Klondike Adventures Cheats: Tips, Strategy And Guide To Progress Fast

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Klondike AdventuresKlondike Adventures is a great adventure game for mobile devices by Vizor Apps, the creators of Zombie Castaways game. Check out our Klondike Adventures guide and Klondike Adventures cheats, tips to progress fast, get free energy, and level-up fast

Klondike Adventures is a brand new adventure game for mobile devices from the creators of Zombie Castaways games. There are plenty of things to do in this game; farming, exploring, lots of landscapes to discover, selling items, managing animals, and much more. In this post, we have covered everything about the Klondike Adventures game; Klondike Adventures cheats, tips, and strategy guide.

Get Started – The Basic – Klondike Adventures

As usual, the game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic functionality of the game such as how to complete orders, about farming, feeding animals, quests, market, and much more, After the tutorial, the player has to manually take care of all the things.

Here’s the process you have to follow in Klondike Adventures game;

  • Complete the orders to earn EXP stars and coins
  • Use the coins to buy new buildings from the market
  • Complete the main quests to earn precious items such as emeralds, energy
  • Uncover hidden locations
  • Unlock new locations
  • Level up to make new items
  • Add more buildings to the home
  • Complete all the chapters

Klondike Adventures Guide, Cheats, Tips

In this part, we will learn about the leveling-up, buildings, animals, and much more. Let’s start the Klondike Adventures guide:

Since most of the features are locked at the beginning of the game, you need to level-up. And to level-up, you need EXP. EXP stars can be earned by two ways;

  • Complete the quests
  • Complete the orders

As you know, to complete the quests, you need energy and you have limited energy points, then I would recommend you to focus on orders. Head to the order board and check out the items you have to deliver. Start planting seeds, feeding animals, and prepare the order. Once prepared, deliver it.

How to unlock new locations?

New locations get unlocked when you complete all the remaining quests. Just tap on the exam board icon at the left side of the screen, tap on a character and then tap on the task. After you complete the set of tasks, claim the reward.

Klondike Adventures Cheats, Tips, And Strategy

1.) Get Free Energy Points 

Energy points are limited. You get one energy point after every 1.5 minutes. And it’s not enough. There are many ways to get free energy in Klondike Adventures game;

  • Look For Boxes

Klondike AdventuresOn any place; home or other locations, look for the boxes. Usually, these boxes are hidden; behind the rocks, bushes, and some boxes are very small. These boxes contain precious items; energy points, resources to generate energy. Just tap on the box and claim free rewards.

  • Look for bags(low chances, but you could get other rewards)

Klondike Adventure

  • Generate Energy

Klondike AdventuresYou can generate energy in Klondike Adventures using the furnace and by playing the mini-game. Go to the market tab -> buy a furnace. You can generate energy in the furnace using these items;

  1. Plum – Can be obtained by cutting out grass and bushes
  2. Chanterelle – Can be found in chanterelles, grass, and bushes
  3. Apple – Apple can be obtained by cutting out the bushes, grass
  4. Honey – Honey can be obtained in expedition locations or by completing the tasks
  • Play Mini-Game

Build the sweet shop(level 7 required). Play the mini-game and you could earn free energy points.

2.) Cut The Bushes and Uncover New Areas

You can obtain a huge amount of precious resources by cutting out the grass and bushes. Uncover new areas to obtain the hidden treasure; boxes.

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3.) Trade

Klondike AdventuresYou can trade with the trader, complete all the trades to get bonus rewards; EXP, Energy points. Where is the trader? Tap on the speech bubble icon.

4.) Focus On Quests – But Like A pro!

One of the best ways to progress fast is by completing all the quest tasks. There are lots of quests out there, but you have limited energy points; so you need to keep the balance. How to keep balance?

  • Start the quest according to the energy points; for instance, your energy points are low and you started a quest where you have to spend more energy points. It’s wrong! In short, complete those quests first in which you need fewer energy points(by completing the short-term quest, you will get energy points fast-as a reward)

5.) Keep Farming To Level-Up

Don’t ignore farming; if you have no energy points left, then prepare the order and earn EXP stars. Leveling up refills the energy bar. And don’t forget to manage animals; they will disappear after eating a certain amount of food. Disappear? –  they will turn into the golden statue, you can sell the statue for precious rewards(trade). Don’t forget to buy new animals.

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So this is the Klondike Adventures guide, tips for the beginners. Download the game – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best strategy games for Android 2018

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    • cant complete sir chanceys order because he wants 4 boxes of cotton but I cant make cardboard cause there are no saws. Help!

  1. I am trying to get to oil barrels on Wallmond. Can’t find the path to the barrels at the bottom area. Do you have a map

  2. to restart from the beginning:
    If you have not saved the game, delete the app and reinstall.
    If you have saved the came, Customer Support can reset it for you.

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    It is impossible to complete gathering the resources for the Grand Prize.
    The pointer for the last move in the clay resource puts it directly in the center of the weather station which is not movable; therefore, one cannot complete the play. I have clicked on every space around and on the station with no result. Please release that last chop so I can gather my last resource to earn its honey and the Grand Prize. Then I ca go on to Rockville. Thank you.

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