Mentors RPG: Strategy TBS Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Mentors RPG: Stratgey TBS is a brand new strategy RPG for mobile by Ice Storm. Check out our Mentors RPG guide, tips, cheats & strategy

Mentors RPG is the latest strategy game from the creators of Drag Battle Racing game. In the game, you will strategically play the turns in the arena to slay down the vultures and monsters before they infect your party with poisonous attacks. Mentors RPG features challenging missions, loads of gear set, puzzles, quests, and a variety of heroes’ skills to discover. If you are having the trouble understanding the game’s mechanics or looking for tips, our Mentors RPG guide, and Mentors RPG tips, cheats & strategy will help you.


Mentors RPGYou will start the game with three heroes; Templar, Sorceress, and Ranger. All these three heroes have unique skills & abilities which can further be upgraded using the skill points. Templar is a tank type character as his health and defense stats are good. Sorceress and Ranger are good attackers; they can deal heavy damage to the monsters from a range. The battle mechanics are also pretty simple.

Battle Rules

Templar attacks from close range. Sorceress and Ranger attacks from a long range. You would not be able to attack the enemies if the enemy is out of range. To play the turn, select a character and choose a tile. Double tap the tile to move there or to attack the enemy(if there is an enemy on that tile). If you have no option, then skip the turn by tapping the timer icon at the top-left corner of the screen. For example; In a turn, you can move only once. After it either you can attack the enemy to end the turn or if there is no enemy in the attack range, then you will have to skip the turn.

You can revive the characters with the scroll of resurrection. The player gets first scroll free, but after it, that scroll will cost you hundreds of purple crystals. After the arena, injured characters will take time to go back to their full strength. You can heal these characters by tapping the heart icon on the main screen of the game -> using bandages or healer’s pouch. Or wait until they restore automatically.


Mentors RPGAs you play the game or win matches/battles in Mentors RPG, your squad’s power will increase as the victory grants experience to the heroes. After gaining enough experience, heroes in your squad will level up and the game will reward you skill points. You can use these skill points in learning new skills or leveling up existing skill. On the main screen of the game, at the bottom-right, tap the skills button(next after the heart icon). There you can learn, upgrade heroes’ skills. On the skills menu, at the top-left, tap the character to switch.

Tap the view option -> learn. You will unlock more skills as you level up the heroes by getting victories in the battles.


Another way to increase the squad power in Mentors RPG is equipping the best gears and upgrade the gears. You obtain these gears by completing the quests, getting victories in the battle, from the chests. To get the quests, you will have to interact with the characters. Head to the world map -> if there is an (i) or (?) icon, then it means, you have the chance to interact with a character. Head to there, tap the character and make choices. You can check the quests by tapping the book button at the bottom-right menu.

And you can obtain the chests from the characters in exchange for gold coins, from the battles, as a quest reward. To open these chests, you need lockpick keys. There is a unique key for each chest. For example: – To open Huntress’ chest, you need carved lockpick key. You can obtain these keys in exchange for purple gems or from the arena battles, merchant/character’s shops.

From these chests, you can acquire high-quality items for your heroes.

Upgrading The Gears

To upgrade the gears in Mentors RPG, you need shards. Shards come in many types; uncommon, rare, epic, and more. You can obtain these shards by extracting the useless gears, from the quests, battles, as a reward, from merchants.


To extract a gear in Mentors RPG, tap on any hero on the left side of the game screen to enter the inventory menu. Tap on any gear item; weapon, armor, accessory -> more -> extract -> confirm. It will cost you gold coins. Note: You can not extract some gears(i.e. 0 Level).


You can play a battle in three difficulty modes; easy/blue, medium/purple, difficult/red. Head to the world map -> select a location(you start from the light forest) -> select a battle -> start. Before you start the stage, you can select the difficulty. And when you select the stage, it will show you the recommended power level. Pay attention to it. You can check your squad power at the top of the screen(near coins).

So that’s all for now as Mentors RPG guide. Let’s read our top Mentors RPG tips, cheats & strategy.

Mentors RPG Tips, Strategy: –

1.) Always Go With Boosters

Mentors RPGMentors RPG features a variety of boosters, you can use in the battle for an extra advantage. For example; Health Potion can restore the health of allies. Sweetsuckle flowers can increase the critical hit rate. You can obtain these boosters in exchange for coins or free by watching the video ad. How to obtain? You get these boosters as a reward from some stages, quests. And you always have the option to buy from the merchants. For example; In Khorim location, there is a wizard. Interact with him and choose to Show us what you have. You will be redirected to his shop. Collect the free gift by watching the video ad or spend some gold coins.

How to use these boosters? In the battle, at the bottom-right corner, tap the potion icon -> double tap a booster to use. You have to use these boosters at the right time and on the right character. For example; one of your heroes is low on health, then use the health potion.

2.) Repeat The Stages For Coins, items

As you progress in the Mentors RPG, you will face elite monsters in the battle, having tremendous power,  with debuff abilities. In these hell mode stages, you will hardly survive if your squad’s power is not qualifying the recommended power. So it would be better to step back and repeat the old stages again for EXP, gold, chests, and more items. Power up and then try again. GRINDING!

3.) Equip The Best Gears

If you head to the inventory, the game will show you the list of gears you have. Pay attention the gears, highlighted with the green arrow. The green arrow indicates that gear is better than the equipped gear. Tap it -> equip.

4.) Power Up Yourself As You Clear The Stages

Extract useless gears for shards. Use shards in upgrading the high-rank gears. Spend skill points in learning, upgrading the skills. Repeat the stages and level up your character.

5.) Watch The Video Ad For Purple Gems

On the right side of the screen, tap the free option -> this will send you to the crystal store. There you have a free offer; free crystals by watching the video ad. If you need these crystals, then you should accept this offer. Purple crystals are very rare; premium in-game item.

6.) Visit Character’s Stores Daily

As you play the game, you will meet new characters. And some of them may help you in powering up the heroes with the items. For example; In Khorim, from Wizard, you can buy chests, boosters. From Ayrin(Khorim -> swipe right -> Ayrin -> Let’s have a look), you can buy lockpicks, chests, epic shards, rare shards, uncommon shards. From Karlos(Khorim -> swipe right -> Karlos -> show us something special), you can buy the scroll of Resurrection at discount, chests, free coins, and much more. These deals changes every day. So visit often.

7.) Focus On The Objectives

In some stages, you don’t need to kill all the vultures. For example; the objective is to destroy vulture nests. The battle will end as soon as you destroy the vulture nests. So first, check the objective and plan accordingly. You can check the objective by tapping the arrow icon on the right side of the battle screen.

So these are our top Mentors RPG tips, cheats & strategies for the beginners. Also, see – Top new Android games

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