Dragon Ball Legends Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Dragon Ball LegendsDragon Ball Legends (DB Legends) is a great fighting game for mobile devices by Bandai Namco, featuring your favorite DBZ characters; Goku, Vegeta, Super Saiyan Goku, Frieza, and many more. Here’s all you need to know about Dragon Ball Legends game; Dragon Ball Legends guide, tips, cheats & strategy, best characters

Dragon Ball Legends has been just released for mobile devices by Bandai Namco. It is a 3D online fighting game in which you choose your best characters for the battle and compete against other players from all over the world in real-time. The game also features story mode and event mode in which you complete challenges for rewards. In this post we have covered everything about the game you need to know; Dragon Ball Legends guide and Dragon Ball Legends tips, cheats & strategy to win battles.

1.) The Basic – Most Important

In Dragon Ball Legends game, your main objective is to build the party of best characters. Check out our characters guide below and know more about best characters and how to increase their power. You start the game from story mode, which is quite easy. As you level-up, PvP mode and event mode gets unlocked. In PvP mode, you fight against other players from all over the world and improve your rank for medals. You can use medals to obtain souls; red, yellow, and blue. As you progress or move to high rank, you will face high-level players and it would be hard to win the battles.

If you did not pay attention to the tutorial and don’t know about souls, equipment, limit-break, Z-ability, main-ability, strategy, and more, we are here to help you with our Dragon Ball Legends guide and Dragon Ball Legends tips, cheats & strategy. Let’s start the Dragon Ball Legends guide first;

Dragon Ball Legends Guide

Story Mode Guide; why to play and how to play like a pro!

Dragon Ball LegendsAs stated above, at the beginning of the game, story mode is the only mode you can play. The story mode is divided into chapters; completing a chapter reward you crystals, souls, Zeni, Z points, and much more.

On the main screen -> tap on the story icon -> choose “select story” or “newest chapter”; to repeat choose “select story”, to play new chapter, choose “newest chapter”. Here are some tips to play story mode like a pro!

Before you start the chapter, go to challenges tab and check out the challenges; complete these challenges in the first turn to get free rewards such as crystal, Zeni, souls, and much more.

And most important; you earn character EXP. Character EXP is required to level up a character. Only those characters will get EXP who are in your party. To edit the party, go to menu ->characters -> edit -> select the characters. You can select up to six characters. And you can create seven parties with different character combination. Before the battle starts, you can select any one of these seven parties.

Characters Guide ->

Dragon Ball Legends game features dozens of characters. You can check the complete list in the menu -> characters -> character list.

Elements of characters: –

  • Support
  • Defense
  • Melee
  • Ranged

Tap on a character to check its battle style. For instance; Krillin is a defense type character, Shallot is of melee type, Goku(extreme); melee, Super Saiyan Goku; ranged type, Tao; support type.

You can take advantage by choosing the characters on the basis of elements; here’s how: –

  • Red element > Yellow element
  • Yellow > Purple
  • Purple > Green
  • Green > Blue
  • Blue > Red

For instance; check the enemy character’s element; if it’s red, then choose blue element character. If it’s yellow, then choose red element character. Go to characters section -> hold down on a character and check its element.

How to unlock characters in Dragon Ball Legends?

It’s very simple. Go to menu -> summon -> choose “single summon” or “consecutive summon”. Get the character shards. Consecutive summon is best; you will definitely get an extreme or sparking character[initially].

Limit-Break – How to add stars to characters in DB Legends game

You can add stars to your characters using limit-break. All you need to do is gain enough Z power. For instance; I have Goku(hero). Now, to limit-break Goku or add a star to Goku, I need Z power(Goku). How to get? Use summon feature. Why is limit-break important? Because it increases the power of your character.

What is friendship level?

You can earn friendship points by playing the game; just select those characters. You can teach Shallot “Special Move” or get item reward by getting friendship points.

Soul Boosts – Guide

There are many types of souls; red, blue, yellow, super souls, and more. You use these souls to increase the stats of your characters. For instance, I want to increase “defense” stats of my character “Super Saiyan Goku”. And for this, I need souls.

How to obtain souls in DB Legends game?

Play story mode, repeat the chapters and earn souls. Play PvP mode and earn medals. Use medals in exchange shop to get souls; red, blue, yellow, super souls, and more.

