Marvel Battle Lines Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Marvel Battle Lines is a tic toe type action card battle game for Android and iOS by Nexon. Check out our Marvel Battle Lines guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Nexon, the creators of MapleStory M, Darkness Rises games has just released a brand new action card battle game for mobile, featuring your favorite Marvel characters such as Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and more. Since the tutorial is not good, it could be difficult for the new players to figure out or understand all the battle mechanics. Let’s not waste any time and head to our Marvel Battle Lines guide and after it, read our top Marvel Battle Lines tips, cheats & strategies to build the best deck of cards.

Get Started – The Basics – Marvel Battle Lines – Rules & Battle System

If you have ever played Tic Toe game, then it would be easy for you to understand the Marvel Battle Lines mechanics. The objective is to defeat the enemy leader and protect your own. Let’s learn about both the parts: –

Attacking The Enemy Player’s Leader

Marvel Battle LinesTo attack the enemy leader, the player has to complete at least one or multiple lines on the board. For example; You can complete the vertical line with four characters(vertically), horizontal line with three characters. Additionally, diagonally with any three characters. See the above picture. Once completed, all the characters in the lane will attack together. Similarly, the enemy leader follows the same rule to defeat your leader.

Moving the character: -> Tapping the character(battling on the board) will give you the move option. Tap it, select an empty slot. If the character is surrounded by enemies, then you will not be able to move.

Attacking the enemy on the board -> Select a character, choose move. Target the enemy slot. Prior to it, you should check the character’s HP, attack power and enemy’s HP, attack power. If the enemy’s attack power is more than your character’s HP, then it(your character) will be dispatched to hell. You can always check the result on the enemy’s portrait. Like this(In the left side, impact on your character Vs On the right side, impact on enemy character’s HP): –Marvel Battle Lines

Protecting Your Own Leader

In Marvel Battle Lines game, in order to protect the leader, make sure to pay attention to the enemy’s moves. All you have to do is don’t let the enemy make any line on the board. As you do in tic toe game. There are a number of tactics you can try out to avoid getting hits; summon the character(drag the card from deck and place on the appropriate slot), kill the enemy by targetting it with one of your characters, use the action card.

Things To Know In Marvel Battle Lines

Action Cards Vs Normal Moves

Action cards are like spells. All the action cards featured in Marvel Battle Lines game have different skills. For example; Sharpshooter’s arrow is an action card that can deal 500-700 damage at level 1.

Upon your turn, you can use as many action cards as you want. It will not count as a move. On the other hand, summoning the character, moving the character, attacking the character count as one move. So make sure to include at least two or three action cards in your deck.

Switching The Cards

The player has owned a 12 card deck. Out of 12, only four are displayed on the battle screen. You can switch any specific card and get a new one. Tap the card that you want to replace with a random card, choose the switch option. Note; The obtained card cannot be switched.

Shards Or Resource

Marvel Battle LinesShard or resource is required to use the card in the battle. You can check the shard cost at the top-left corner of the character’s portrait. If there is no cost, then it means it’s zero shard card. Usually, high-quality or premium cards cost shards. How to obtain? Summon or move the character to shard slot.

So that’s the Marvel Battle Lines basics.

Character’s Skills

You may notice in the battle that the enemy has summoned two characters on the board in a turn. That’s not a buff, it’s character’s skills. For example; There is a character in Marvel Battle Lines, named as Agent Coulson. When you summon him on the board and if prior to it, there is no reserved slot, he will summon a shield agent on the nearby slot.

Similarly, most of the Marvel Battle Lines characters have unique skills. Go to my cards menu or cards collection menu -> tap the character and you will get its details.

You can also check the character’s skills just above the character’s portrait. For example; enhance character(gain HP or ATK power over time), call reinforcement(summons an agent when there is no occupied slot), attack target(attacks the nearby enemy when summoned).

How To Get Characters In Marvel Battle Lines?

You can get characters by playing the game modes; campaign mode, special ops, trials simulation, from the events, and as a reward. Or visit the shop tab in the game -> scroll down to daily offers -> there you can get character’s cards in exchange for gold. Scroll down more, under the card pack section, spend diamonds/gems and claim single card pack daily(three times a day). Under the special ops section, you can spend points earned from the special ops mode for card packs. In the trials simulation section, you can spend points earned from trials simulation mode.

How To Upgrade Character Or Character Cards?

Marvel Battle LinesYou will need to gather enough number of duplicate cards to upgrade a character. Go to my card menu -> tap the character -> under its portrait, you can check the cards required to level up. If you have, then tap the card upgrade button.

How To Change Leader?

By default, you play as a leader. After completing the tutorial, you will get more leader character; Iron Man. To change the leader, head to My Card menu. On the bottom-left side, tap the change leader button and select the desired one.

How To Win Battles?

Reduce the enemy’s leader HP to 0 by completing the lines.

Account Management Guide

On the main screen of the game, at the top-right corner, tap the gear icon. There you can access all the account related features. There you link your account with Google Play, sign out, delete the account.

So this is the Marvel Battle Lines guide for the beginners. Let’s read our top Marvel Battle Lines tips, cheats & strategies. Keep in mind that card’s power and strategy is the most important or core of the game.

Marvel Battle Lines Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Must Include Zero Shard Character Cards, Action Cards

To unleash the power of premium cards, you will need to summon them on the board and it will cost you shards. And in order to collect the shards, you have to move or summon the characters on the shard slot. Since you can not summon the premium cards without shards, it would be better to include the zero shard cards in your deck. And it would be even better if you put zero shard action cards too. We would recommend you to add at least three 0 shard cards in your deck.

2.) Play As You Are Playing Tic Toe Game

The battle mechanics in Marvel Battle Lines game are quite similar to the tic toe game. To hit the leader, you have to cover the lines on the board either vertically or horizontally/diagonally. To avoid getting hits, don’t let the enemy cover any line either vertically, horizontally/diagonally. Read the basic guide above for more details.

3.) Know Your Characters’ Abilities

As mentioned in the skill guide above, all the characters have different skills. If you are still unfamiliar with the character’s ability, then head to the card collection menu(there you can check the complete list of characters you have) -> tap the character and on its portrait, you can read the skill details.

4.) Auto-Clear In Special Ops, Hunt Gold In Trials

In the special ops mode, you fight against a unique leader in each battle. Complete all the objectives to get three stars. You can use instant clear tickets or auto-clear tickets to claim the rewards instantly on the stages where you have earned three-stars. How to obtain? Complete the daily missions.

If you are out of gold, then play the trials simulations mode. In this mode, you battle against five characters daily.

5.) Spend In-Game Currency In The Shop

As you move higher in the arena mode or in campaign mode, you will need premium cards or upgraded cards. You can spend gold, special ops points, trials mode points in the shop for extra premium cards. And use the premium in-game currency gems/diamonds for premium card packs.

Additionally, in the shop section, you can claim free gold, single card pack every day.

6.) Get Premium Character Cards For Free

Another way of obtaining the premium character cards in Marvel Battle Lines is by participating in the events. For example; there is an event going on; the 7-day check-in challenge. By logging in or checking-in daily for seven days, you get the Spider-Man Leader. You can check all the events in the event portal menu.

7.) Trade Cards With Guild Members

You can create your own guild at the player level 15 or join an existing game. Go to the guide menu -> there you get all the guild related options.

8.) Complete The Daily Missions To Level Up Fast

From every game mode, you earn EXP-Experience points. These points are needed to level up. If you want to level up fast, then complete all the daily missions asap as completing these missions reward you a great amount of EXP.

So these are our top Marvel Battle Lines tips, tricks & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Top new Android games of this week

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