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LifeAfter is a survival game by NetEase Games, available on Android and iOS. Let’s take a look at LifeAfter guide, tips, cheats & strategies

NetEase Game’s LifeAfter is a top-class survival game where you explore the wilderness, team up with friends or random players to strike down infected zombies, infected, and fight for the survival. There are loads of maps to explore, loads of quests/challenges to do. You will build your own manor and craft useful items such as weapons, armors, ammo, and much more. If you have just started playing it, then our today’s LifeAfter guide and LifeAfter tips, cheats & strategies will help you. We have also posted the walkthrough for beginners(tutorial).

Attention – this guide is designed for the players who have just started playing the game. If you have been playing the game for a while now, please check out our these posts: –

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The Starting Walkthrough

After creating the character or customizing the look, you will land on an unknown land(Highway). There you will find an NPC, named Aleksey. He will guide you until the tutorial. At the end of the tutorial quests, he will be killed by the infected creature, named Lozarov. At the top-left corner of the screen, you can check the quests. The first quest challenges you to find a usable gear. All you need to do is move over to the glowing circle area. There you will find the life detector. Open it. Move ahead and pick the bag. Open it.

The second quest tasks you to use the bandage to restore stamina. Tap the medical kit box on your screen -> use bandages.

After that, you will have to talk to the Aleksey. The next quest tasks you to gather the resources for making a machete. In the wilderness, you can collect loads of resources such as ore, stone, wood, food, and more.


In the early phase of the game, stone/wood/food is the most useful resource. You can gather stone/ore from the rocks.

You get wood from the trees. There are two types of weapons that you need to gather wood, stone. These two weapons are an axe, pickaxe. To chop trees, you need an AXE. To get stones/ores from the rocks, you need a pickaxe. If you have none of these weapons, you can still gather these resources. But, In this tutorial, the game gifts these tools free.

Just below the mini-map, you can switch between the weapons. To gather the resources, go close to the wood or tree or any item -> point to it(aim) -> tap the AXE icon on your screen. The character picks the resources automatically.

Additionally, you can make these weapons(tap the make option at the bottom-left corner) -> here you can craft tools, weapons, ammo, health material.


After gathering enough resources, talk to the NPC. After that, follow the dog to discover the way to escape. The dog will guide you to the ladder. Tell about the ladder to Aleksey. This tutorial teaches you how to leave a map using a helicopter and go back to the home. Once you are out, NPC will guide you to a cabin where you will face infected Zombies and Lazarov.


The zombies and Lazarov will try to kill you. You will have to get out of the cabin and follow Aleksin to find a vehicle to leave. After that, you will find a group of people with a Helicopter. Aleksey will give a shotgun to you. But without ammo. The ammo box is near the helicopter. Go there and replenish ammo. After that, you will have to craft Barricades. On the same location, there would be an old chest. Open that chest and you will find the Barricade or Barricade material there. Go to the make option -> all -> Barricade -> craft. Once crafted, open the bag -> select Barricade -> gear -> put the Barricade on circle(behind Aleksey).

Once you are done, zombies will arrive. Keep fighting with them until your team is ready to board. Aleksey repairs the Helicopter. Head towards the helicopter. After that, Lazarov, the creature, attacks your Helicopter.

The Safe Place

Lazarov attacks crash your Helicopter and all the characters fell into the river. After that, follow Aleksey. You will come across a place. This is basically the building tutorial. In this tutorial, you learn how to repair walls, build walls, doors, use gear workstation, build balconies, and more. That place already has a bunch of facilities; material bench, weapon chest, gear workstation. Using the material bench, you can craft doors. Using the gear workstation, you can craft a simple rifle. Use the weapon chest to replenish ammo.

After that, a bunch of zombies will invade that place. Fight them. Then, an airdrop will appear. Visit there and collect the resources. So this is the LifeAfter game’s 2nd part walkthrough. Let’s head to the LifeAfter Lab walkthrough.


WalkthroughAfter getting the air-drop supplies, talk to the NPC. Aleksey will guide you to the lab, where you interact with some scientists. Explore a bit. After that, you get the message box. Place it anywhere on the ground. Then choose to leave a message. Put some resources and leave a message -> confirm. After that, you will fight against the infected zombies. In the next room, there is a cabinet. Find it(Your dog will be there). Use the gun to break/shatter the lab cabinet door and get the lab access card. After getting the lab access card, head to the exit door(go straight, the right – towards the lab cabin door). After that, you will escape. Find the radio and communicate with support. Once done, you will get another airdrop. From this airdrop, you get an AR(Rifle). Use it to defeat Lazarov.

Once escaped, you will enter the town hall. There you will interact with a number of NPCs; Justin, Rachel, Bulk, and more. At last, you leave the town hall and enter the game “LIFEAFTER”.

So this is the complete LifeAfter walkthrough to pass tutorial. Let’s learn more in the Get Started Part.

LifeAfter – Get Started; Home Foundation

After completing the tutorial(leaving the town hall), you will enter the development zone where the game lets you build a cabin. But, when you enter that zone, there would be an infected zombie around. You will have to make a bow weapon and strike down it. To complete this quest, you need to make bow and craft arrows. As we mentioned above, you need an AXE or Pickaxe to gather wood/stone. But, at that time, you have nothing. All you need to do is go close to the rock and tree -> tap the punch/action option on the screen. Gather wood and make a bow. Gather wood and stone -> craft arrows.

Also, note that when you land in that area, there would be a container near the cabin. Open it and get the resources. This is important to make a bow. If you go manually(gathering), it will take time. So find that container asap. After that kill that infected zombie.

That’s it. In the next quest, you will have to contact with the radio. The radio(Comms station) is near the cabin. Find it. There would be a home sign too. Retrieve it. Just back side of the cabin, there would be a ground. Retrieve it. There are some more objects that you need to retrieve.

Once picked, head to the bag menu -> select ground -> gear -> place it in the blue zone. Now, gather the wood, stone and build your home. Also, explore a bit and you will find a bed, chair, gear workstation, material bench. 

Place all these facilities inside the house. Build walls, doors, stairs. That’s it. So this is the LifeAfter get started guide for beginners.