How To Soul Boost?

Dragon Ball LegendsGo to the menu of the game -> characters -> choose soul boost. Select a character and confirm. After it, you will see this screen: –

Tap on a boost(i.e. health, strike attack, blast attack, blast defense, or more) and then tap on OK. Spend souls and Zeni to increase your stats.

What is this?

  • Health -> To increase character’s health/HP
  • Strike Attack -> Increase the deal damage; when you use strike attack card in the battle
  • Blast Attack -> Increase the deal damage; when you use blast attack card in the battle
  • Strike Defense -> Increase your defense when you hit by enemy strike card
  • Blast Defense -> Increase your defense when you hit by enemy’s blast defense card

What is class-up in Dragon Ball Legends?

When you unlock the ten tiles(i.e. strike, blast, health, and more), class up feature gets unlocked(see the above picture). When you class up a character, that character will get bonuses. You can class up a character when the character reaches level 300. Read Dragon Ball Legends cheats, tips, strategy below to learn how to level up fast.

Dragon Ball Legends Tips, Cheats & Strategy

1.) Start working on building the best party

In Dragon Ball Legends, your main task is to build the best party. At the beginning of the game, you have thousands of crystals. Go to menu -> summon -> spend your crystals and summon characters.

If you use consecutive summon, you will definitely get one or two rare characters; extreme or sparking. I got Super Saiyan Goku, Nappa, Pan, Raditz by using my free crystals.

It would be better if you summon characters instantly when you start the game. You just have to focus on your “six” best characters. However, in PvP Mode, you can select up to 3 best characters.

Don’t spend your in-game items in developing all the characters you have. Just focus on six characters; Shallot, Super Saiyan Goku, and rest 4 more[as per your choice; extreme, sparking].

When you start the game, follow this process;

  • Summon characters and build the party of best characters; Shallot, and 5 characters[extreme, sparking].
  • Start story mode and level-up your characters
  • Increase their stats using soul boost, equip them gears, class-up, limit-break
  • Unlock special moves, Z-ability[Upgrade it by limit-break]

Best Characters In Dragon Ball Legends Game: –

  • Super Saiyan Goku, Type – Sparking
  • Vegeta, Type – Sparking
  • Piccolo, Type – Sparking
  • Pan, Type – Sparking
  • Goku, Type – Extreme
  • Mercenary Tao, Type – Extreme
  • Tien, Type – Extreme
  • Raditz, Type – Extreme
  • Nappa, Type – Extreme
  • Shallot, Element – Hero

In Dragon Ball Legends, you can easily unlock all the characters within a week; always choose crystals as your login reward, complete missions and challenges to earn crystals, take part in events.

OK….Update -> After playing a lot, here are some recommendation on best characters in Dragon Ball Legends game[Shallot is not in my team 🙂 ] ->

  • Paikuhan(Sparking) -> Paikuhan (sparking) -> Paikuhan’s figures are very good; Its main potential increases the cost of art card purchases [for enemies]
  • Pan(SP) -> Pan is a support type character and its stats are also good. Pan’s main ability reduces the Ki Restore Speed of the enemy
  • Super Saiyan Goku -> Probably the best character in Dragon Ball Legends game; massive deal damage(reach the level 300 and see his power), amazing stats, Highlights -> “Super Kamehameha”, “Super Dragon Fist” cards
  • Vegeta(Sparking) – I would recommend you to choose “Vegeta” in your party; Vegeta’s blast attack is very powerful and main ability of Vegeta can increase the deal damage by 50%
  • Raditz(Extreme)
  • Piccolo(Sparking) – Piccolo is the best defensive type character in DB Legends game. Why should you add this character to your party? Reason -> Best HP, Strike/Blast Defense, Attack stats. And Its main ability can restore the health of an ally by 25%. MUST HAVE CHARACTER

In my opinion; the best team[DB Legends] would be; Super Saiyan Goku, Piccolo(Sparking), and Vegeta(Sparking). And Best Six Characters: –

  1. Piccolo(SP)
  2. Vegeta(SP)
  3. Super Saiyan Goku(SP)
  4. Pan
  5. Paikuhan(SP)
  6. Raditz(Extreme) or Goku(Extreme).

