Food Fantasy Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Build A 5 Star Restaurant

Food Fantasy is a brand new RPG for Android that combines the management and character farming mechanics. Check out our Food Fantasy Guide, tips & cheats, and strategy to master the game

Elex, the creators of Empire Origin game recently released a brand new Food RPG for Android and iOS. The game features a variety of recipes, characters(food souls), game modes, and much more. In the game, you battle against enemies, farm ingredients, discover new recipes using the development feature and there are plenty of things you have to take care of in order to progress at a good rate. For the beginners, who are playing it for the first time, it could be difficult to master the features like soul summoning, restaurant management, skill building, talents, food souls, characters, and much more. Well, we have covered almost all the basic aspects of the game in this post that you need to know: – Food Fantasy Guide and Food Fantasy Tips, cheats & strategy.

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1.) Basic Walkthrough – How To Play Food Fantasy Game

In Food Fantasy, your main objective is to build a team of best food souls. Additionally, you have to take care of the restaurant and discover new recipes in order to serve the customers. You send food souls on the adventures, battle against enemies and earn/obtain ingredients. You use these ingredients to discover new recipes and earn coins, player XP, and Fame, Tip Points and much more.

The second objective is to grow the restaurant by upgrading it. Check out the restaurant management guide below. As you progress in the game, you will face powerful enemy food souls in the battle. Like other games, In Food Fantasy game too, you will have to upgrade the character’s stats, skill, talents, and make them stronger.

The tutorial covers how to start the battle, access restaurant functions, and how to summon souls. But most of the things such as skill, upgrading, leveling up, recipes, development, and more are ignored in the tutorial. Starting the battle; you can either complete the stages or go through the missions. We would recommend you to complete the missions first as it rewards you player XP which is required to level up. Here’s the main screen guide: –Food Fantasy

So, this the basic overview of Food Fantasy game. Let’s check out the Food Fantasy Guide and after it, check out Food Fantasy tips, cheats & strategy guide below to master the game.

2.) Food Fantasy Guide

In this part, we will learn how to manage the team, restaurant, food souls, upgrades, ingredients, and much more. This part will explain you about the basic aspect of everything. Let’s get started: –

  • Food Souls Guide

In Food Fantasy game, these are the main characters. You send these characters in the battle, appoint them in the restaurant as a cook, waiter, assistant, and supervisor. You can obtain more food souls using the soul summoning feature(summoning guide is below).

In the battle, you can select up to 5 food souls. But it does not mean that after obtaining five food souls, you don’t need more souls. Food Fantasy game features lots of food souls/characters that can be acquired through events, summoning, missions, and as a reward. Duplicate food souls are used in upgrading the souls. And you can use low-rank food souls in the restaurant, for delivering the orders. So, don’t stop summoning. And another main reason behind summoning more food souls in Food Fantasy game is freshness system. When you place the food souls in the restaurant, their freshness or you can say it energy decreases as they work. To restore the freshness, you can use magic food or when you reach the level 16, send the food souls in the Ice arena for the rest(Recover energy/freshness).

But you can not ignore the customers. So if you have free souls, you can appoint them in the restaurant in replace of tired food souls. Also, see – Freshness Guide for the beginners

  • Food Souls Summoning Guide

Like other character farming games, Food Fantasy game also follows the same rule. All the characters or food souls have a rarity mark;

  1. M Rank Souls
  2. R Rank Souls
  3. SR Rank Souls
  4. UR Rank Souls

Among all these, it’s very hard to obtain the UR Soul. Check out the cheats, tips part below to learn how you can easily get one UR rank soul for free.

How To Summon?

It’s very easy. There are two ways to obtain or summon food souls; using the diamonds or soul ember. Soul Ember is used to summon the food souls. You can obtain this item by completing the missions or as a reward.

Here’s the probability chart(% of getting the character on the basis of tier/rank) –

  1. UR Food Souls – 3.01%
  2. SR Food Souls – 16.61%
  3. R Food Souls – 78.53%
  4. M Food Souls – 1.85%
  5. Rest – Balance

So there are very few chances of getting a UR or SR soul upon summoning.

