Hotel Empire Tycoon Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks 2021

Hotel Empire Tycoon is a brand new Idle Hotel Simulation game for Android and iOS by Codigames where the players run their hotels, and make moneyHotel Empire Tycoon

Codigames, a well-known mobile publisher behind top-class Idle games, has just expanded its app portfolio with another adorable Idle game called Hotel Empire Tycoon. This time you will be running a hotel in the city and the objective is to make it a 5-star rating hotel by adding/upgrading rooms and providing other facilities such as restaurants, spa, etc to the customers. The concept of the game is pretty good! If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Hotel Empire Tycoon guide teaches you all the fundamentals of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Hotel Empire Tycoon cheats, tips & tricks that you may like. So without further ado, let’s dive in and explore all the tricks!

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Hotel Empire Tycoon Cheats & Tips⇓

In the game, your goal is to unlock all the hotels and raise their rating from 0 to 5 – and, to accomplish this goal, you need to add rooms, upgrade them, and also add/upgrade other facilities such as bar, restaurant, ski, spa, suit, electrical room, etc. The visitors head to your hotel through vehicles and if there is a room available, they will book it and you get paid for it.

If they are couples, you will need a Double room – if the customer is single, then he/she will book the Single room. They will be charged on an hourly basis – extra bucks can be earned from other sources like Bar, Restaurant. Let’s take a look at the Hotel Empire Tycoon cheats, tips & tricks: –

Cut Down Unnecessary Expenses⇓

In the early game, we would recommend avoiding expenses incurred on the advertising. Other than that, you can reduce the staff or workers in the hotel. One worker in each facility would do a good job – however, you might not be able to provide fast service and some of the customers might angry. But in the early game, you don’t need to deploy all the workers because more workers mean more expenses on wages. And, the profit would be low and you would not be able to progress at a good rate. To manage each department, you need workers.

For example – people living in the room often throw trash here and there. Also, you will have to keep all other things clean for the next visitor. The housekeeper does this job. And you will have to pay him wages daily.

Another example – wages for the worker at the front desk, chef at the restaurant, bartender at the bar. In the top-right side, tap the stats/analytics button -> there you can check daily revenue, expenses and the profit at the end of the day. The goal is to make more profit. You can disable the advertising in the management menu. Management office -> Advertising -> Disable.

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Hotel Empire Tycoon

Keep An Eye On The Hotel Timeline⇓

In the upper-left corner of the screen, you can check the hotel’s timeline – for example – the restaurant opens at 6:30 AM, Bar Opens at 8:00 AM. The housekeeper starts cleaning the room at 9:00 AM. As we mentioned above, visitors are charged on an hourly basis. So every hour passes in this timeline, you earn money. And, at the end of the day, you pay the wages to the workers. Other things like restaurant profit, bar profit is earned when the visitor uses the service.

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Have More Rooms In The Hotel Empire Tycoon⇓

If there is no free room available in the hotel, the visitors will leave your hotel in no time. Pay attention to the LED Display Screen near the front desk or receptionist area. It displays the number of rooms that are available for booking. For example – if it’s 2 – then it means that you have two free rooms in the hotel.

You can build more rooms by investing a little Idle money. Tap the management office, which is on the right side of the Restaurant. From there you can build Single Rooms for single visitors, Double-Bed Room for couples.

Keep in mind that the couple will leave the hotel if there is no double room available – they will not adjust to the single room. So have Single Rooms, as well as, the Double Rooms. In each hotel, you can build a set number of rooms. For example – 2 Suite Rooms in Stanely Resort, 6 Double Rooms in Stanely Rooms, and so on. Also, see –

Upgrade And Improve The Rooms⇓

Tap on a room and in the top-right corner of the mini-menu, you will see the hourly earnings. If you want to earn more in the Hotel Empire Tycoon, you need to upgrade and improve all the built rooms. This will cost you Idle Cash or Gems. How do you upgrade the room? Well, you can’t upgrade the room in one-click – you will have to upgrade the things or facilities provided in the room.

