottle(full of water)

You will get free items every day. Make sure to check the inbox daily.

How to get food?

  • Kill enemies and get the meat
  • Cook meat
  • Find or collect seeds. Build the garden bed. Grow vegetables
  • Berries

How to recover health?

  • Use the piece of cloth to craft bandages
  • Eat food
  • Level Up
  • First-Aid[Air-Drop]

#2.) Protect the resources

Build a small house. Upgrade its wall, doors, floors. Place chest or boxes inside it. If you place them in an open field, it would be easy for the intruders to collect the resources.

But if you keep them inside the house, they will have to destroy the wall or door first. Upgrade walls or doors to make it difficult for the intruders.

Once you reach the level 18, build and place the spiky traps around the house.

#3.) Find the dead body

If you die, you will lose all the items. To get them back, find the dead body where you died. Keep in mind that you can not get it back if you died in zones.

#4.) Increase the defense

Items such as dad hat, shirt, cargo pants, boots work as armor or defense. Build and equip these items to increase your defense. As you level up, you will be able to craft or build high-quality armors.

#5.) Don’t mess with zombies in the red zone

In dangerous zones, it would be better not to mess with zombies. Especially in the night and early game. When visiting these areas, make sure to equip the character powerful weapon and armors so that you can inflict more damage and soak more damage. Don’t go if your defense power is low and you don’t have a good weapon.

And switch to the prone position when exploring to make less voice.

#6.) Save Energy For Events

Energy is required to travel fast on the global map. Make sure to save some energy for events like air-drop, plane-crash and more. Because of limited time duration.

#7.) Gather, Gather and Gather

Many resources are required to build items. Don’t waste time, visit resources zones and gather as many items as you can, because, you will need a lot.

#8.) Get Help From Healer

Sometimes, you will see a healer character near the truck at your base. Interact with him by tapping the message icon and select the item you want.

#9.) Open The Unknown Box

In Last Day On Earth game, you could get a precious item(coins, gun, and more) by watching a video ad. Go to the shop/tap the coins icon at the bottom of the game’s screen -> best -> unknown box -> free.

  • Basic Guide For The Players, First Time Playing

Last Day On EarthCrafting – Crafting points are required to craft or build items. You earn them by leveling up.

Leveling Up – Play the game; gather resources, kill enemies to level up.

Building -> At the right side of the game’s screen, tap the hammer icon. Select the floor, doors, or walls. Head to the furniture tab to build items; small box, chest etc. Tap the wall or floor or door to upgrade.

Inventory -> You can not hold an unlimited number of items at a time because the slots in your inventory are limited. Build and equip a backpack to increase the number of slots. Before you go to a zone, make sure you have enough space in the inventory for the loot. Use the broken truck as inventory.

So these are some Last Day On Earth tips, cheats & tricks for the beginners. And a basic Last Day On Earth Survival guide for the players. Download Last Day On Earth for Android – Here(Google Play Store. Also, see – Games Like this one

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