To summon a food soul, go to the main screen of the game, at the bottom-right menu, tap the summon option.

  • How To Increase The Power Of Food Souls In Food Fantasy?

There are a number of ways to increase the power of food souls in Food Fantasy game; few of them are: –

  1. Upgrade or Level Up Food Souls
  2. Upgrade The Skill
  3. Ascending
  4. Select A Partner – Fallen Angles
  5. Activate or Equip Cooking Talents
  6. Activate The Buffs

Let’s learn about all.

1.) Food Fantasy – Food Souls Upgrading Guide

You can not upgrade the food souls beyond the player’s level. For instance; I am on level 24, then I can not upgrade a food soul to level 25. First of all, you should raise the player’s level. Read the Food Fantasy cheats, tips part below to learn how to level up fast.

How to upgrade?

It’s very easy. All you need is the potion. You can obtain the potions by completing the stages, missions, tasks or quests. These potion items increase the food souls’ XP by a massive amount.

Don’t have potion items? Then just play the game(adventure mode’s stages) and all the food souls selected by you in the battle win gain XP after the victory. Repeat the stages or challenges to gain more XP.

2.) Food Fantasy – Skill Guide; Normal Skill Vs Linked Skill

Food FantasyIn Food Fantasy Game, food souls have three types of skills; basic skill, linked skill(most of the food souls have linked skill), and energy skill. Basic skill, energy skill are passive skills. And linked skill is an active skill; you have to tap the skill button to cast it. But to activate the linked skill, you will have to add the partner of that food soul in the team. For example – Hamburger is an SR food soul in Food Fantasy game and has Super Skateboard attack(Linked skill). To activate it, you need to add its partner(Steak) to the team. Now you may have one question; how to know the partners of food souls! It’s very easy. Food Fantasy

  • Add the food soul to the team
  • On the main screen, on the bottom-right side, tap the team option
  • On the next screen, tap the skill button

After it, the game will show you the name and picture of the partner(food soul). Keep in mind that linked skill will replace the energy skill.

If you upgrade the skills, it will increase the chances of getting the victory in the food battles. Don’t know how to upgrade the skills?

3.) Food Fantasy – Cooking Talents Guide

Once you reach the level 7 in the game, you will be able to access the talents feature. You can use these talents or cooking talents or combat skills to deal massive damage, in healing and for more buffs.

All you need is cooking points. When you fail to discover a recipe, the game will give you these points. You can claim it through the vault. Or you can also earn cooking talent points by completing the quests/missions. Notes: – Where is the vault option? On the main screen, at the bottom-right corner, tap the fork icon -> vault – there you will see all the items, recipes, ingredients, materials, and shards you have.

Don’t know how to equip talents, upgrade talents, and activate talents?

4.) Ascend Guide

In Food Fantasy game, ascending is one of the best ways to increase the power of a food soul by a massive amount. All you need is the character’s shards. You can obtain shards through Tip shop, summoning, shard fusion, showdown, restaurant, and airship.

It will cost some coins. What would be the impact? Ascending increases the stats of food souls: –

  1. Attack
  2. Defense
  3. HP
  4. Critical
  5. Critical Damage
  6. Attack Speed

Don’t know how to ascend?

5.) Restaurant Management Guide

The restaurant is the source to generate passive income. All you need to do is appoint the food souls in the restaurant; tap the staff option, choose food souls. The head chef will cook the recipes. And the staff will serve the customers. Here is the basic concept: –

  • Accept the missions to earn rewards(task)
  • Prepare or Cook the recipes
  • Hire Staff
  • Serve customers
  • Earn Tip points
  • Earn Fame
  • Upgrade the restaurant

Don’t know how to manage a restaurant like a pro manager?

6.) Food Fantasy – Ingredients & Recipes Guide

Well, it’s your main job. In order to serve the customers or grow the restaurant, you will have to discover new recipes, make them and prepare them in the restaurant. Here’s the process: –

  • You need ingredients to cook or make recipes
  • Combine multiple ingredients to discover a new dish
  • Improve the recipes
  • Magic food is used to recover the freshness or in restoring the souls’ vitality

Impact Of Recipe Improvement

Whenever you make a recipe, its flavor, texture, aroma, and appearance gets improved.