For example – Bed, Table, Shower, Toilet, etc. Upgrading these facilities increase the star ratings(except the premium ones, which are purchased with gems). Upgrade all these things to improve the room and make more money.

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Manage The Power Supply⇓

Electricity is required in all the departments; room, restaurant, bar, and front desk. If the hotel lacks electricity supply, you would not be able to build more rooms, upgrade the facilities like kitchen, etc. Tips – You can reduce the room’s power supply consumption by upgrading television and other facilities that require electricity. Also, increase the power supply by upgrading the power generators and batteries. Tap the electricity room -> batteries -> there you can upgrade these things to increase power supply in Hotel Empire Tycoon.

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Complete The Missions For Gems⇓

You earn gems by completing the missions, which you need to upgrade/buy premium things in the rooms or other departments. Tap the (i) symbol button in the top-right -> there the game displays the number of missions that you can complete for valuable gems or a huge amount of Idle Cash.

Raise The Star Level And Open New Hotels⇓

As you improve the current hotel by making upgrades, you will gain star-ratings. Upon reaching a certain star rating, the game unlocks a new hotel/resort in big cities. You start the journey in a small city by running The Codinental Hotel. Tap the H symbol in the upper-right corner to check other hotels that you can open in the Hotel Empire Tycoon game. Also, see –

Improve Parking To Get More Visitors⇓

The Parking Lot display screen outside the hotel displays the number of slots available for the car parking. The visitors who park their car in the parking lot are charged on an hourly basis – so you do earn from parking also. We would recommend upgrading the parking lot so that more visitors can spend days/nights at your hotel. Tap the Parking Lot display -> upgrade parking and a barrier gate.

Grab The Boosters And Freebies⇓

Now and then, a VIP visits the hotel(Front Desk area). Tap him and watch the video Ad to get free Idle Cash. He will give you more cash as you progress further into the game. Also, the game gives you free offers like skip nighttime/clean all rooms by watching the video Ad – do grab all these offers if you want to progress fast. And, at last, at the bottom-center, x2 booster by watching the video Ad to launch VIP campaign and make x2 profit.

Wait For The Update To Bring New Content⇓

If you have completed all the hotels – achieved 5-star ratings in all the hotels; The Codinental, Stanely, Blue Crystal Resort, and Santa’s Shelter, then all you can do is wait for the update to bring new hotels to the game. As per our information, new content will be released soon on the Android and iOS versions of the Hotel Empire Tycoon. The last update was on the iOS version in which they added Chinese Ney Year’s sale. Although, it was not brought to the Android version of the game.

Update – Imperator Palance is the latest hotel, now available in the game. Arabian Nights Resort has been added to the game. You will need 20-stars to travel to this new hotel.

You can build a variety of new facilities in the new hotel; tea shop, Arabian hall, Ruins, Arab bath, and swimming pool. This one is also pretty. You will need to update to 1.3.0 version to get this new hotel.

Participate In The Events⇓

Now and then, new events are pushed by the developers. These events last long for a few days – during this time, your goal would be achieving the maximum earnings possible. It works like the normal hotel – except that the event hotels are time-limited. The only reason to play the event hotel is to unlock special managers. 

Special Managers⇓

You can unlock special managers by participating in the event. Special Managers provide permanent bonuses to the player. For example; more earnings from parking, front desk, restaurant, bar, etc. Here’s the list of special managers: –

  • Fredrick The Knife – Restaurant, Bar
  • Dimitri the Russian – Double Room
  • Pool Boy Franky – Swimming Pool, Spa, Scuba Diving
  • Flippy Billie – Suite Room
  • Tony Montage – Casino and Disco
  • Peggy Baggins – Parking and Front Desk

FAQ: –

How To Build A Room?

⇒ In Hotel Empire Tycoon, you can build a room by tapping the management office or in the top-right corner of the game screen, tap the stats button(above (i) symbol) -> go to the Build tab(spanner tab) – > there you get the option to build room.

Hotel Empire Tycoon Housekeeping Losses?

Housekeeping is an expense and you can not make it profitable. It is necessary to clean the rooms so that guests don’t get mad.

For more information, check out this Housekeeping Guide post.