LifeAfter Guide

Progress; Manually, Newbiew Chapters

After building the house, there are two ways to progress through the game. You can either follow the newbie walkthrough quest guide or explore the things manually. Newbie Guide -> At the top-right corner of the game screen -> tap the newbie button -> here you can accept the challenges. On the left page of the book, you can check the rewards. On the right page of the book, you can check the challenges.

You can also set your own goal. For example; make a weapon, armor, make your house more durable or strong. In all these missions, you need to gather resources. These resources can be found in the Wilderness. (Aim over the material bench, gear workstation to find out the facilities/items that you can craft).


Walkthrough⇒To travel to the different areas of Island, you use a Helicopter. While staying in the development zone, tap the mini-map at the top-right corner. The red exit icon displays the location of a helicopter. Go there -> open. A map window will pop out on your screen. You can visit a number of areas. Choose Pact Zone -> Fall Forest. You can unlock new areas by raising gathering skill level. Gathering skill level increases as you gather resources on the wilderness areas(i.e. Fall Forest) or complete the daily quests.

Tap the proceed button to go there.

⇒Once you are there, tap the mini-map -> tap the + icon on the right side to zoom. On the left side, you can check the resources available in that area. Note down the icon and close the mini-map. Follow the small icons on the mini-map and get the resources. For example; Food is pointed out as a green icon. Hemp is like a leaf. Gather these resources(As much as you can).

⇒Once you are done, find a helicopter(open the mini-map -> red exit icon). Go there -> use the ladder.

LifeAfter⇒Keep in mind that you can not go away with the infected items. After climbing up through the ladder on the helicopter evac point -> you will find the postman there. Interact with him and choose to mail the items. Also, check the backpack if there is anything to collect. After that, go to the home -> you will find the mailbox there -> open it -> get the items back.

Health, Hunger, HP – LifeAfter

In LifeAfter game, to stay alive for a long time, you will have to maintain the character’s stats. Your character will die if you fail to maintain health, hunger, and HP. Hunger – Find food, cook items(explore a bit and you will find the cooking place). Consume these food items. HP -> Use bandages to recover HP. Health – Keep the body warm, out of negative effects. A decrease in health or Hunger stats will directly affect HP. The character will die as soon as the HP reaches 0. You can use the nanoplastic to craft bandages, ammo, and much more stuff.

How To Add Friends In LifeAfter Game?

At the bottom of the screen, tap the chatbox -> go to the contacts tab -> search the player name and add friends. To create a party, tap the flag option at the top-left of the screen(quest box). Tap the empty area to team up. Also, see – How to play with friends or share the resources

LifeAfter Skills Guide

Tap the home button at the top-left corner of the screen. Tab abilities option. There you can see the three abilities of your character. Gathering, Combat, and Craft. Gather – To level up gather ability or master gather ability, you need gathering skill points. Earn these points by gathering resources from the wilderness. Combat – To master the combat or level up combat ability, hunt wild animals, zombies on the map. Craft – Craft items to earn crafting skill points. As you gain more, crafting ability level will increase. Tap any ability -> there you can get details of skills.

To upgrade these skills, you need dollars, and skill points. Dollar or New Dollar is the universal currency in LifeAfter game. You can get it from training quests, by selling items to the merchant, login or event reward. Skill Points can be obtained by completing bounty quests, from the mall, stronghold battles, by killing the mystic creature.

LifeAfter Mastery – Gathering Mastery, Combat Mastery, Crafting Mastery

LifeAfterOne of the best ways to gain mastery points is by completing the quests at each map that you have unlocked so far – fall forest, sandcastle, snow highlands, etc. Also, once you reach a certain level in the game, you will unlock daily quests function. Earn points by completing the dailies – and, at certain points milestone, you get rewards; gathering mastery, combat mastery, and crafting mastery.

Gathering Mastery – farm/grind on each map – you may get special items – give these items to NPCs for gathering mastery, complete map bounty quests, dailies(duties, duty points), event quests.

Combat Mastery – participate in the camp boss missions and deal as much damage as you can, deal damage to infected/Mystic-Creature, do patrol and camp drills, participate in camp infected resistance event, play Miska university to earn combat mastery points.

Crafting – craft the items(not much helpful though), recommended – complete the map bounty quests, dailies, NPC quests.

LifeAfter Maps and Resources: –

LifeAfter Fall Forest Map: –

  • Twig
  • Hardwood Vines
  • Sapling
  • Plant Root
  • Iron Ore
  • Flint
  • Cast Iron Drill Bit Bone
  • Hide
  • Mushroom

LifeAfter Sandcastle Map: –

  • Resin
  • Wood Core
  • Oak Seedline
  • Hemp Sep
  • Hemp Bast
  • Castor Seed
  • Tin Ore
  • Sulfur
  • Ally Drill Bit
  • Claw Beast Tandon

LifeAfter Snow Highlands Map: –

  • Old Cypress
  • Cypress Leaf
  • Gingko Seedling
  • Flax Leaf’Flax Petal
  • Aluminum Ore
  • Kyanite
  • Grease
  • Beast Horn

Mouthswamp: –

  • Old Cypress
  • Cypress Leaf
  • Gingko Seedling
  • Flax Petal
  • Flax Leaf
  • Aluminum Ore
  • Kyanite
  • Grease
  • Beast Horn

Mount Snow: –

  • Boxwood
  • Broadleaf
  • Jute Leaf
  • Jute Stem
  • Copper Ore
  • Silicon
  • Diamond Drill Bit
  • Beast Tooth
  • Beast Fur

Santopany: –

  • Old Oak
  • Birch Root
  • Silver Ore
  • Pyargyrite
  • Sisal Leaf
  • Seaweed Leaf
  • Kenaf Bast
  • Beast Blood
  • Rugged Tail

Redwood Town: –

  • Old Oak
  • Birch Root
  • Sisal Leaf
  • Kenaf Bast
  • Silver Ore
  • Pyargyrite
  • Beast Blood
  • Rugged Tail

LifeAfter Levin City: –

  • Pyrite
  • Dogbane Stalk
  • Elm Bark
  • Scale
  • Beast Tail
  • Kendir
  • Kamacite
  • Elm Leaves
  • Beast Spine
  • Beast Hoof
  • Castor Bast
  • Nettle Leaf
  • Rare-earth Ore
  • Gold Ore
  • Cedar Leaves
  • Redwood
  • Rugged Tail
  • Beast Blood
  • Kenaf Beast
  • Sisal Leaf
  • Pyargyrite
  • Silver Ore
  • Birch Root
  • Old Oak
  • Beast Fur
  • Beast Fur
  • Beast Tooth
  • Jute Stem
  • Jute Leaf
  • Silicon
  • Copper Ore
  • Broadleaf
  • Boxwood
  • Beast Horn
  • Grease
  • Flax Petal
  • Flax Leaf
  • Kyanite
  • Aluminum Ore
  • Cypress Leaf
  • Old Cypress

How do I get new armors or guns in LifeAfter?