Reach level 300 as soon as possible and then show your skills in PvP.

2.) How to Level-Up Fast In Dragon Ball Legends game?

It’s very easy. Follow these ways to level-up fast: –

  • Repeat story mode chapters to gain EXP(Requires to level up)
  • Train your characters. Go to menu -> train -> EXP training or Limited Time Training -> select the character and begin training
  • You need training material to start training. Send your low-level characters on the adventure to obtain training material and Zeni. Go to menu -> adventure -> select low-quality characters or those who are not in your party. They will bring the training material for you.

Leveling up = More Power, Class-Up.

3.) Must Use Rising Rush and the Main Ability

Dragon Ball LegendsRising Rush is the powerful attack in Dragon Ball Legends game. And if you are playing PvP mode, it would be better to activate it as soon as possible and use at the right time. Additionally, you should also use the main ability of your character in the battle to get bonus advantage.

Don’t know how to cast or land rising rush skill? We have posted a full guide on this topic, you can check -> Here.

4.) Dragon Ball Legends Cheats, tips -> Break Rising Rush

As you know, Rising Rush is the powerful attack and using Rising Rush, the players can easily reduce the HP of a character or K.O. How to break Rising Rush or how to protect your character from Rising Rush attack?

It’s very easy. All you need to do is “swipe left or right”, it means, you just have to dodge at the right time. When you see the opponent is going to use rising rush, swipe right or left/dodge[timing is important].

5.) PvP Cheats, Tips & Strategy

PvP is the main mode in Dragon Ball Legends game. In this mode, you battle against other players from all over the world in real-time. Here are some Dragon Ball Legends cheats, tips & strategy to win PvP battles;

  • Choose the best characters[Must reach the level 300]

You can select up to three characters for the battle. Select the best characters of your party.

  • Land first strike. Here’s how;

If you strike first, you can easily stun the opponent character. When the battle starts; there are two ways to land the first strike;

  1. Choose the “blast card” before your opponent
  2. Dodge and then use cards

I would recommend you to swipe left/right/dodge instantly when the battle starts; it will save you from opponent’s attack[first strike] and you will be able to use your basic attack and then cards.

If you get successful in striking first, then tap on your all cards to perform combos.

  • Activate Rising Rush, but use at the right time

Rising Rush attack can lead you to the victory and if you are struggling, this attack can save you. Read the rising rush guide here. Make sure you activate it as soon as possible but use it at the right time.

  • Use Main Ability

Main Ability gives a bonus advantage to a character in the battle. All you need to tap(a certain number of times) and tap on the character’s icon. You can read main ability guide here.

  • Restore Ki-Gauge/Mana

Ki-Gauge/Mana, cost of an art card restores automatically. Without it, you can not use cards. To restore it fast, hold down on the screen.

6.) Quick Tips, Cheats for Dragon Ball Legends Players

Here is the summary of this post: – Dragon Ball Legends cheats, tips & strategy: –

  • Don’t develop all of your characters; focus on only six characters[3 for PvP]
  • Complete the missions to raise the player level
  • Increase the stats of your best characters using soul boost and by equipping the gears
  • Level-up characters fast by sending them on training sessions
  • Send characters on adventures to obtain training tickets and Zeni
  • Rank-Up, win PvP matches and obtain medals. Use medals in exchange shop to obtain souls
  • Class-Up your character
  • Summon daily and you could obtain character shards/Z-power. Z-Power is required to limit-break a character
  • Repeat story mode chapters to earn EXP

So, these are Dragon Ball Legends cheats, tips, & strategy guide for the beginners.

Old Guide: –

Dragon Ball Legends game by Bandai Namco is one of the best action games for Android. It features many game modes; events, story, and PvP. Unlike previous Dragon Ball Z game by Bandai Namco, this one is not boring, it’s addictive, challenging, and the best fighting game. In this post, we have covered everything about the game; Dragon Ball Legends Guide;

1.) Dragon Ball Legends – Get Started – The Basic

As usual, it starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic of the game; how to play Dragon Ball Legends, about cards, upgrading, leveling up, souls, and much more. After the tutorial, the player manually handles all the things. You can adjust the graphics and quality settings in the other section.