  • Flavor – Earn more fame points by improving the flavor
  • Texture – Earn bonus gold by improving the texture
  • Aroma – Improve it to increase the customer flow at the restaurant
  • Appearance – Improve it to increase the selling price of the dish

Don’t know how to obtain ingredients? How to discover a new recipe(without failure)?

7.) Food Fantasy Fallen Angels

Fallen Angels are the partners of food souls. Depending on the fallen angel quality, a food soul gets the benefit. For example; a fallen angel has an attribute; critical rate. When you equip it with a food soul, it will increase its critical rate. Notes – This feature unlocks at the player level 26.

So, this is the Food Fantasy Guide For The Beginners. Now, let’s take a look at Food Fantasy cheats, tips & strategy guide part.

Food Fantasy Tips & Cheats: –

#1.) Build A Powerful Food Soul Team That Can Obtain Rare Items

To farm ingredients, you battle against the enemies. But all the battles are not easy. As you progress, it would be hard to get three stars at every stage. Here are some quick tips: –

  • Don’t upgrade all the food souls you have
  • Focus on SR Rank or UR Rank Souls
  • Level Up Food Souls
  • Increase the skill
  • Ascend
  • Select Fallen Angles To Get Bonus
  • Train Fallen Angles

#2.) Get Your First UR Rank Food Soul Free

As a newbie, the game will reward you a free UR Rank food soul. All you need to do is complete a set of missions. You have only 20 days to claim the UR Rank soul. On the main screen, at the top right side, tap the benefits option -> there you can check the list of missions you have to complete in order to claim UR Rank food soul.

#3.) Enhance and Equip Cooking Talents Wisely

You can check the cooking talents guide here. Make sure to equip the cooking talents wisely; for instance; damage skill can increase the damage power of food souls, support skill can increase the defense or healing points and control skills can activate buffs.

#4.) Must Upgrade The Restaurant

Upgrading the restaurant will increase your profit, enhance the buffs, and unlock new functions. All you need to do is read our restaurant guide here to know how to manage it like a pro!

#5.) Fight To Earn Skill Material, Feed To Keep Fresh

Food FantasyIn the restaurant, you often interact with evil characters. And these enemies also hold a table in your restaurant. So customers would not be able to order. Tapping them will give you the option to fight; defeat them in the battle and earn the precious reward.

Feed Food Souls –

Before level 16, you must feed food souls working in the restaurant as staff or chef. As they work, their energy level gets low and they would not give their 100%. Tapping them will give you an option name feed. Feed them and restore their vitality/energy/freshness. After level 16, send them to the Ice Arena to restore freshness.

#6.) Spend The Tip Points

You earn tip points by serving the customers in the restaurant. You can spend these points in the marketplace. Go to the restaurant -> at the top-right corner, tap the tip store option. You can spend these coins or tip points to obtain the character’s shards, magic items such as the magic bottle, syringe, spirit reincarnator, and more.

#7.) Repeat The Stages To Farm Ingredients

In the adventure mode, you obtain ingredients by completing the challenges. For instance; stage 1-3(secret forest) is good to farm potatoes and pork belly. You will need more quantity of these ingredients to make recipes. So when out of these ingredients, just repeat the stages. Before you start the fight, you can also check the reviews; for quick output; like the best stage to get this ingredient etc.

#8.) Sweep To Obtain Reward Instantly

Food FantasyIn Food Fantasy game, you should try to get three stars at every stage. After it, you will be able to access the sweep feature. The Sweep feature allows you to claim the possible drops instantly(without fighting).

#9.) Level Up Fast By Completing The Missions

You earn player XP by completing these missions. If you really want to progress fast, then focus on the missions.

Also, see –

So this is the Food Fantasy guide and Food Fantasy tips, cheats & strategy for the beginners.

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