Some armors or guns unlock as you upgrade the Manor. But, not all! You need to fuse the shards using the Formula R&D Machine to get new guns or armors. You can get shards from the NPC(Check the list – here), from the events, treasure map chests(via stronghold points), in Charles town chests, and from the shop. Also, see – List of guns & armors and fusion method

So this is the LifeAfter guide for the beginners. Let’s take a look at our top LifeAfter tips, cheats & strategies!

For advanced tips, please refer to this link: –

LifeAfter Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Craft Weapons and Armor ASAP

If you have followed the walkthrough above, you should be having a bow weapon. But that’s not a good weapon if you want to survive for a long time. You must craft a rifle as soon as possible to explore the deadly zones. Go close to the gear workstation -> craft -> weapons. You can craft machete, the melee weapon.

Mondragon Rifle, the gun. To craft machete, you need wood, stone, hemp, iron ore. All these items can be obtained in the wilderness(Helicopter -> Pact Zone -> wilderness(i.e. autumn forest)). To craft Mondragon rifles, you need wood, pig iron, and bone. Bone can be obtained by killing animals in the wilderness(for example; wolf, deer).

To craft pig iron, you need iron ore, twig. Iron Ore – From the rocks. Twig – cut trees. Hemps – From the wilderness. Tap the mini-map once you are in the wilderness -> zoom in to the mini-map, on the left side, it will show you the available resources.

Armor – An armor can increase the HP cap, defense, damage reduction. It would be better to craft an armor as soon as possible.

2.) Get the Backpack Back

LifeAfterYou will lose the items if the character dies. After that, you respawn on a random location or at home. You can claim back the items that you lost in your last life by visiting the death place. It is marked as a backpack icon on the mini-map. Go there asap.

3.) Feed The Dog, Let The Dog Guard

You can assign your dog as a guard. Go close to the dog house signboard -> view pet -> tap the dog -> guard. To feed the dog; tap the dog avatar at the top-left corner of the game screen, choose feed. In LifeAfter game, you can improve the mood or increase the fullness stats of dogs by feeding. You can feed bones, meat, watermelon, milk, vegetables, and much more. If the dog is not in a good mood, he will not follow your commands.

4.) Gather Hemp, Store Some Bandages

LifeAfterHP is one of the main stats of your character. In LifeAfter game, you can restore the HP of character by using bandages. You can craft bandages with Hemp. Hemp item can be obtained from the wilderness. Tap the make option -> restore -> bandage. Use it when low on HP.

5.) Use Bed To Restore HP, Health

Use the bed -> sleep. It will restore the character’s HP and health. By default, you get a bed for free. All you need to do is explore a bit in the cabin area. Or you can craft a bed with a material bench.

6.) Team Up With Friends

Teaming up with friends makes the combat much easier. If you don’t have friends playing the same game, go to the FB -> search for LifeAfter Facebook group. You can find friends there :D. To increase friendliness so that you can be a roommate with a friend, you need to play together. Team up with the friend and play Miska, strongholds, complete quest together, participate in the events together, and do all the things together to increase friendliness.

7.) Participate In The Events

LifeAfter game release new events from time to time – make sure that you participate in these events – complete the quests, draw items, and loot as many rewards as you can.

Also, see – LifeAfter tips & tricks for advanced players

“LifeAfter” Complete Guides List: –

So these are the basic LifeAfter tips and LifeAfter guide for the beginners. If you have more tips to share with fellow players, comment below!

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    • Do you mean manor upgrade/House upgrade? If yes, then follow these steps: –

      In the development zone(cabin area), there would be a controller near the mailbox. Go close to it and choose to manage. Then tap the upgrade button and on that screen you will see the requirements to upgrade manor. Complete these requirements to level up manor. Sorry for late reply 🤥

    • @Mirko After you accept the scan quest, tap the mini-map and the game itself scan the resource points. You have to go to these resource points and act accordingly. For example – On some resource points, you have to kill a zombie, deer, break rock or collect the chest. These resource points are marked as a yellow color target point on the map. Tap the mini-map and on the left side, under the landmarks section, you can check the quest target icon. Follow this quest target icon on the mini-map.

  1. AFter you build your base, there are mail and controller on the right of your base, controller is where you upgrade your base (mayor) but I believe your combat,gather,graft have to be lv 5 and u need some mats for upgrade as well

    • Hi, To build repair bench, go to the town and visit furniture spot(highlighted on mini map). There you get furniture maker option and it lets you craft the repair bench. Go to the dev zone back to claim the repair bench. Let me Know if you’ve any question

    • @Joe and @Ray I think you guys are on private camp quest. In this quest you visit billy in commerce bureau and talk with her. There u get two option: spend 18500 bar to create a camp or join a camp. If you want to create the camp then choose first option. Creating a camp costs you 18500 gold bar which is the premium in game currency. Choose the second option if you want to join a camp created by another player. Basically, you just apply for it and approving or disapproving will be on the hand of player who created that camp. Camp basically is the guild or clan feature. You get some benifits if you join or create a camp. I would recommend you to come on the official fb group of Lifeafter and there you can ask for players to join a camp.

    • @Aiwan if u r talking about the early quests, then you will have to find Rachel in town hall. Open the mini-map and find out the quest target point. Move there and you will find him. Usually he stay at commerce bureau in town hall

    • @Aporsa You can craft pig iron using gear workstation. Interact with the gear workstation and choose craft then go to workable tab and there you get the pig iron option. If you dont have gwar workstation, you can craft it at the furniture store in the town hall. Use the helicopter at dev zone to visit hope 101(town). Then open mini map and move to the hammer point. BTW, u get gear workstation free when u land at dev zone. Explore there and retrieve

  2. If it said if “items in the portable formula queue are being made or not been taken out. Cannot fast travel” what should i do???

