My Idle City Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

My Idle City is a brand new idle game where you build the cities, make money, and explore a vast map. Read on for My Idle City cheats, guide, tips & tricks

My Idle CityADQUANTUM LTD has recently released added a new game to the portfolio. Their new mobile game is My Idle City. Playing it is quite simple; all you do is build the buildings and upgrade them to increase earnings. In each city, you will get a certain number of buildings to be built. Once you achieve this task, you will get to move to the next city and start working again. As a reward, you will get the prestige points that you can use to unlock VIP characters for permanent bonuses. If you have just started playing, then you are on the right page. This My Idle City guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of My Idle City cheats, tips & tricks that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s head to the main content. 

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If you tap the map icon on the bottom-right side, you will see the number of cities where you can go and build the residential and commercial buildings. Your goal is to discover all of them and conquer the map. There are two types of buildings that you can build in the city; the residential buildings and business buildings. Residential buildings such as Country House, Family Cottage, Stone House, etc. increase the population. Business type buildings earn you money. Other than that, you will find special buildings such as school, cinema as you progress further. You need to balance the population and business to maintain the profit – otherwise, you will see a negative figure in the balance that shows at the top-center of the game screen; (-) 30%, (-) 60%, and so on. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the My Idle City cheats, tips & tricks – 

Balance The Population And Business

If you see a negative status in the earnings balance, which is at the top-center of the game screen, then make sure to fix it by making upgrades – if you want to earn a steady profit. How do you fix it? In the top-right corner, pay attention to the bar above population and business status; if it’s red/orange on the resident status, then upgrade the houses/residential buildings. If it’s red/orange on the business status, then upgrade the business buildings in My Idle City. You must keep it in green for the max profit. 

Get Free Gold From The Store

Gold is the prestigious in-game item that you can use to build blocks immediately or in other upgrades. One of the best ways to get gold is by watching video ads. In the bottom-left corner, tap the store -> there you will find gold and cash offer – you can get x10 gold by watching the video ads. 

Learn About The Characters In My Idle City

My Idle CityCharacters in My Idle City game grants boost to the player. There are several ways to acquire character; use the prestige points, spend gold, buy with real money. Prestige Points – look around the city and you will find a purple star spot – tap it and spend prestige points to hire a VIP character and boost the earnings. Gold – tap the manage button in the bottom-left side -> there you can spend gold and get characters to boost earnings. Managers bought with gold leaves after a certain amount of time. So make sure to spend it wisely. From the shop, you can buy several manager characters with real money – they would be permanent. 

Activate The Earning Booster

Tap the manager button on the bottom-left side, this will take you to the town hall. In the town hall, you will find an x2 earnings booster in the middle. Watch the video ad and increase the earnings by x2. 

Complete The Missions In My Idle City

On the bottom-center, you can check the missions. Complete them to earn My Idle City bucks and gold. Use bucks in upgrades or expanding the city by building more blocks. 

Move To The New City To Earn Prestige Points

My Idle CityHead to the map and on the bottom-center, you will see the quests that you must complete to move to the next new city. These quests include building certain facilities in the city, for instance; city school – collecting a certain amount of cash, leveling up certain city buildings, etc. When you move to the new city, you are rewarded with prestige points. Accumulate more and hire/upgrade the managers. 

So these are some My Idle City tips, tricks for beginners – featuring a comprehensive guide. If you have more tips & tricks to share, comment below. 

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