Magic Brick Wars Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Magic Brick Wars is a brand new real-time strategy game for Android and iOS by Halfbrick Studios. Check out Magic Brick Wars guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Magic Brick WarsHalfbrick Studios, the publisher behind top-class games such as Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride, Dan the Man, has just released a brand new RTS called Magic Brick Wars – where you build the best deck packed with wonderful bricks, units & spells. If you have ever played the Clash Royale game, then you would not have any problem understanding the game’s mechanics because it shares the same concept. This Magic Brick Wars guide will help you understand all the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Magic Brick Wars tips, cheats & strategies that help you get endless victories. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Magic Brick Wars Guide: –

In Magic Brick Wars, two players clash to win the trophies, chests, EXP, and other rewards. The player who loses all the hearts first loses the match. So if you want to win the match, you will have to try your best to inflict damage to the enemy’s side(Throne) – each hit to the enemy side reduces the HP(number of hearts). Both the players use the units, spells to strike down each other sides. Also, with the help of bricks, you can defend your side. There are lots of bricks, units, spells that you can use to build the best deck in Magic Brick Wars game. Let’s learn about the deck, cards.

Magic Brick Wars Guide To Deck: –Magic Brick Wars

You must fill all the deck slots to initiate the battle – otherwise, it would not let you start the battle. In the footer menu, head to the cards/deck tab. There you can build three decks with different cards combination. The deck consists of units & spells and Magic Bricks.

Tap on the card in the found section -> tap the use button -> on the next screen, drag the card over the card that you want to replace. If there is an empty slot, drag it there.

Units & Spells: –Magic Brick Wars

Units are the characters or character cards in the Magic Brick Wars game. These units attack the enemy territory – also, helps you defend your Throne side from the enemies. For example – Devil is one of the fastest units in Magic Brick Wars. He inflicts damage to the Throne; one heart. All the units have attributes that can be improved by upgrading the cards; attack damage, DPS, move speed, hit points, Throne Damage, etc.

Unlike Units, Spells last long for a few seconds – inflict massive damage to the enemies. To get rid of a whole group of enemies, you can use these spells. For example – Cold Snap is the spell that freezes the enemy troops for a few seconds. Also, it inflicts attack damage.

Bricks: –

You can use the bricks to defend the Throne. As the battle progresses, the game grants Bricks(added to the deck by you) to you – you can change its shape by tapping the reload button -> drag it to the battlefield to place. Most of the bricks have a special ability – for example; Fire Brick’s special ability is when the enemy breaks it, it leaves the damaging fire. Ice Brick – When broken, leaves a trap that can freeze units. So make sure to have the best bricks in the deck.

Magic Brick Wars Guide To Upgrades: –

You can upgrade the units, spells, bricks to increase their attributes, effect. And, to upgrade these units, spells, bricks, you will need the duplicate cards. For example – to upgrade Devil, you will need Devil Cards. On the deck screen, at the bottom of the unit/spell/brick avatar, the game shows the number of cards that you need to upgrade to reach the next level. For instance; if it’s 0/4 – it means, you need 4 cards, but you have no at the moment.

How To Get Cards: –

  • Play the battles – get victories and you will be rewarded with the chest. Open the chest to get random cards and other rewards.
  • Head to the shop and there you can buy cards in exchnage for gold coins
  • In the shop, buy premium chests
  • Complete the challenges

How To Unlock New Cards?

Level up to unlock new cards.

How To Earn Gold Coins: –

  • Get victories in the battles
  • Open the chests
  • Complete the quests
  • Dig in the mine
  • Exchanging the diamonds in the shop

Magic Brick Wars Diamonds: –

  • Complete the challenges to earn diamonds
  • From the mine

So this would be all in this Magic Brick Wars guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Magic Brick Wars tips, cheats & strategies.

Magic Brick Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Get Familiar With The Units, Spells, And Bricks

  • Some units are slow, while some are fast
  • Some units have high HP, while some have low HP
  • There are units with high attack power, low power
  • Some units excel in close combat, while some have ranged attacks

To build the best deck in the game, we would recommend getting familiar with each unit that you have. Head to the deck screen and tap on the unit card – read the details; check the attributes – high HP means they can soak more damage, check if they are melee or have attack range.

The best stratgey would be sending the melee and tanky units(high HP stats) in the first place and behind them, deploy a unit with ranged DPS. For example – Witch Doctor throws ranged fireballs.

Also, focus on covering all the lanes with brick. Keep building the defense by deploying the bricks.

2.) Play The Test Match

One of the best ways to get familiar with each unit, spell, brick card in Magic Brick Wars is by playing the test match or practice mode. Head to the deck screen and tap the Test Match button. Unlike other matches, you will not lose any trophy in the test match. Also, you don’t get the rewards. It’s for practice.

3.) Win, Open The Chest, Level Up The Cards

As you progress to high tier leagues, you will face powerful players. So keep leveling up the cards. Open the chest that you obtain from the PvP battles – for cards.

4.) Dig In The Mine

Head to the Mine tab – there you explore the Dungeon and break the bricks. You may get free cards, diamonds, coins, and other rewards.

5.) Grab The Daily Deals

Head to the shop -> in the daily deals, you will see the card deals that you can grab in exchnage from coins.

6.) Invite Friends For Rewards

Head to the social tab and there you will find the friends section – invite the friends to earn rewards. Also, you will be able to play against friends; challenge friends for friendly matches.

So these are some Magic Brick Wars tips for beginners. Do you have more tips to share? Comment below!

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