Tom and Jerry Chase tips and tricks: guide for beginners

New to the Tom and Jerry Chase game? Master all of its core concepts with these Tom and Jerry chase tips available with the strategy guide

Tom and Jerry Chase tips and guideTom and Jerry Chase tips, tricks & guide: –

This article covers how to play the Tom and Jerry Chase game, about perks, perk cards, characters, and other things such as how to win as a mice or cat, proficiency, and much more. So, let’s check out the Tom and Jerry Chase tips and guide!

Getting Started With The Roles Guide

In Tome and Jerry Chase game, you can either play as a cat or mice. If you play as a cat, your goal would be stopping all the mice from stealing the cheese and escaping through the wall. As a cat, you can eliminate the mice by tying them up with the rocket. If you play as mice, your goal would be stealing all the wedges of cheese within the given time and escape. 

  • After collecting all the wedges of cheese, the wall will appear and you will have to escape through it
  • During the escape phase; at least x2 mice should escape to win
  • Prior to escaping, you will need to break the wall. You can use the items to break the wall and escape. 

Tom and Jerry Chase tips and guideTips To Win As A Cat In Time and Jerry Chase

Winning as a cat in Tom and Jerry Chase game is not an easy task as you have to focus on all the x4 mice; it would be hard to catch them because they are tiny and fast. But, that does not mean you can not stop them from stealing the wedges of cheese. Here are a few tips that we would like to share with you to win matches as a cat: –

Tip 1.) Get EXP in the beginning and activate the cat’s skills. 

Right after you start the battle, the opponents playing as a cat will control their robot mice to scout the map. You will be able to see their mouse holes and spawn locations. Tapping the mouse hole will teleport you there. Attack the robot mice, gain EXP, and activate the skills early on. 

Tip 2.) Cheese is the bait

Playing as a cat in Tom and Jerry Chase game, you have the advantage to see all over the map; cheese points, mice locations, etc. Since mice have to collect the cheese, they would usually go to the target. If they pick the cheese, you will be able to see them on the map. When the mice pick cheese, they usually go slow and don’t attack – you can attack and catch them easily when they are holding the cheese. 

But, you don’t want to wait until then; start hunting them as soon as possible. At the start, they all have weak skills – so, it would be easy for you to hunt them in the beginning. 

Tip 3.) Plant the mousetrap

You have a mousetrap at the start that you can plant right next to a mouse hole. Mice pass the wedges of cheese through these holes. 

Tip 4.) Tie them up and lure allies

After catching mice, visit any nearby rocket and tie the mice to it. Within a few seconds(you can check the time in the upper-right), the rocket will launch and eliminate the player. But, other players in the team can rescue the mice. That’s good actually – because you can use mice as a bait – when you catch and tie mice, they will know that their ally has been caught and they will try to rescue it. Meaning, they will come to you. Get ready and attack them too. 

Tip 5.) Get familiar with the skills

Each cat character in the Tom and Jerry Chase game has unqiue skills. These skills can help you catch the mice quickly. But, make sure to get familiar with all those skills so that you can use them in the gameplay wisely. Go to the characters menu -> cats -> select a cat -> there you can play the tutorial or check the skill info by tapping the skill icons. 

Tip 6.) Practice

Go to tutorials -> bot -> play as a cat and practice. 

Tips To Win As Mice In Tom and Jerry Chase Game

Winning as a mice team is quite easy as compared to playing as a cat because you have the whole team against one character. But, it’s not too easy – you could lose the match if the opponent against you is clever and know all sorts of strategies to catch the whole mice squad. Here are some tips to win as a mice group:-

Tip 1.) Scout quickly

Right after the match starts, you will spawn in the dining room where you can start controlling the robot mice and explore the map. We would recommend you to go to each side of the map – all four players get divide in all the directions so that you can uncover the whole map in the scouting time. The map is covered with dark fog and you can’t see the wedges of cheese. So, it’s better to go to each direction of the map and try as hard as possible to find all the wedges of cheese in the scouting period. It would make it easy for you to grab the cheese and win the game. 

Tip 2.) Confuse the cat

One of your team can keep the cat busy in the chase while others can grab the wedges of cheese and push it to the mouse holes. 

Tip 3.) Help in pushing

You will be able to push the cheese into the mice hole quickly if a partner helps you. In other words, two mice can quickly push the cheese as compared to going solo. 

Tip 4.) Get familiar with the mice character that you are playing

There are lots of mice characters in the Tom and Jerry Chase game. Go to the characters -> mice -> tap the mice character -> check the skills. You must get familiar with all the skills if you want to use them wisely. 

Tip 5.) Practice

Go to tutorials -> bot -> play as mice and practice. 

Eat The Food To Get Buffs

All over the map, there are many items; food includes. Devour the food items and get buffs. 

Pick Up The Items To Throw At Each Other

You can pick up lots of items like cups, plates, balls to attack each other. The items help you inflict damage on the character from a distance. 

Guide To Proficiency 

Based on the performance, you will earn proficiency points. Proficiency points are required to level up in the game. By raising the level, you can increase the perk capacity. Each perk card costs perk. You can check the cost of it at the upper-left of the perk card. 

Tom and Jerry Chase GameGetting Perk Cards In Tom and Jerry Chase Game

You can get perk cards from the treasury menu(tap the treasure option in the left side on the main screen) -> get perks -> spend perk points to get perk cards. You can get perk points by completing the quests and events.

Equip The Perk Cards

On the main screen, tap the “characters” option. Choose a character -> tap the + button -> on the perk card configuration -> tap the + option again -> choose a card. Remember, each card consumes perk capacity – increase the proficiency to raise the perk capacity. 

Each perk card gives the character bonuses. 

So that would be all in this post on Tom and Jerry Chase game tips and guide for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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