Merge Plants cheats: guide, tips, and tricks

New to the Merge Plants game? Master all of its aspects with these Merge Plants cheats and tips available with a guide for beginners

Merge Plants cheats tips guideMerge Plants cheats, tips, and guide: – 

This article covers “how to play Merge Plants”, tips to progress fast, stop enemies from going forward, and other aspects such as best positions for the plants, guide to plants, in-game currencies, coins, and much more. So, let’s get straight to the Merge Plants cheats, tips, and guide for beginners: – 

Getting Started With The Merge Plants Game Basics

There are hundreds of stages in Merge Plants – with increasing difficulty. At the top of the screen, you can check the stage and the wave number. After completing all the waves on a stage, you will have to defeat the main boss to move to the next stage where you encounter more tough waves of enemies. By planting the higher level plants in the garden, you can stop the enemies from going forward or improve the defense. If they break the defense, you will start over. Well, you still get the coins even if that happens. But, starting over at the same stage is annoying. By positioning the plants, you can win easily. Let’s learn about that: – 

Position The Plants Wisely

We would advise you to put the plants in the front that reduce the enemy speed or freeze/stun them. For example – level 1, level 4, and level 7 plant slow down the enemies(the higher-level plant is better). Level 3, level 6, and level 9 stun/freeze the enemies. And, behind them, put the plants that inflict DMG. 

This strategy works in most TD games like this. The plants with these abilities slow down the enemies – while they are slow, plants with high DMG abilities can inflict more DMG on them. First, slow them down and rip them off. 

You can check the plants’ abilities in the plant store menu. In the lower-right corner, tap the “plant store” button -> on this page, next to the plant, you can check its ability; slow down, freeze, double damage, etc. 

Wait For The Free Plants In Merge Plants Game

As you buy the plants in Merge Plans, their cost will increase. When it’s too high, we would advise you to wait for the free plants that drop as a gift pot. In the lower-left corner, you can check the “pot gift” arrival time(when it fills the circular bar). You can get the gifts quickly if you watch the video ad(tap the pot -> fast gift). 

Or, open the plant store by tapping the plant store button on the lower-right corner -> there you often get a free plant by watching a video ad. 

Increase The Attack Speed In Merge Plants

By activating the angry boost, you can increase the attack speed and you will be able to defeat the boss or waves quickly. In the lower-left corner, tap on the “angry” button -> watch the video and activate it. 

Unlock More Plant Slots

Unlock the slots on the field as soon as possible – the more slots you have, the more plants you can put on the field. The more plants you have on the field, the more firepower you get. 

Getting Freebies In Merge Plants

Open the shop in the game(tap the shop button in the upper-left) -> there you get the offer that gives x2 gems by watching a video. You will need gems to open the plant slot. 

Also, keep an eye on the screen and watch for a fairy – tap it to get free rewards.

Prepare For The Boss Fights

The boss is always powerful than its wave – first, fill all the slots with higher-level plants (the max level that you have achieved or near it). “Make sure to have the plants that reduce the enemy speed or freeze them; put them in the front/near enemy). You can always move the plants on different-different slots. Back them with the ones with high DMG power. Slow down the boss, freeze the boss – and, let other plants inflict DMG. 

So that’s all we got in this post on Merge Plants cheats, tips, and guide for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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