Klondike Adventures cheats: tips, tricks & strategy guide

New to the Klondike Adventures? Master all of its core concepts with these Klondike Adventures cheats and tips with a guide for beginners

Klondike Adventures

Get Started – The Basic – Klondike Adventures

This is the progression guide for Klonding Adventures for beginners wondering how to play it: – 

  • Complete the orders to earn EXP stars and coins
  • Use the coins to buy new buildings from the market
  • Complete the main quests to earn precious items such as emeralds, energy
  • Uncover hidden locations
  • Unlock new locations
  • Level up to make new items
  • Add more buildings to the home
  • Complete all the chapters

Klondike Adventures Guide, Cheats, Tips

In this part, we will learn about leveling-up, buildings, animals, and much more. Let’s start the Klondike Adventures guide:

Since most of the features are locked at the beginning of the game, you need to level-up. And to level-up, you need EXP. EXP stars can be earned in two ways;

  • Complete the quests
  • Complete the orders

As you know, to complete the quests, you need energy and you have limited energy points, then I would recommend you to focus on orders. Head to the order board and check out the items you have to deliver. Start planting seeds, feeding animals, and prepare the order. Once prepared, deliver it.

How to unlock new locations?

New locations get unlocked when you complete all the remaining quests. Just tap on the exam board icon at the left side of the screen, tap on a character, and then tap on the task. After you complete the set of tasks, claim the reward.

Klondike Adventures Cheats, Tips, And Strategy

1.) Get Free Energy Points 

Energy points are limited. You get one energy point for free every 1.5 minutes. And it’s not enough. There are many ways to get free energy in Klondike Adventures game;

  • Look For Boxes

Klondike AdventuresOn any place; home or other locations, look for the boxes. Usually, these boxes are hidden; behind the rocks, bushes, and some boxes are very small. These boxes contain precious items; energy points, resources to generate energy. Just tap on the box and claim free rewards.

  • Look for bags(low chances, but you could get other rewards)

Klondike Adventure

  • Generate Energy

Klondike AdventuresYou can generate energy in Klondike Adventures using the furnace and by playing the mini-game. Go to the market tab -> buy a furnace. You can generate energy in the furnace using these items;

  1. Plum – Can be obtained by cutting out grass and bushes
  2. Chanterelle – Can be found in chanterelles, grass, and bushes
  3. Apple – Apple can be obtained by cutting out the bushes, grass
  4. Honey – Honey can be obtained in expedition locations or by completing the tasks
  • Play Mini-Game

Build a sweet shop(level 7 required). Play the mini-game and you could earn free energy points.

2.) Cut The Bushes and Uncover New Areas

You can obtain a huge amount of precious resources by cutting out the grass and bushes. Uncover new areas to obtain the hidden treasure; boxes.

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3.) Trade

Klondike AdventuresYou can trade with the trader, complete all the trades to get bonus rewards; EXP, Energy points. Where is the trader? Tap on the speech bubble icon.

4.) Focus On Quests – But Like A Pro!

One of the best ways to progress fast is by completing all the quest tasks. There are lots of quests out there, but you have limited energy points; so you need to keep the balance. How to keep a balance?

  • Start the quest according to the energy points; for instance, your energy points are low and you started a quest where you have to spend more energy points. It’s wrong! In short, complete those quests first in which you need fewer energy points(by completing the short-term quest, you will get energy points fast as a reward)

5.) Keep Farming To Level-Up

Don’t ignore farming; if you have no energy points left, then prepare the order and earn EXP stars. Leveling up refills the energy bar. And don’t forget to manage animals; they will disappear after eating a certain amount of food. Disappear? –  they will turn into the golden statue, you can sell the statue for precious rewards(trade). Don’t forget to buy new animals.

So this is the Klondike Adventures guide, tips for the beginners. Download the game – Here(Google Play Store). 

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79 thoughts on “Klondike Adventures cheats: tips, tricks & strategy guide”

  1. Can’t find more Tents or Cabins in the Market, are they limited? Don’t even show on the buildings tab…
    Thx for any help (I’m at 23).