    • @Ndnds Yeah, that means where other player died. Usually when you get died, your body gets disappear and some of the stuff that you own left in the bag there. Then you respawn at home or a random place. If your character dies, you will also lose some of the items in the bag. Go back to the place where the charcater died and there u find a bag. You can pick it, but not the other players bag.

    • @Reiz Tap the training option at the top of the screen and on the left side of training menu, tap the market option/tab.

  3. Thanks for the tips yeah the game bcm easy when u hv gun but still very difficult to face strong infected I mean if u wanna shut down yr speaker around yr house to prevent the zombie spawned

  4. Anybody know the answers to the “Quiz” at the beginning that they let you take to skip the tutorial?

    Trying out some different building set-ups and I don’t want to have to do the 30-45 minute tutorial every time. (Thanks!)

    • @Kresno Break the rocks and you get Flint eventually. Basically, you get stones from these rocks. But sometimes, it also grants Flint and Iron ore

  5. How can i finished my hardwood vain quest? I already have 10 after I accepted thd quest. But the quest is not yet finish. How can I do? I think that’s a bug or something. Please advice me.

  6. How do you give things to your friends? My friend needed bandages before but we don’t know how to give those things to each other.

  7. When it rains you can collect other resourses from the resources that you usually get. Like when it rains the trees give you hardened vines and the hemp sometimes gives you roots along with the resources you already get etc.. is there anyways to get contaminated items to your home base without mailing them? And also does anyone know how to store food? My food bag is full and I don’t know how to store it to stock up

  8. Why is my friend server only have Charles Town and my server only show do I play with him from different server..tried adding his name but can’t find

  9. Is there a way to give items to someone? A friend of mine needed arrows and food earlier but I couldn’t figure out how to give it to her. Answer would be very much appreciated thanks

  10. Where is the master key!! All the guns are always sold out, I’m level 9gathering, 7crafting and 7 in combat. Cant find anything on how to get a master key

  11. I have to find billy in the dev zone at the commerce something. I cannot find him anywhere in hope 101 or the dev zone. Hes nowhere. My quest doesnt give me a line to follow to him either.

  12. Hi um I wanted to know where I could find a merchant to sell my infected blood cause it’s kinda bothering me that I can’t find one

  13. @dustin billy is on the commerce building (1st building when you enter hope 101).
    @anonymous you can sell infected blood on merchants on camp or hope 101 (weapon shop, furniture shop)
    @dan you have to have at least 300 relationship points i guess before you can invite your friend.

  14. @ashraib try switching your language to ENGLISH (INDIA) not ENGLISH UK or USA so Charles town can be accessible. But you have to create a new account on that server.

    • @Anonymous To invite friends/roommate, join a camp and move your manor to it. After that use manor controller -> info. There you get the option to invite roommate. And as Emmz mentioned in the comment above, you must have 300 friendliness with your friend. To increase friendliness, team up with your friend to gather resources, defeat monsters, send him/her gift. Tap the world chat at the bottom of the game screen and head to the contacts tab. Tap your friend name in my friends menu and choose to team up or send gift.

    • @Rexcel Find Crazy Huntress outside your private camp. To leave camp, you will need to pay a small amount of fee(depends on the development of manor). After that your manor will be moved to dev zone.

    • @Sandra If you are stuck at a point and the character is not moving at all, tap the gear icon beside near map(settings) -> solve jam -> to start point

  15. Please tell me the mechanism of private camp.. i have joined one but i dont know its significance and what to do with it.. please tell me thanks

    • @Rishit Wait a bit, I will explain it in detail in next post. For now, you can read the in-game wiki for camp details. Tap the grid icon next to daily option beside minimap. Then tap wiki -> data bank -> camp.

  16. At night time in my home i always hear a sirene sound and it say “The speaker ha woke something up” can everyone explain it what it is mean or maybe zombie will atyack my shelter or only warn me its night time? Pls tell me all about that

    • @Lifeafter player I think it alerts the player that zombies are approaching you. It only happens when I am at my shelter.

    • @Izayoi They have fixed position. You can move manor though, these facilities will move there automatically. Tap the cobtroller then tap move manor. Maybe you can move it with camp decoration

    • @Hey Craft and enhance enhancement using the material bench, then deploy it. Enhancement makes the building strong(increases HP, defense). For example; crude/simple to the wood building, wood building(structures) to cement structures.

    • @Kenny You can access or manage the resources contributed by other camp members through the vault in the bank. Visit bank, inside it, there would be a vault next to wall TV. It looks like an ATM.

    • @Panda You need gold bars to create the private camp. Around 18500 gold bars. There is no compulsory though. You can enjoy all the main features of the game without joining a camp. If you still want to create, then earn gold bars(participate in every single event, quest). It may take some days to earn 18500 gold bars. Or you can buy hope fund pack with real money that grants you over 20000 gold bars when you reach a certain level of ability.

  17. Hi, can anyone advise how to clear the rainbow paradise quest? It’s something abt finding lost containers for the fellow in the market. Thanks

    • @Paul In that quest you need to find four lost containers All are in the 101 location (town)
      1.) Mayor hall. At the top roof of the mayor hall
      2.)Steak house
      3.) Commerce bureau
      4.) In the central market(where you get the quest from npc) go left and climb up the boxes.
      let me know if you want a picture. This one rewards 1000 gold bars 🤤

    • @Veronica @ZmbieX1 Visit city hall in your camp’s town hall and go upstairs, talk to the crazy huntress and choose to leave

  18. Why there is price like 25500 gold bar after choosing some options in camp creat instead of 18500 gb? And what found per person means?

    • @Haider That’s crowdfunding mechanics. The actual cost is around 25000, but if you pay 60%, then it will drop to 18000(~), You can pay up to 80% of the cost and gather more through crowdfunding.

    • @Noel Every profession has its pros and unique buffs. You will have to figure out manually. I have two accounts. In the first one, I picked Firearms Maker(to unlock UMP9 Formula), In the second one, I picked lumberjack(logging).