How To Buy A Wash Basin In Hotel Empire Tycoon?

Wash Basin or Sink can be installed in the rooms. Tap on the room -> Sink(Wash Basin) -> upgrade/buy. It is necessary for optimal cleanliness. Other than that, if it says provide an internet connection, then you to buy Wi-Fi or install Wi-Fi in the room. Tap the room and you can check all the room facilities that you can provide to the guests.

What Are Restaurant Losses?

You need to pay wages to cook at the restaurant daily. If the wage is more than you are earning from the restaurant, then it will consider as restaurant losses. To make it profitable, fire extra chefs(only 1 chef would do the job) and upgrade the restaurant facilities like the table, kitchen food, etc. Tap the restaurant and there you can buy or upgrade all this stuff.

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So this would be all in this post on the Hotel Empire Tycoon guide and Hotel Empire Tycoon cheats, tips & tricks. Do you have more Hotel Empire Tycoon tips, cheats, tricks to share with other fellow players? Comment below!

This article was last updated in 2021. Old Update – added Hotel Empire Tycoon new hotel info; event, special managers. Imperator Palace. Arabian Nights Resort.

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  1. Hello, I am on the 2nd hotel, I normally get my money investigator guy come in every so often when I watch a video I get more money well he hasn’t been for ages.. has this happened to anyone?

  2. I am on the Arabian nights hotel and only show a loss from my restaurant and tea room when I’m offline. When I’m online it’s making a profit just fine. This is the only hotel this has happened to. Any auggestions?

  3. when i play the most money i get when i am on is not enough. but when i don’t play then when i come back suddenly i have a lot of money and double it i have so much but it is still not enough. i want the manger which is 10 dollars but don’t want to pay for it. so i wonder how i can make my hotel never close without buying him.

  4. How long a day in HIT is in real life? Cus i wanna calculate the total amount earned when go offline.

    For example, my balance/day is 100.000, and if i go offline for 2hours (x2 profit), how much the total earning would be?
    If 2hours is 10 days, i got 1.000.000 when online back and watch video x2 earning = 2.000.000

  5. I’m stuck at the blue crystal resort. Triple checked every room and everything else. It’s all maxed and I can’t get to the next hotel.

  6. I to am having problems. I have 5 stars first hotel but only 4 stars in 2nd and 3rd hotel. I have checked three times in both hotels but everything has been upgraded. I love this game but am getting very frustrated. Any ideas!!

  7. I was having the same issue, as many of you. I could only get four stars, in both of my hotels. I decided to go back and check the area again. I remembered seeing that when it was fully upgraded, It was show 100%. So when I looked back again, I found that there was one room that was less than 100%.

  8. I have maxed out everything in the top 2 hotels yet I can only achieve 4 stars on each hotel. What can I do to teach 5 stars in just one to move to the next hotel. I have checked everything too! So please don’t tell me to check all the upgrades because they have been done. Now what?

  9. Update* I purchased it to get rid of ads. I’m on the fourth hotel now. Game is so glitchy and buggy. Ready to finish it up and end the addiction. Supermarket is much better.

  10. I finally got through the third hotel. I had to have 5 stars in each previous to get here (15 stars total) and now i should be able to open the last BUT… surprise, i lost a star on the first.

    I look and room 101 and 102 are making less money. Everything is still upgraded. So i waste stars buying stuff that is supposed to get increase the daily profit on the rooms and…. nothing.

    Ready to DELETE.

    • Can you get money from your other hotels. I have over $4 million dollars profit for my 1st two hotels. I can’t make like a dime and my third hotel I’m so frustrated. I am addicted to this game by the way.

  11. Vroeg me af wat je verder met het geld kan doen met een full upgegraide hotel. Het blijft groeien in het eerste hotel maar je kan het niet gebruiken ?

  12. Should we use money earned from one hotel to upgrade another hotel?????
    If not don’t u think that money is off no use after getting 5 star..

  13. Everything upgraded in the Blue Cristal hotel. Including some “yellow” gem upgrades. 5th star cannot be won. Is there a glitch?

