Lords of Dragons Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Lords of Dragons is a brand new Idle RPG for Android and iOS by KINGFISH ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED. Check out Lords of Dragons guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In Lords of Dragons game, the player creates a team of heroes to fight the monsters, boss, enemy players in a variety of PvE, PvP, war game modes. You play as a lord, manage the base, power-up the heroes, unlock dragons, and there are plenty of things to do. In today’s Lords of Dragons guide and Lords of Dragons tips, cheats & strategies post, you will learn all the basic aspects of the game. Let’s head to the main content.

Lords of Dragons Guide

Lords of DragonsLet’s learn about the screens first – from the base screen, you can access all the main functions of the game – legion, honor place, tavern, arena, mail, store, altar, and the base camp. You can switch the screens by tapping the adventure button at the bottom-left corner.

Lords of DragonsIn the adventure mode, you progress through the stages and loot the resources such as EXP, coins, gears, EXP potions, etc.

Lords of DragonsAnd, at last, the territory screen. In the territory, you tap the green tiles to move the character. There are lots of enemies in the territory – go close to them and defeat them to get the treasure. You need to join a legion to enter the territory.

As you progress through the adventure mode stages, new functions of the game will get unlocked. So we would recommend you to focus on clearing the adventure mode stages. Also, side-by-side, focus on the base. In the base, there are a couple of important things that you should be aware of: –

  • Legion

Legion is like the guild feature. You can create a legion or join other player’s legion. As a member, your task is to contribute to the legion construction, participate in the legion wars, legion boss modes. Earn legion tokens by participating in the legion activities and spend in the legion merchant shop for hero shards, items or gears.

  • Tavern

Here you can recruit the heroes.

  • Arena

The PvP mode in Lords of Dragons game – where you fight other players’ team to rank-up in the arena leagues. Also, you get valuable rewards based on rankings. Earn arena tokens by getting victories and spend in the arena store for transcend stones, hero shards, etc.

  • Store

Here you can spend in-game currencies such as team tokens, legion tokens, arena tokens, blue diamonds, coins for hero shards, gear chests, EXP potions, transcend stones, etc.

  • Altar

Here you can claim free stamina every day.

  • Base Camp

Lords of DragonsBase Camp is the idle game mode section in Lords of Dragons. The heroes in the team fight the monsters all day and earn valuable rewards for you – coins, EXP, gear shards, EXP potions. It also has progression function – you can increase the loot reward by challenging the monsters. There would be a challenge button in the base camp screen. Tap it to challenge the next monster. Defeat high-level monsters to increase the Idle loot rewards. You can view all the monsters by tapping the view details button in the base camp.

To challenge a monster, you must meet the requirements; clear the adventure stages. For example – to challenge the medium monster in Lords of Dragons, you need to clear the adventure stage 25.

Lords Of Dragons – How To Get Heroes And Build The Team

The power of all the heroes in the team determines the total power of the lord. At the upper-left corner of the screen, you can see the current power strength. And, to increase it, you must deploy the heroes in the team. Now, how do you get the heroes? Well, you need to get the hero shards to acquire a hero. For example – to acquire Griffin Knight, you need 120 Griffin Knight Shards. And, there are lots of ways to obtain hero shards: –

  • From the tavern
  • Hero store
  • Ancient hero store
  • Quests
  • Achievements
  • Events
  • Adventure mode stages

How to check hero shards requirement?

To check how many shards you need to acquire a particular hero, follow these steps: –

  • Enter the base
  • Visit the tavern
  • In the tavern, tap the gallery option at the top
  • In the gallery, you can check the complete list of heroes featured in Lords of Dragons
  • Tap the hero to check his/her details
  • Above the acquire button, you can check the shards requirement
  • Tap the acquire button to check hero shards’ source

Or go to the hero menu -> navigate to the second tab(hero shards) -> there you can check all the hero shards that you have acquired so far.

Building The Team

The heroes that you want to use in Idle base camp, adventure mode stages, arena, legion boss, war, territory game modes – should be in the team. Tap the hero option at the bottom-right corner -> there you can add heroes by tapping the + button. If you want to replace a hero, then tap him/her in the deploy heroes screen -> tap the green color swap button.

So that would be all in this Lords of Dragons guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Lords of Dragons tips, cheats & strategies!

Lords of Dragons Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Sweep To Get Instant Rewards

In the adventure mode, the stages that you have cleared already can be played again. It costs stamina to challenge the monsters in these stages. Since you have already cleared the stage, the game makes it easy for you to grind the rewards without actually playing the battles. All you have to do is go to the adventure mode screen and tap on the stage that you have cleared already -> then tap the sweep button to get instant rewards – EXP, potions, coins, etc. You can sweep a particular stage a certain number of times daily. So don’t forget to sweep to grind fast. If you want to level up the lord fast(the player level), it’s the best way.

2.) Tap The Monsters In Base

In the base camp, in the field area, tap the goblins to get free EXP. The goblins who drop the EXP display the message; Tap Me! So tap them!

3.) Claim The Rewards From Idle Base Camp

Don’t forget to claim the rewards from the auto-battle. Enter the base camp Idle battle screen and at the top-right of it, tap the chest to claim all the loot. Also, don’t forget to challenge the monsters in this game mode to increase auto-battle loot.

4.) Join A Legion

You should join a legion to get benefits – In legion, you can participate in a wide range of activities and earn valuable rewards – legion war, legion boss, construction contribution, territory exploration, etc. We would strongly recommend you to join an active legion as soon as possible and start exploring the territory, participating in the legion quests. Earn legion tokens and spend in the legion store.

5.) Join A Team

At the bottom-right side, tap the team button to join a team – you can create a team or join another player’s team. We would recommend you join other players’ team because if you create a team, it would cost you 100 blue diamonds. Go to the second tab in the team menu -> and join a team. What happens when you join a team? – Your heroes’ stats get a boost, power increases, and you can claim the team quests. Complete the team quests to earn team tokens. Spend in the team store for a bunch of items.

6.) Power Up The Heroes

Having trouble defeating the powerful monsters? Why don’t you try powering up the heroes? There are lots of ways to increase the power of heroes in Lords of Dragons game;

  • Equip the best gears(grind gears in adventure mode stages, buy gear chests from the store for high-quality gears)
  • Promote to the heroes to next tier
  • Enhance or refine the gears
  • Transcend the heroes
  • Activate the gear set bonus

On the bottom-right side, tap the Get Power button to check all the ways to get stronger in Lords of Dragons game.

7.) Finish The Quests & Achievements

At the bottom-right side, tap the quests button -> complete all the daily quests to get Lord EXP, coins, gears, awakening stone, badges, etc. Complete the achievements to get blue diamonds for free.

8.) Summon The Dragon Ball

Complete all the missions to summon dragon ball. You may get these rewards – lucky coins, refine stones, Dragonite pack, fancy recruit, SP lucky coins, ancient soul crystal.

So these are the basic Lords of Dragons tips, cheats & tricks for the beginners. Do you have more tips or tricks to share? Feel free to comment below.

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