  19. Hey, is there any point to “peace” mode in Farstar City? I’m trying to do the beginner quests but people keep killing me anyway. What’s the point of peace mode if it just gets a noob like me killed? Would love some advice

    • @Lindsay That’s the war zone. Even in the peace mode, enemies can kill you. Pay attention to the mini-map. You can track these enemies on the mini-map; red (i) marks. All you can do is keep yourself away from these enemy survivors.

    • @Travisw You can share the resources such as berries, wood, stones etc. But not weapons. Roommate feature could help.

  20. Everytime I try to use the helicopter to go to Farstar City from “Home” it won’t allow it and also says “Not in scenario entry time” anyone know why I keep getting this?

  21. I cant go back to my camp. It says “items in the portable formula queue has not been taken or is being made. Cannot fast travel” i m stuck please help

    • @Le There is no exact location. You should search near the helicopter evac point (2 chests), behind the vine layer, there is a cave. In the cave, there would be some chests. Near the river, there is a house(abandoned); look there. I got 7 chests today. All you have to do is search and you will get it eventually.

  22. @nick thanks for the picture. However i cant find the last chest at the lake despite many attempt and dead. Will the chest repawn every few hour?

  23. Vast cannot upgrade your fishing mastery. The mission is upgrade your fishing skill into fishing mastery and then go find Vast in Fastar City. FYI, Vast is always near the river. I found Vast in northern of the river. Good luck.

    • @Anonymous In 101(town), visit furniture shop(open mini-map, find hammer icon) -> talk to the NPC(Armight) -> buy lime. As far as I know, there is no other way to get Lime.

    • @Rasivin Open mini-map and find mercenaries camp point. Visit there. There you will find many mercenaries. If you are on survival manual quest, you have to kill 5 mercenaries. Use UZI

    • @Joe You can make it anytime. Tap the make option at the bottom-left corner, scroll down, you will find the baits such as vegetable fish bait, meat fish bait and more. I am assuming that you have already cleared the autumn forest fishing quest(talk to vast). Or maybe you can buy it from some merchants

  24. I think i found the answer to cannot fast travel problem. You just need to explore the whole place and after that u can go home. Hope this might help

  25. How can I invite my friend to my home? (development zone) whenever we play together we arr unable to access to this area together.

    • @Micahek If you guys are on same server then tap chat box then tap ur friend and initiate session. The tap the arrow button next to the message box and choose manor. After that tell ur friend to accept invitation. Then he/she will get the option to private visit ur manor house at development zone. I have posted the friends guide in this website, take a look at that.

  26. I used up my rare items ship quota and I’ve waited 24 hours for it to refresh? I read that the daily quota will refresh but jt doesn’t follow my country’s time to refresh?

    • @Weww25 Visit 101, open mini-map and find hammer point, it’s the furniture store. Head to there and go inside -> furniture maker -> repair station.

    • @Anonymous Try the renovation feature. Go close to the manor controller -> manage -> nurse remould/renovation. It will cost you 3000 new dollar.

  27. What to do when it says “items in the portable formula have not been taken out and are still being queued, cannot fast travel?”??

    • @AE Honestly, I don’t know about this error. Never faced it so I have no solution right now. I will post here as soon as I get details.

      • @AE So I finally figured out how it happens. If you are getting this message, it means there is something in your inventory which is not collected yet. For example; you crafted bandages, but the backpack is full. So your character can not claim it until you clear some slots. That item will remain in the portable formula until you manually collect it. In short, all you need to do is tap the “make: option at the bottom-left corner -> on the right side, you will see the item that is not collected yet but crafted. Tap that item to claim(make sure you have enough room for it in the inventory/bag). After that, you can fast travel!

    • @Anonymous I have mentioned it earlier in the comments above. Repeat – Visit 101(town) -> open the mini-map once you’re there -> find the hammer point -> visit to the hammer point. There would be a guy(NPC) next to the furniture store -> talk to him -> choose to buy resources -> select lime. 😀

  28. Why don’t I have the recipe for the iron axe and iron pick axe? I’m already manor level 3. I need to craft them for the newbie side quests?

  29. What type of items do NPC merchants buy? I cant seem to find my way in earning cash other than doing missions, cant seem to sell anything as a newbie. It looks like i have to use real world cash in order to get gold and money

    • @Shadyx No, my friend. There are many ways to earn gold and cash. For example; play card game, balloon shooting game, talk to npc in zones, find chests, sell items to the merchant (sell fish to merchant). To earn gold, do trade. Go to the 101, find central market, go inside, aim to the table, you will get the option to trade. Then go to the sell option after choosing trade then sell your items for gold. For example; Claw, Alloy drill bit and rare items. Gather these rare items from the zones and sell to the players through this trading system.

  30. Thank you! Been patiently waiting for English version to drop before I downloaded and Man was it worth it!….. I’ve only played for a few hours and damn the developers Really put alot of work into this game. Hope101 is groundbreaking for a mobile game! For mobile you would just expect a menu style interface for trades and buying stuff. Cant think af any other game like. Be prepared to spend countless here! Great Work Devs!

    • @Anonymous Aim over the stones and bushes in the farmland amd you will get the option to reclaim it. It will cost you gold bars.

    • @Teri Can you tell me the gun name. It might be locked because you’re on low level. Tell me the gun name, then I can tell you the level requirements

  31. Once you place the drill or the animal pen, is there a way to move it? Seems like the only place to put it was on farmland and I need to grow my oak saplings.

    • @Raven There are many ways. For example; Tap the training option at the top of the screen, then go to the market tab -> there you can purchase an alloy drill bit. It will cost you 200 gold bars and some training medals. Using the alloy drill bit, you can extract potassium(potassium is a rare item) using drilling machine. After that, you can sell potassium in hope 101. Many survivors are selling it for over 200 gold bars(per unit). One alloy drill bit can extract over 15 potassium units. So if you sell it for 100/unit(in-game gold bars), you can earn 1500 gold bars. And the profit would be around 1000 gold bars. You can even get this item from the chest for free.
      As you progress through the game, you will learn more about the rare items. The rule of thumb is to know the items which are hard to get. Gather them and sell for gold.