  14. I am on the third hotel and one of the mission says expand hotel double beds to 8. The level only goes to 6 and also I have expanded more than 8 beds and still doesn’t clear. Am I missing something?

    Also it says to put a diving area in the hotel. I did everything with the pool. Am I missing something there to?

  15. Hotel guests are visiting services (restaurant, bar, spa, etc) when they are closed. How do I time that better? Can I adjust the opening hours?

  16. I am earning too much in the first hotel I have upgraded everything in the rooms but I don’t know what to do with the money anymore cause I have bought everything in the hotel. So what do I do with the money

    • G I guess, front desk workers do not work in the night. They come back every morning and leave in night. If you have fired him, then hire him again.

  17. 2nd hotel, the guests are going to the ski lift after hours and getting mad and leaving. How do I prevent them from getting mad at an activity that is closed?!

    • @Cax Listing all the upgrades to get 5-star in the first hotel: –
      Single Room – 2
      Double Room 6
      Front Desk
      Electrical Room

      Two Single Room Upgrades – Lvl 5 bed, lvl 1 table, lvl 5 TV, lvl 4 climate control, lvl 5 toilet, lvl 7 shower, lvl 4 washbasin, level 4 additional items, level 3 decor
      Electrical Room Upgrades – lvl 3 power generator, level 3 battery, level 3 battery, level 3 battery
      Double-Bed Room Upgrades – lvl 5 bed, lvl 1 bedside table, lvl 1 bedside table, lvl 5 tv, lvl 4 climate control, lvl 5 toilet, lvl 7 shower, lvl 4 washbasin, lvl 4 additional items, level 3 decor – check all the six double-bed rooms
      Restaurant Upgrades – lvl 4(table, six tables), lvl 5 kitchen, lvl 6 food, lvl 6 beverages, lvl 5 decor
      Housekeeping Room -> lvl 3 cart, lvl 3 cleaning products, lvl 2 vacuum cleaner, lvl 2 vacuum cleaner
      Bar – lvl 4(three tables), lvl 6 drink, lvl 4 decor, lvl 1 bar top
      Frontdesk – lvl 3 front desk, lvl 4 decor, lvl 1 computer, lvl 1 computer, lvl 4 phone, lvl 4 phone
      Parking – lvl 8 parking, lvl 4 barrier gate

  18. None of my investors are paying me for watching the ads. They come in. I click on them and it’ll say like watch for $800. I watch it and get zilch.

  19. I have completed all requirements for the first two hotels but have only received 8 stars. I need 9 stars to open the third resort, but i cannot do anything more. How do you get the 9th star?

  20. I have 2 hotels and they are both fully upgraded to the max including gem items yet both Hotel s have only made 8 stars flat out and I need 9 to progress , how am I supposed to move on !

        • Does anyone else find that guests have to walk a very long way just to reach the restaurant and the Arab Bath??
          By the time my guests get to it they’re close to closing, so minimal number of guests use and pay. Before they all get there, they close!!

          • Yes. I had to fire my cook until I had more rooms because I was losing too much. I have all the tables, bought everything, even one gem purchase and a lot of upgrades before I even tried again. Then 2 chefs to start with. I’m finally at a positive profit of 100$. I’m hoping once I have more rooms it gets better.
            Has it gotten better? Since you wrote this a couple weeks ago.

    • Your hotels obviously aren’t fully upgraded if you only have 8 stars. Each hotel/resort will be able to reach 5 stars. After your two hotels are max upgraded, then they both should bring you to 10 stars easily. My first hotel is 5 stars and I don’t have all of the gem items. Check your services to see if they are all upgraded. This includes housekeeping, front desk, and even parking. If not those then try the obvious ones such as; bar, restaurant, and room commodities.

  21. I don’t understand why the customers get an angry/annoyed symbol over their head. Sometimes it appears they’ve entered their hotel room and sometimes even before they’ve entered the hotel. Why is this happening?

    • A worker can attend a certain number of customers at a time – the rest of the customers will have to wait in the queue. Customers don’t like to wait for too long – hire more workers so that they can get the service quickly. They will get angry and you will see the annoying signs over their heads if the service is slow.