Lost Store Game Guide: Cheats, Tips & Tricks, Strategy

Published by YoYoYoMi, the Lost Store game is quite fun to play. Read on for Lost Store game guide featured with loads of cheats, tips & tricks

Lost Store Game GuideLost Store Game Guide, Cheats, Strategy, Tips & Tricks: –

Welcome to the Lost Store game guide. This will teach you the basic core concepts of the game like making a profit, managing inventory, workers, and other things like weather effects, building constructions, etc. 

Getting Started With The Lost Store Game Basics

In the Lost Store game, you can sell the recipes as well as the finished products. Finished products are usually sold at a higher price as compared to the recipes. Instead of using the recipes as selling items, you can use them to produce the finished products. For example – you can either sell the tuna can as an item or use it to produce/cook tuna salad. 

The objective in this game is to make a profit by selling the items, build all sorts of buildings so that you can produce all sorts of items such as weaponry, clothing, food, daily necessity, etc. and sell them to the customers. 

Customers visit the store every morning. All you have to do is put the items on the sale slots and they might buy them. So that’s how you make money in the Lost Store game. 

Getting Recipes And Finished Products

Lost Store Game GuideAs we mentioned above, you can sell the recipes as well as the finished products to the customers. But, how do you get them? At least you need recipes/raw material items to produce the finished products, right? Here’s how to get the items – 

1.) Trade -> Each day, a merchant visits your store. Tap the trade button over his head and you can buy the items; recipes. It will cost you money. If you don’t buy the items, the merchant will leave the place. Note – you can also sell the items to the merchant. But, we don’t recommend selling items to the trader as you can sell them at your store at a higher price and make more profit. 

2.) From the supply box -> now and then, a box descends on the ground. Tap it and you can get some items. 

3.) Craft -> construct a manufacturing or production room/plant and register workers -> start the production using the recipe items. 

So that’s how you get the items to sell to the customers in the Lost Store game. 

Money And Gold In The Lost Store Game

Money and gold are the two in-game currencies. You can use the money to buy items from the merchant, build rooms/plants, make upgrades to the built rooms/plants, and there are many other uses. You can earn money by selling items to the customers or by watching the video ads or by exchanging the gold. 

Gold, on the other hand, is rare and hard to earn. You can exchange it for money, use it to call supply boxes, complete the work instantly, etc. You can earn gold by watching video ads or by leveling up. Go to the supply box menu -> scroll down -> watch a video ad to get gold. On the same page, you will find lots of boosters/premium items like supply boxes. 

Always Sell At Higher Price

You should always sell the items at a higher price – no matter what. For example – if you bought the items from the merchant at 50 bucks, then you should sell it at least 70-80 bucks. Tap the storage option -> there you can check all the items that you have in the inventory -> check its world cost -> check the specified cost -> tap the change button; change the price of the item; increase its price by 20-30% than the world cost. Don’t increase too much – customers would stop buying items from the store. 

Start Manufacturing/Production 

Tap the construct button at the bottom-center menu. Spend money to trim the ground so that you can have space for the manufacturing plant/room. After that, select the room/plant that you want to build; in each room/plant, you can register the workers, select the item that you want to produce. The registered workers will start producing the item once you have selected the item. There are lots of rooms – each one allows you to make/cook/craft different sorts of product items(finished products). You will need recipes to make these finished products(get ’em from the traders, supply boxes) –

  • Food Manufacture Room – make and cook finished food items
  • Water Purification Plant – make items that are related to water
  • Clothing – make clothes
  • Shop – miscellaneous items
  • Weapon – make weaponry items
  • Daily Necessity – daily items

Workers In The Last Store Game

Tap the worker option. Tap the hire button to hire the workers. Once hired, you can assign them to the built manufacturing/production rooms. Workers come in different grades; A, B, C, D, etc. Higher the grade, the higher the stats. Higher grade workers can perform well; produce quickly. 

How To Increase Workers Level

Lost Store Game GuideWorkers need the experience to level up. First, tap the worker option -> tap the info/level up button -> check the worker’s specialty (each worker specializes in making a specific product) -> assign that worker and start producing that specific item -> when the work finishes producing that specific item, the experience will be granted. For example – if it’s beef jerky, then assign that worker to produce that item. 

Once earned, go to worker option -> info/level up -> carry across. Note – leveling up can change the worker’s specialty; specialized item. 

Make Profit By Selling Items Based On Current Weather

In the upper-left corner, you can check the current weather. Sell items that match current weather (at a higher price) – tap the storage option -> there you can sort/filter the items by weather; clean, heatwave, rainy, dusty, epidemic, etc. 

Accept The Quest To Earn Gold In The Lost Store Game

Now and then, a customer visits the store with the quest; orders specific items in bulk. If you want to earn gold for free, do accept the quest. Read the quest details; in most quests, you will have to collect a certain type of item in a certain quantity. You can get the items from the supply boxes or traders. 

Interact With The Customers With Event Symbol

Now and then, a customer/person appears on the screen with red (i) symbol -> tap it -> interact with him to get freebies. 

Start Researching For Bonuses

Tap the research option -> spend money to invest in researches to get the bonuses. 

So that’s all we got in this Lost Store game guide and tips for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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