  32. Nick, hi! Thank you for so much information here. Its been very useful.

    I have a question. Is there any way to get infected materials without shipping them via helicopter from wilderness?
    Because as soon as you ship 60 items you cant ship them anymore. What we have to do in that case?

    • @Gregory Yeah, there is a limit for valuable and rare items that you can ship through the helicopter. All you can do is gather resources on other locations once you have reached the limit. For example; once you have reached the max limit in autumn forest, head to the farstar city or Charles town. You get similar resources from there. As far as I know, there is no other way except spending gold after reaching the limit. Or use the storage service if you don’t want to lose the resources.

  33. Everytime I try to use the helicopter to go to Farstar City from “Home” it won’t allow it and also says “Not in scenario entry time” anyone know why I keep getting this?

    • @Bima, Hello, Farstar City is not available during the cordon-off time; 2:00-8:00(Update – I forgot to add “Note” Sorry!). During 2:00 – 8:00 Time, you can not visit this location. You can check the time in the game at the top of the map window(helicopter -> open) or tap daily option at the top of the game screen.

    • @Tasha You can craft ammo boxes with gear workstation facility(gear workstation -> craft -> crude ammo box or common ammo box). You need gunpowder and wooden board to craft this box. Craft gunpowder in gear workstation and wooden board in material bench

  34. Trying to make plastic for cloths in the guide must it’s and unsure where to find the private manor to find the drill to get the special material (just had a brain fart) to make cloth. And a good source of way to find the drills used for it?

    Thank you so much Nick for the time you give!

  35. I relocated my home to the Hope 101 area, and I am now in a private camp.
    I would really like to upgrade my home with the resources I have, but I can’t find my mailbox after mailing my resources from the Autumn Forest.
    Does anyone know where the mailbox is? I’m so stuck. It’s not near my house or in the Hope 101 base…

    • @Anonymous_mail box Hi, on the right side of manor gate, you will find the small mail box attached to the wall. And, you can also receive resources from the public mail box in your camp(camp hall-outside the bank)

  36. Whenever I’m working on my base, a zombie in a red hood will come out of no where and attack me. Just him, no other zombies. Why is that?

  37. @MissKieto selling secondary resources on the market, especially if ur a miner, logger or hemp gatherer, can be rather profitable as well. I can scrape out between 4 to 5k gold a day if i put in effort in gathering resources for sale, but u will earn more if u sell workables like hexagonal nail and iron castings.

    Its very impt that u choose a miner, logger or hemp gatherer in this case because it depends on how much of a secondary resource you can obtain in a certain amount time, unless of course ur willing to mine for a couple hours a day for resources to get gold.

    Ofc the other ones also have their benefits such as better weapons, armour, bag expansions etc, which is definitely more lucrative than secondary resource sales.

    So basically its trade. Trade your resources, wait for them to be sold and reap the benefits.

  38. Where can i find stuff for when i make plastic im stuck on that quest cause i dont know where to find it. If anyone could help thanks

    • @Jen You can craft plastic with gear workstation. The ingredients that you need for this item are resin, potassium nitrate, cloth, and hemp stem. You get resin by chopping trees in the sandcastle, hemp step by gathering hemp (both these are secondary resources and the drop rate is low – make sure to unlock/upgrade the corresponding ability). You can craft cloth with hemp bast and rag(craft rag in gear workstation). Get hemp bast by gathering hemp crops in sandcastle or Charles town. Potassium nitrate can be obtained by digging out ore using the alloy drill bit. If you want more information, you can read chapter 3 walkthrough -> here.

  39. i lost the thing to upgrade my backpack. can anyone tell me how to get it back? or cant i get it back ever again? cause the newbie quest cant continue without upgrading my backpack.

    • @en Thats sad. Now you have two options; join a camp and once the camp reaches savage level you can craft this bag. Or You can purchase it in trade city with gold bars

  40. How do I get the formulas for iron axe and pick axe? It’s been two weeks and still haven’t found a way to craft them.

    • @Anonymous_iron_axe You dont need formula to craft iron axe or pickaxe. Just upgrade your skills in gathering ability menu. Basic logging and basic mining. (tap the home icon at the top left – ability – gather)

    • @Michael Tap build option in your manor and then aim to the furniture and then tap the move option on the right side. Now you can move it. Once done tap the check mark option.

  41. I need to get 6 recipes from an oven as a quest. I have 4 due to having the grill in my home…how do I get the other 2? Can’t find this oven it mentions in the quest…

    • @Auds86 Oven is household grill machine that you can use to cook food items. You get it for free as a reward in mailbox or craft in the furniture store. After it place in your manor. You already have four, by default. To discover more, you can try adding more ingredients such as mushroom, straberry and milk, rapseed and meat, meat and berries, pumpkin, and more.

  42. I have the requirement of friendleness level to share a manor, but how do I share a manor with a friend and live together?

    • @Sharon Try switching lines. Open the mini-map -> at the upper-right corner, you have the option to switch to a normal line.

  43. Iam at level 3 on my manor I upgraded floors and walls doors ect how do I get rid of old stuff to lay the next level I only got 6 hrs and it won’t over lay and when I try to delete the old floor keeps saying it will mess up my blue print so I got a old door and new door out side

    • @Teri If you saved it earlier, then go back to the edit mode again and then you can customize it. You can enable or disable the blueprint mode by checking/unchecking the box next to blueprint option at the top-right corner of the screen. You must be in the edit menu to delete the blueprint structures.

  44. I accepted an early-game quest to find lost container containing odd rainbow paradise. Somehow the exploration function can’t locate the quest item’s location. Please help me. I’ve been playing this game a day after it was released and I still don’t know how to solve the quest

    • @KriBing I already gave the answer on this quest. You have to visit hope 101 and there are four places where you can get the lost containers: –
      1.) At the top/roof of Mayor Hall(City Hall)(Go upstairs -> climb up the boxes -> roof)
      2.) Steak House
      3.) In commerce bureau
      4.) In central market(enter the central market -> take left turn -> climb up the boxes/stuff -> get the lost container).

      Let me know If you need a picture, I will post it here

  45. Hi! I have some fish that I can’t eat but it says I can put them in a fish tank but I don’t know what to do. How do I make a fish tank?

