King’s Blood: The Defense Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

DAWINSTONE has just released a brand new mobile game called King’s Blood: The Defense. Read on for King’s Blood: The Defense guide, tips, cheats & strategies

King's Blood: The DefenseDawinstone, the mobile gaming publisher, well-known for the Bad 2 Bad Delta game, has just released another strategy defense game where soldiers and heroes team up together and knock off the deadly waves of wraiths and bosses. The rules are pretty simple; you either kill them or get slain by them. You have to try your best in defending the commander and keep pushing the enemies back so that you can reach the final wave and defeat the whole enemy squad to progress further. There are a variety of mercenaries with unique abilities; you are gonna power them up, equip enchant bloodstone, better gears, and master the conquest mode. 

If you are just steering up to the game, then you have come to the right place. This King’s Blood: The Defense Guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of King’s Blood: The Defense tips, cheats & strategies that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s dive into the main content. 

King’s Blood: The Defense Guide, Tips & Tricks: –

The two main game modes are conquest and march. The conquest is locked in the early game – as you level up the commander, you will get to play the conquest mode where you fight powerful bosses for the gears that you can equip to soldiers for more stats. In the March or PvE mode, you will face a certain number of waves of enemies with different abilities; ranged attacks, melee infantry units, etc. By defeating the wave of enemies, soldiers, commander, and heroes gain EXP – they will eventually level up as you keep slaying down the enemies. Also, you will gain bloodstones from the battles. Bloodstone is the basic in-game currency in the game that you can use to recruit more soldiers during the battle or buy enchant bloodstone. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all King’s Blood: The Defense tips & tricks: –

Learn About The Troops

King's Blood: The DefenseThere are four types of troops in King’s Blood: The Defense – Infantry, Spearmen, Archers, and Cavalry. Each one has a unique icon on their icons; infantry has a sword/shield icon, spearman has a spear icon, the archer has a bow icon, and cavalry has a horse icon.  On the main screen of the game, at the bottom-right, tap the change troops button – this will take you to the troops menu where you can check all the factions of the mercenaries – each one with these four types of mercenaries. These are: – 

  • Knight of Bordeaux – the default/basic
  • Knight’s of Holy Blood – strong against the Undead legion
  • Immortal – strong against the Heretic Legion
  • Tercios – strong against Apostate Legion
  • Inquisition – strong against – strong against Demon legion
  • Demon Legion 

New legions and functions unlock when you reach a certain commander level. On the change troops screen, you can check the unlock condition; for instance, Immortal unlocks at level 25. 

Enemies are also of the four types as soldiers; infantry, archer, cavalry, and spearmen. Each one type is strong and weak against each other. Let’s take a look at this table: –

  • Infantry units are strong against Spearmen – they can stun them with their shields
  • Spearmen are strong against cavalry – they attack the rear lines with a long-ranged weapon
  • Archers are good at inflicting damage from the back-row
  • Cavalary units are strong against infantry 

Get Familiar With The Battle System

King's Blood: The DefenseIn the battle, you will spawn the soldiers. Or before you start the battle, you can reinforce them on the screen. In King’s Blood: The Defense, you can reinforce the soldiers with the basic currency bloodstone that you get by getting victories in the battle modes. You can reinforce more that 50 soldiers – but, at a time, only three soldiers of each type can participate in the battle. 

It’s better to reinforce them earlier so that you can use their skills right after entering the battlefield. 

If you lose all the soldiers that you had reinforced before commencing the battle, you will be able to reinforce again in the battle – using the bloodstone. All you need to do tap and hold the soldier card. 

Other than the soldiers, you can spawn hero and priest. There are four heroes in King’s Blood: The Defense; Franz, Ulrich, Katharina, and Karl. They will get unlocked as the commander level rises. For example – Ulrich unlocks at level 24, Katharina unlocks at level 36, Karl unlocks at level 45. 

Priest – priest uses the healing skill to restore the health of allies. 

Activate The Buff And Auto-Battle

In the upper-left corner of the battle screen, you can activate the attack buff for more firepower, bloodstone buff for more drops, and auto-battle mode to recruit the soldiers automatically when needed. With the auto-battle mode enabled, soldiers will be reinforced automatically – you would not need to tap and hold their card. It’s better to activate all these buffs and boosters for the best benefit. 

Get And Equip Enchant Bloodstone

On the home screen of the game, tap the demon’s brazier button in the bottom-left – this will take you to the enchant bloodstone scree. It’s like a rune-type item in King’s Blood: The Defense that you can equip to the mercenaries for additional effect. Spend the bloodstones and get a random enchant bloodstone. Tap the “Equip Bloodstone” button on the bottom-center -> on the next screen, you can select the soldier type; infantry, spearmen, archers, cavalry, hero, weapon, and shield. 

Select any hero or soldier -> then you can select the bloodstone type; strength, agility, defense, health, and dexterity. Tap the (?) on the enchant cards to check the buff/bonus type. 

Play Conquest Mode For EXP, Bloodstone, Gears

Conquest mode is another PvE mode – different from the normal ones as you will be fighting against a specific powerful enemy. For example; the first one is Bjorn. By defeating Bjorn, you can acquire his Bjorn shield and equip it in the barracks for +10% defense. Other than that, you can gain EXP and Bloodstones. 

Check Out The Achievements

Tap the trophy button in the top-right corner -> complete the achievements/quests for a huge pack of bloodstones. 

So this would be all in this post on King’s Blood: The Defense guide, tips for beginners. 

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