KleptoDogs Guide: Collect Dogs, Mini-Games, Outfits, Coins, Gems And More

KleptoDogsKleptoDogs is a brand new fun casual game for Android and iOS by HyperBeard. Check out our KleptoDogs guide to master the game; dogs, locations, and more

From the creators of KleptoCats game series, KleptoDogs is specially made for the dog lovers and it challenges the player to collect all the dogs & find all the secret items. KleptoDogs game features 30 dogs, 101 secret items, and three locations. All you need to do is send the dog on an adventure to collect the items. And in this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know: – KleptoDogs guide: Dogs, Coins, Gems, How to unlock dogs, switch dogs, codes, mini-games, and much more.

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Guide To The Basics – How To Play – KleptoDogs Game⇓

If you have not played other Klepto series games such as KleptoCats, KleptoCats 2, then you may face trouble understanding the game’s mechanics. In this basic KleptoDogs guide, we have covered all the aspects of the game.

In KleptoDogs, your primary task is to send the dogs on an adventure. You can send one dog at a time and the dog will come back after a certain amount of time with coins and items. On the main screen, just tap the dog and tap the “go out” button.

Your objective is to complete the list of dogs(30 dogs as of now). And find out all the missing items and complete the collection. As you progress, your dog will take too much time in exploring.

However, you can speed up the process by spending coins. KleptoDogs also features three locations(one is coming soon). At the beginning of the game, the backyard is unlocked. So, this is the basic guide for beginners. Now, let’s learn more about the game.

Dogs Guide⇓

As of now, the KleptoDogs game features over 30 dogs, and to unlock new dogs, you need gems. Read the gems guide below for more info.

How to get a new dog; 

  • On the main screen, at the top, tap the paw icon.
  • After it, a small menu will pop out
  • Find the option named “new dog”
  • Tap it to get a new dog(Make sure you have enough gems)

How to switch to a new dog or change the dog?

If you have multiple dogs and you want to switch to another to send out it on the adventure, then follow these steps: –

  • On the main screen, tap the dog
  • A small menu will pop out
  • At the top of the menu, tap the dog’s name
  • Another small menu will pop out
  • Use the navigation keys to switch to a dog
  • Tap the choose me/paw icon to select it as the main dog

How to change the name of a dog? 

  • Tap the paw icon(top of the game’s main screen)
  • Select Dog-alog
  • Tap the dog
  • Tap the pencil type icon next to the dog’s name

Coins Farming Tips In KleptoDogs⇓

Coins are used to get gems, purchase dress, to use bell feature(it allows you to call the dog instantly from an adventure/round).

How to get coins?

  • Send the dogs on rounds
  • Watch the video ads
  • Daily Reward
  • Play Mini-Games
  • Share the selfie

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 Gems Farming Tips⇓

Gems are used to unlock the new location, get a new dog and in the boutique to purchase a dress for the dog. There are a number of ways to obtain gems in KleptoDogs game: –

  • Exchange the coins into gems(at the bottom-right corner, tap the + icon next to in-game currency. There you will see exchange option)
  • Complete the sponsor offers(go to the shop -> free gems)
  • Tap the “Like Us” and “Follow Us” option
  • Enter the code(if you have)[menu -> settings -> locker/safe -> enter the code]

Guide To Locations⇓

As of now, it features two locations; backyard, kitchen. New locations are coming soon(source; game). How to switch to a new location?

  • At the top-left corner, tap the house icon
  • A new small menu will pop out
  • Tap the drop-down menu and choose the location

Guide To Boutique⇓

At the boutique, you can purchase the dress for the dogs in exchange for coins and gems. How to get? On the main screen, tap the dog -> dress -> accessories, goggles, outfits, and more.


KleptoDogs also feature arcade-mini-games. You can earn coins and more items(banana’s peel, a piece of meat, dog’s treat(6 qt. of these items = 1 coin)) by playing these mini-games.

To play the mini-game, tap the dog on the main screen -> play -> select a game. That’s it. To go back, at the top-left corner, tap the exit icon.

So, this is the KleptoDogs guide for the beginners. We will share KleptoDogs tips, cheats & strategy guide soon. Download – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best cat games for Android

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