    • @John Sometimes dog automatically goes somewhere and bring some items(if the dog has that ability). Maybe that’s the reason.

    • @Jonathan To do that, tap the home icon at the upper-left corner -> tap the abilities -> ability screen has two sections; professional certificate and survivability. In the professional certificate section, tap the eye icon next to the cert name. For example; Logger I, there would be an eye icon next to it.

  46. I’ve having to much trouble trying to up grade my house and get rid of old walks ect is there anyway or place we can buy a blueprint of what kind of house we want it won’t delete my old blue print it’s worth cash to me to buy one thank you Teri

  47. Hi nick
    Is there a way to drop pen or bandages to a member on my team whos Badly hurt during a mutant fight I tried to but all that came up was flowers and a basket of flowers @ least it wasn’t a question about my house lol

    • @Teri Do you want to upgrade the manor or the house structures such as wall floor etc? If manor, then u get this option in manor controller.
      If house structures, then you need to craft enhancement in material becnch. After that you go to the build menu then tap enhance and point to the target and confirm bu tapping check mark option.

      You can share bandages with friends if you are near hin/her. Tap the location type icon near the chat box and then tap name and choose to send gift. For more info, you can check the friends guide on this site

  48. A friend of mine is stuck in the newbie book on chapter 2, upgrade manor, tab 4. His farmland has been cleared but it’s still saying to clear farmland?? What does he need to do??

    • @Blue Rose One of my friends also has the same problem. It is supposed to be a bug. Sorry for the late response. The site was under a maintenance whole day!

    • @Ash Using the gear workstation, you can craft it(gear work. -> make weapons -> crude ammo box). You need gunpowder and a few wooden boards. You can craft gunpowder with the gear workstation(gear work. -> make weapons -> workable -> gunpowder).

  49. How to get milk? I have a mission on making a Toffee but i need ingredients such as honey and milk. I already got honey but where do i get the milk?

  50. Does anyone know how to connect posted-fence to regular fence to make some kind of an L shaped fence? I see them a lot on youtube’s lifeafter house design videos but they just won’t connect when I tried it myself.

  51. Where do you find parts to finish pistol I need the handle also where’s do you get gun for camp target training
    Thank you

  52. Anyone who don’t have any camp, you all can enter my camp in two condition:
    – Manor Level 4 above
    – Active

    My camp name is Romanof

    Thank you

  53. I’m trying to build more walls on my house but when I try to it says something but can’t understand it because is in a different language. Please help.

  54. @Misha you can change the entire layout of your manor by going to the controller and selecting the nurse icon, you can then select remodel for $3000 new dollars and it gives you 6 hours to completely change everything. It basically recycles you building items back into your inventory so you can start from scratch or change something you don’t like.

  55. I just became roommate’s with someone in the game, how do I move furniture (like my bed, tv, bookshelf, closet, wooden cabinets, wine cabinets, ammo resupply chest) and my other items to there manor after they have been placed at my manor?

  56. So I was traveling through the forest at night and I was kinda just wandering and I made my way through this valley thing and I just found this girl. She was crying and asked to follow me and i was all like yeah sure ya know ready to be a mom lol so we run into another zombie guy and he killed me cuz I had low health but I was wondering how to get back there. I wasn’t sure if it was like one time kinda thing or if it’s an achievement. Anybody have any answers?

  57. Hmm, Is there any possibilities to change back my appearance after creation? Cuz i wanna change my hair…. :((((( i know i can create new character but farming isn’t easy… It takes hardwork. So i just wanna stay on this one character. So, is it possible?

    • @Cherrie Yes, you can. But it will cost you real money. You need 500 FED credits to change the appearance. If you have, then go to the mall menu screen -> F.Shop -> Facelift Card. You can rename the name, change the gender with rename card, gender change card. Rename card will cost you 300 FED credits. Gender Change card will cost you 800 FED Credits.

    • @Agere When you tap the smart storage button, the game will automatically put all the claimed items in the chests. For example; In one chest, you have 5 twigs. And you accept twig from the mail(you tapped the smart storage button), then the game will automatically put the twig to that chest where you have some space for that item.

    • @Mynit Htoo You can craft defense items using the material bench. There would be a defense tab in the material bench crafting menu screen.

    • @Liyau Well, I am not sure. I think when you escort someone(kill players) or send them home. For example; When you kill someone in Nancy City, you can either rescue him or send back to the home. In the farstar city, same. Again, I am not sure though.

  58. When I buy weapons/armors in the market with gold will I be able to craft it afterwards? For example: I will buy a Vanguard Armor and after that when I go to my Gear bench will be able to craft that eveb if i dont own a vanguard.

    • @Mayra You can move near the town hall/camp if you are an honorary citizen. If you are, check the manors in claimed territories(open the mini-map in the town hall and you will find many places/roads and manors). If there is a free manor slot in the claimed territory, you can move there(go there and there you get moving option). If not, then your camp needs to claim more territories to let more members move in.

  59. Does anyone knows how to find the mystic creature in the fall forest because i have this quest i should kill him and i can’t find it any hel please?!?

    • @Cahrbel @Letica Mystic Creature spawns randomly on Fall Forest. Tap the daily option at the top right side of the game screen and search for fall forest unknown creature event. If it’s going on, you visit fall forest and there you will find a purple color spot. Also, note that if you get late(other players killed it before you visit), you would not see it.

  60. Yo how do I find Vast in Farstar city? I clicked the automatic quest target option, but the target does not show up on the map!

  61. Could you please tell me where to find the mall? I am trying to get a fish tank and I was told it was there but I don’t know what map (ex: hope101) the mall is on.

  62. Ive recently moved in with a friend in a camp and i wanted to know if there is any way for me to move furniture from my manor(which is already set down) to hers,if someone knows,please respond,it would be so helpful for us

  63. Hello Nick, how do you get Fed Credits without having to purchase it with real money? I don’t like my title of logger and would really like to switch :\

    • @Anonymous_Fed Credits Pay attention to their FB/Social Media Events. From these events, you can earn FED credits for free without spending a penny. In the last rush to win the event, I got 1000 FED credits for free. I spent all in the shards. Hahaha. Only got the Thompson formula…rest rewards were trash 🙁

  64. Ok so now i did all the beginning quests and it tells me to go to 101 and set up a camp or join one.. ive seemed to join one and now my place is gone i vant find it anywhere… can i leave this camp i joined and go back to normal spot in beginning

    • @Danie; If you have joined a camp, then you can not leave it within 24 hours. After this due time, enter the city hall in town and go upstairs. There you will find an NPC. Talk to her and choose to leave.

