Idle Planet Miner Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Idle Planet Miner is a brand new mobile game by Iron Horse Games LLC. Check out Idle Planet Miner guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Idle Planet Miner is the latest game title from the publishers of Idle Apocalypse game. Similar to their previous titles, Idle Planet Miner also features a unique game system. In the game, the player discovers, upgrade, manage the planets in the galaxy. At each planet, you will mine the resources. You can sell these resources for the money, invest in the projects, make something new by crafting, smelting. As you upgrade the planets, discover new ones, unlock the new projects, colonize the planets, unlock or build new smelters/crafters, the value of galaxy will increase. Once you reach the 10 million value, you will be able to sell it for the precious credits. You use these credits to build rooms in the mothership. Let’s head to the Idle Planet Miner guide and Idle Planet Miner tips, cheats & strategies!

Things You Need To Know In Idle Planet Miner Game

Idle Planet Miner
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1.) Planets and the resources

There are lots of planets you can discover in the galaxy. When you start the game, there would be a few numbers of planets around the mothership. Tap a planet to check its information; resources, mining rate, ship speed, and the cargo. For example; In the below picture, we are on Acheron planet. That planet has 60% Silica and 40% Copper. In the rate column, you can check the mining rate; the total mining rate(
level 17) is 6.20/second. And, the ship is mining Silica in 3.72/second, Copper in 2.48/second. Tap the (i) symbol near the mining rate stat to get more details.Idle Planet Miner

⇒You can improve the mining rate, ship speed, and cargo stats by upgrading the planets or assigning the managers.

⇒Tap on a planet and tap the avatar icon at the top-right side of the planet pop-up -> recruit or assign. By default, you have only two slots. So you can assign up to two managers. To increase the maximum number of assigned managers, you will have to buy manager slots. After tapping the avatar icon, tap the + icon next to slots -> purchase.

⇒You can also improve the manager stats by promoting. Tap the manager -> tap the ⇑ button -> select the same grade managers -> promote. Keep in mind that the manager used in the promoting process will disappear.

2.) Idle Money, Dark Matter, Credits – Idle Planet Miner Game

The three main in-game currencies are idle money/cash, dark matter, and the credits. You can earn idle money/cash by selling the resources, dark matter by completing the achievements/tasks/rovers mission/watching the video ads, credits by selling the galaxy.

Selling the resources -> Tap the mothership or the first tab at the bottom of the screen -> select a resource/ore which you want to sell -> use the seek bar to adjust the quantity -> hit the sell button. Similarly, you can sell alloys, items.

Rovers Mission -> Head to the third tab; projects, there you will find the rover project. Research it to unlock the ability helps you in scanning planets for valuable items. Once researched, tap the tank option on the top-right side -> start the scan. You can earn dark matter by scanning the planets.

Credits -> At the top-right corner, tap the graph/stats icon -> here you can check the galaxy value. Reach the 10 million to sell the galaxy for the credits. Tap the last tab(mothership) at the bottom menu -> sell galaxy -> sell. You will get the credits, but the game will start from the beginning. You will keep the dark matter, credits. After it, head to the mothership tab again -> new room -> select one and construct.

3.) Colonization

There is a project in the lab menu that you can research to colonize the planets. Once researched, you will see a mushroom type icon above the planet. Tap it and check the colonization requirement. You can claim a bonus(mining rate, ship speed, cargo) by colonizing the planets.

4.) Idle Planet Miner Production

The player mines a variety of ores from the planets. You can use the ore for further item production. For example; you can smelt the copper ore to get the copper bar, lead to lead bar, and the recipe list goes on. After smelting the ores, you can use the output in crafting items. For example; to craft the battery, you need copper wire, copper bar.

Tap the 2nd tab(production) at the bottom menu -> here you have two options; smelting and crafting. Tap the smelt button -> choose a recipe. Spend idle money or cash to discover a new recipe. Tap the X to stop the smelting. Tap the craft button -> recipe -> choose a recipe. The production process is also automatic. All you need to do is select a recipe and the resources will go in the production zone automatically.

Build more smelters and crafters to smelt/craft multiple products at the same time.

So that’s all for now as Idle Planet Miner guide for the rookies. Let’s check out our top Idle Planet Miner tips, cheats & strategies!

Idle Planet Miner Tips & Tricks

1.) Pay Attention To The Demand & Supply Curve

You should sell the resources at the right time. The market value of these resources changes every certain amount of time. If there is a dip in the price, you will see a red color down arrow next to the ore. And, if there is a rise in the value, you will see a green color up arrow next to the ore. You can keep track of the current market in the demand & supply graph. On the right side of the screen, tap the market graph icon(just below the tasks). There you can see the changes in the market and the next change time.

2.) Tap The Infinity Stones In The Galaxy

Idle Planet MinerEvery now and then, an infinity stone appears on the screen. Tap it to collect the free resources/ores.

3.) Activate The Free Ad Booster

Head to the 4th tab(boosts) and activate the first mine boost by watching the video ad. This booster will increase the mining rate for all the planets for 1 hour.

4.) Sell The Galaxy To Build Rooms

Building rooms in the mothership activate permanent boosts. There are a number of rooms available to construct; engineering, forge, workshop, lab, lounge, packaging, backup generator, and more. To build and upgrade, you need credits. Sell the galaxy at the right time – depending on the next room construction cost or room upgrade cost(to get more credits, increase the galaxy value).

5.) Complete The Tasks Or Set Your Own

If you are still struggling to figure out what to do, then pay attention to the tasks and complete them for dark matter. Or set your own goal; for example; sell ores -> save Idle money and build smelters/crafters, store ores -> research projects, speed up the progress – upgrade the planets.

Keep upgrading, researching, building, crafting and increase the galaxy value. Sell the galaxy -> earn credits -> construct new rooms in the mothership.

So these are the top basic Idle Planet Miner tips and the Idle Planet Miner guide for the beginners. If you have more tips to share with other fellow players, comment below!

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21 thoughts on “Idle Planet Miner Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies”

  1. Everyone should use the discord channel link in the game. Many active players in there who are always willing to help out with tips and advice.

  2. Is there an algorithm for getting desired secondary stat on Managers when upgrading from level two to level three i.e. all mine rate?

    • What is the best I guess say upgrade ratio like does it matter if I have my speed way higher then my mining rate what effect does it have

      • If you have the mining rate higher than your ship can transport at a time, then you wont gain anything by upgrading the mining rate again before upgrading cargo and ship speed.

  3. The beacon is a research project. One token is earned per ad youve watched, and it is spendable on permanent upgrades. Purchasing the remove ads purchase will give 25 of these a day forever, since you no longer can view ads (25 ads viewable per day, so they give all the earnable tokens automatically forever)

    • You still get beacon tokens for clicking on the view ad icon when it pops up along with the reward, you just don’t have to watch the ad, on top of the 25 per day

    • Every day you get 25 dark matter credits when the daily login resets, these can be spent on your beacon to upgrade planets with minor boosts, or to use boosts to speed up time.

  4. Cant find the items to colonize th first 3 planets. Scrith stone. Infinity d. Titanium. Got the items for planet 4 already. Pls help

  5. You can colonize more and more planets the more you continue to upgrade the right side section (colonies) it goes 1. Planets 1 and 2. 2. 2 -3 3. 3-4 etc