AOTU World Reroll Guide: How To Reroll & Who To Reroll?

Our AOTU World Reroll Guide covers all the basic reroll steps, how to reroll, who to reroll, and the reroll tier list that gives you the best reroll target. AOTU World Reroll Guide

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AOTU World Reroll Guide⇓

The following AOTU World Reroll Guide is based on the English Global version, which made its debut in July 2021. The rerolling process will take a few minutes. So let’s not waste any time and check out the AOTU World Reroll Guide: –

AOTU World Reroll Guide: Part I – Choose Your Reroll Method⇓

If you are on Android, there are two ways to reroll in AOTU World. If you are on iOS, there is one best way to reroll. 

The two reroll methods for Android are (1) Cloning App (2) Switch Accounts. 

The best way to reroll on iOS is to (1) Switch Accounts. 

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AOTU World Reroll Guide Part II: Cloning Reroll Method Explained⇓

(1) Cloning App; to use this reroll method, you will need to install a cloning app like Parallel Space or Multiple Accounts on your Android device. You can get these apps from Google Play Store for free. Link:

Once you have installed this cloning app, clone AOTU World or add AOTU World to this app by cloning. And, then login as a guest account(tap the user button in the top-right corner -> choose to sign in as a guest account). 

How to reroll with the cloning method: if you don’t get any top-tier characters using X4 7G Magic Link Box, clear the data of the clone app. Open it again and then, again, clone the AOTU World. It should start from scratch – with a new guest account. 

If you get the top-tier character, bind the account to any of the available account services like Email, Facebook, or Google Play. Tap the terminal option in the lower-left corner of the game screen. On the terminal page, tap the gear/settings icon -> tap account -> bind email. 

AOTU World Reroll Guide Part III: Switch Accounts Reroll Method Explained⇓

After doing all the multi pulls, you don’t get any top-tier characters, then you should reroll. Close the game -> start again -> don’t enter the game by tapping on the start screen, instead, tap the “User” button in the top-right corner -> switch accounts -> use another account that you have not used already to start from scratch. 

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AOTU World Reroll Guide Part IV: How To Reroll?

To reroll in AOTU World, you need to complete the prologue tutorial(1-4 stages) to unlock the gacha summon function of the game. Once it’s unlocked, go to the main screen of the game. On the left side, you will see a highlighted welcome gift event banner, which you need to tap -> the first-day reward is X4 7G Magic Link Box Cubes. Claim it.

AOTU World Reroll Guide

With these X4 7G Magic Link Box Cubes, you can pull draw X40 Characters – 10 each time. 

Go to the summon menu of the game -> choose the banner; Contestant link -> 10X Search; use the welcome gift(X4 7G Magic Link Box Cubes). Without these X4 7G Magic Link Box Cubes, you will need X177 7G Chips for X1 Pull. So these X4 7G Magic Link Box Cubes are the must claim if you are going to reroll. 

Use the cloning method or switch account method to reroll; reroll methods are explained above.

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AOTU World Reroll Guide Part V: Reroll Tier List – Who TO Reroll?

This is the AOTU World Reroll Tier List: best characters to reroll in AOTU World are Grey(OP), Godrose, and Ray. 

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So this would be all in this post on AOTU World Reroll Guide. 

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