  65. To move walls etc, first manor must be lvl 3, then go into building mode and click the recycle icon( little triangle of arrows). Now as you highlight walls click the tick on the right and they will be moved back into the bottom tabs. Can leave them there or move them somewhere else.

    • @Becky Hansen You need farm good maker facility. You can get it from the furniture store(hope 101 -> furniture maker -> farm goods maker). Once crafted, check your mailbox and accept the farm good maker. Inside the manor, tap build and place the farm good maker. Then interact with it -> choose basic pest repellent. To craft this item, you need 360 wood, 1 lime, and 10 hemp.

  66. Our camp mayor has disappeared. The game automatically assigned someone else as acting mayor. How long does the mayor have to be gone before someone else is officially mayor? It’s been 2 days..

  67. How do I get wood and stone to build the research station for my camp? I and lots of my camp members can’t donate please help.

    • @Asuna You get these resources through tax. You can not donate wood, stone directly. Increase the tax rate and tell other members to gather as many wood/stone on a daily basis.

    • @Kiro Tap the home icon at the upper-left corner -> gathering -> tap the first talent icon in logging and mining column. Upgrade it to unlock high-level gathering tools.

  68. Hi, I got this new bow from lv2 formula.. But I still don’t find the right arrow for it… Please help, I want to use this bow…

    • @Joe You can complete the quests fast if you are in cohabitation, a new hug(embrace) emote unlocks, it just adds more fun.

  69. Hi. I’m newbie. And I get quest say “[Site Hope 101] find third caravan captain – Chris to learn about the imeperiums invasion (can only be performed during the light occupied period)” so,w here I can find the 3rd caravan captain?

    • @Abby You can select the title in the profle. But you cant change it to other profession until you change the cert. For example If you are logger then you can not put gun maker or any other cert title in your profile.

  70. lifeafter hope 101 find justin in town hall light occupation period. Every time I go there Justin is not there. Is there a certain tine I have to look for him(can only be done during light occupation period) when is that? Help please

    • @Sophie Tap the invasion event icon at the top of the screen and there you can check the period info; light, complete, moderate. Visit Hope 101 town hall in these periods for corresponding NPCs.

  71. Hey so I’m not sure if the game is glitching or not but in the game it says find site hope captain Chris … it brings me tho the mayors house and I go there and nothing happens what am I doing wrong, I cannot get past this part


  73. I need to make a fire axe and assembled pickaxe but it is not in my make tab. How do you make them is there a special way.

  74. If I want to change gender from male to female, will that affect me and do I have to start over from the beginning of the game or I will still have the same level?

    “”not satisfied with your gender? A mystery card gives you a chance to start over. when changing gender, the original image can be re-selected, and your armor and outfits will be automatically converted into the opposite sex’s version”” this what it says on the gender card but I don’t know what it means? can someone explain it to me please

  75. Please explain what to do with special items also shards, blueprint, and the manor upgrades I don’t see why if you have all materials to build you still can’t upgrade until mastery smh and I do quest and combat and the stupid thing still doesn’t upgrade don’t get me wrong it’s a great game it’s just that some things that are required leaves a lot to be desired

  76. Are we paying for the abilities tobe upgraded where do you build a pen for stock and where do you get stock from and are we paying to dig that buddy ground up

    • @Mar It will cost you FED Credits. You need to buy that item(that helps you to do that) in the mall. I have never tried, So don’t know much about that! Sorry!

    • @Agere Silicon, from Mount Snow…You must be a miner though! If not, you will have to buy from the trade city or Hope 101 trade stall.

  77. Hii what’s the transfer station building means ? One of my member asked for the permit of transfer station building.

  78. Hi,
    i have some issue with this personal crowd funding..How in the earth i can increase this map point..currently i only can fund on small scale..i want to fund in huge ..Can i buy it with Gold Bar?I have 10k++ point for each map battle ground..But it seen useless coz this point only can exchange for item only.. Please do assist me

    • @Scar You earn map points when you send the rare and valuable items through shipping to the manor. For each map, the game rewards corresponding map points. For example; Fall Forest Feast/Map Points, Snow Highlands, Mouth Swamp, Mount Snow, etc. You will need to grind the rare/valuable items and send them to the manor to earn these points.

  79. That explain it.. No wonder i have different map point for each Map.. Thank you for the explanation..Arghhh need to prepare that buff effect for grind for more faster result..Anyway thank you Nick

  80. In the R&D Device steam there is wallpaper printer can someone explain what it’s does when you get it and how it works please

  81. I am new to LifeAfter and having problems collecting twigs. I cut so many trees, I cab’t Store them. There must be an easier way to collect twigs. HELP

  82. Hi Nick 🙂
    Last time I was asking about crowd funding it was totally xD thank you for the help 🙂 ..I have another issue T_T at what point can I unlock Thick and Thin Title I already have 100k friendliness point with my cohab
    (Did I need to die together xD then can unlock it?)

  83. Flash
    The best place to get twigs at the start in the trees at the fall forest, you wont get twigs from the trees at your development site.

  84. Hello im stuck in the fall forest because it wont let me leave it says my pet has infected items when i already sent them and theres barely anything in my pack… it says that my route is too compicated unable to leave…. and it wont let me leave. I dont understand please hellpp!!

    • @Newnew Check two things: –
      Make sure that there is no pending item to collect. When the backpack is full and you make an item(tap the make option on the bottom-left) – the game puts it on hold. You have to collect it.
      Tap the dog icon on the top-left and check his bag. If there is an item, collect it. And, then send it. Hope this helps!

    • @Anonymous Electric Barricades are given to the player in the mailbox if he/she is getting attacked. If you demolish it, there is no way to get them back. You can try other defense facilities to protect the manor; for example – the electric floor is the best defense item when it comes to manor protection from infected

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