    • You dont buy the sweet shop it’s a starter building you get free, use the campfire to burn coal for fire, the Gold and Iron Furnace’s are provided not for sale.

    • You dont buy the sweet shop it’s a starter building you get free, use the campfire to burn coal for fire, the Gold and Iron Furnace’s are provided not for sale. The energy “Furnace” is the tab where you get your garden beds.

  2. Is the only way to get shelves for buildings by loading the ship? Can’t load the ship with some items til I build the buildings needing shelves…

  3. Hi, I am level 20 and cannot find this “furnace” to help generate energy. I want to clear my area and takes way too much energy and way too much time to wait for it to build up…

    • The furnace is one of the quests at the home station, you can buy it in the market in the same section as the garden beds, the sweet shop etc. It’s below the Quarry

    • You can get energy if you have ” chocolate” which are earned by “retired cows & sheep”. Or tap on the Cameron see if there any in there. It takes15 chocolates per section to build up enough to collect anything. Or use some cupcakes from golden hogs. The geese an chicken will only give you candy. Hope this helps.

  4. I do not play thur Facebook and How come my list does not change (things I need) even tho I log out. refresh many times. Even hours later even tho it changed on my side of the game . The members see the old list + so then people send me wrong stuff but only if I send them something on their list the + I play at plarium.com

  5. Okay, I found the gold processor, immediately figured out the rocks close to it held gold and broke all the rocks.
    Now I have a quest to get gold from rocks, and there are no more rocks. Help!

  6. i cant figure out how to get stuff out of storage to use in the factories especially water ,, i never have enough water its in the storage room but i cant get it out.. moving it to the sled doesnt work cus as soon as you unload the sled it goes right back into storage.. how do you get stuff out of storage to use it??

    • The closest thing I can find is ‘Wolfberry,’ … looking a little further, I see it was in a temporary location (“Farmlands” or something).

  7. i have spent 250.00dollars on farmlands and cleared almost all the land but there is no last wolf if there is let him show himself so i can get thru the last gate

  8. I wanna know how to open ‘boxes’ (or hides or rocks or nests etc.) behind the bases of buildings, when the building usually turns solid again & blocks the treasure you’re trying to unpack.

    • Use the shopping basket to quickly gather all the milk. Just move it around like when you plant or gather grains or fruit.

    • I think you do it straight from storage (with the little ‘SELL’-button). I don’t know; try it with one-of-them, and see if that changes the ‘task-done’ fraction any (e.g. from “0/3” to “1/3”).

  9. what is the point to the fences they do not work as intended. the cows and sheep walk right through the as if they were not even there.

  10. Does anyone know where I can find the engineering for the ice unit in Klondike. I’ve made the chairs but I can find the engineering kit.

  11. Player ID: 7740-CJ40, Prospector Welcar
    It is impossible to complete gathering the resources for the Grand Prize.
    The pointer for the last move in the clay resource puts it directly in the center of the weather station which is not movable; therefore, one cannot complete the play. I have clicked on every space around and on the station with no result. Please release that last chop so I can gather my last resource to earn its honey and the Grand Prize. Then I ca go on to Rockville. Thank you.

  12. to restart from the beginning:
    If you have not saved the game, delete the app and reinstall.
    If you have saved the came, Customer Support can reset it for you.

  13. I am trying to get to oil barrels on Wallmond. Can’t find the path to the barrels at the bottom area. Do you have a map

    • cant complete sir chanceys order because he wants 4 boxes of cotton but I cant make cardboard cause there are no saws. Help!

      • If you complete different orders, new orders will pop up, eventually another of sir Clancy’s will come with different items to fulfill, and then you will receive the hammers and saws- it of course is slow going, but it also taught me who’s orders to prioritize… ?

    • ‘Penguin Eggs’ come from Penguins you find in the Martu Expedition location (Martu … I haven’t seen it either, but maybe that’ll help you find it).

    • Anonymous says “to restart from the beginning:
      If you have not saved the game, delete the app and reinstall.
      If you have saved the game, Customer Support can reset it for you.”

      And I guess that second part applies to ‘online players.’ (whose games are “saved” on the game-server, I guess)