The Basic – In Dragon Ball Legends, before the battle starts, you have to choose your best characters/fighters. Controls are pretty simple; you just tap on the screen for normal attacks, swipe left/right to dodge, hold down your finger on the screen and swipe left/right/up to navigate your character. Tap on the cards to cast the skills. The player can switch between characters in the battle. Your objective is to defeat all the enemies.

The initial levels are easy to clear, but, later it becomes more challenging and you have to power-up your characters to slay down the powerful enemies.

You start the game from story mode. The story mode is divided on the basis of difficulty level; normal and hard. To switch, go to story mode -> archive -> tap on the normal button to switch to hard mode and vice versa.

To successfully complete a chapter, you have to complete challenges such as land a special move, strike skill, blast skill, 3* substitution, and much more. To check these challenges, select a chapter -> go to challenges section. Completing these challenges will reward you crystals.

2.) Characters In Dragon Ball Legends

  • Krillin – Hero
  • Goku – Hero
  • Shallot – Hero
  • Raditz – Extreme
  • Mercenary Tao – Extreme
  • Yamcha – Hero
  • Saibaman – Hero
  • Vegeta – Hero
  • Piccolo – Hero
  • Chiaotzu – Extreme
  • Nappa – Hero
  • Goku – Sparking
  • Super Saiyan Goku – Sparking
  • Dodoria – Hero
  • Frieza – Hero
  • Paikuhan – Sparking
  • Pan: GT – Sparking

Most of the heroes are locked at the beginning of the game.

Dragon Ball Legends Guide -> How To Unlock New Heroes

You can summon a hero/character using crystals. Tap on the menu -> summon -> confirm.

We will update this list of characters in Dragon Ball Legends game when the update brings a new hero to the game.

3.) Dragon Ball Legends Guide -> Characters Guide

Dragon Ball LegendsIn Dragon Ball Legends, characters’ attributes are different from each other; battle power, arts, and ability.

⇒ DB Legends -> Characters’ Attributes/stats

  • Energy[HP]
  • Strike Attack[Attack power unleashed by your character upon using strike card]
  • Blast Attack
  • Strike Defense
  • Blast Defense
  • Critical[Deals more damage]
  • Ki Restore Speed[Recovery]

You can increase these stats by upgrading your characters.

⇒ Arts/Cards

  • Strike – Melee attack/Dash
  • Blast – Attack from a distance
  • Special Move – Attack from a distance
  • Other – Depending on the character

Go to menu -> characters -> character list -> tap on a character -> show details -> arts -> here you can check all the details.

⇒ DB Legends Guide-> Abilities

In Dragon Ball Legends, you can activate the main ability in the battle by tapping on the character after a certain amount of time has passed. To check the main ability, go to character’s info panel and head to the ability section.

⇒ Z Ability -> DB Legends

Once you earn a certain number of shards of a character, Z ability gets unlocked. Z ability is different for each character. To check the Z ability, go to character’s info -> show details -> ability.

4.) Souls Guide – Dragon Ball Legends

The soul is one of the main items in Dragon Ball Legends game, used in enhancing the stats of a character, upgrading the equipment. You obtain these souls from story mode, events, and in exchange for medals.

5.) Soul Boost

To defeat the powerful enemies in the battles, you have to increases the stats of your character. There are a number of ways to increase the power of characters, one of them is soul boost. In this, you use souls to enhance the stats or increase the battle power of a character. Go to menu -> characters -> soul boost -> select a character -> confirm -> now select the tiles[energy, strike, blast, and more] and tap on the OK button.

Class-Up -> Once your character reaches its max level(99), you can use it. Open enough boost panels and reach the max level to unlock boost core, unlocking the boost core results in class up, allowing further enhancement.

6.) Equipment – Dragon Ball Legends Guide

Another way to increase the power of characters in DB legends is equipping the equipment. You get the equipment as rewards. Go to menu -> characters -> change equip -> tap on an empty slot and select the equipment.

⇒ Equipment Upgrade

To upgrade an equipment, you need souls. Go to menu -> characters -> equipment upgrade -> select the equipment you want to upgrade and confirm. Upgrading equipment unlocks new ability which overall boost-up the performance your characters in the battle.

So this is the Dragon Ball Legends guide for the beginners. We will update this post with more info soon. Download the game – Here[Google Play Store]. Also, see – Best Dragon Ball Z Games for Android

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