Otherworld Legends guide: cheats, tips, and tricks

New to the Otherworld Legends game? Master all of its core mechanics with this Otherworld Legends guide available with tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

Otherworld Legends guide and tipsOtherworld Legends guide and tips: –

This article covers how to play the Otherworld Legends game, about heroes, guide to in-game currencies, and other concepts such as weapons, weapon upgrades, leveling up, grinding, and much more. So, without wasting any time, let’s get straight to the Otherworld Legends guide and tips!

Otherworld Legends guide and tipsGetting Started With The Basics

Otherworld Legends is a roguelike game where you pick one of the available heroes and explore the dungeons where you fight the enemies and defeat the bosses to loot the treasure items such as coins, components, currencies, weapons, etc. 

After the tutorial, you will end up in the lobby where you can select a hero – some heroes are locked behind the paywall. Each hero has a separate profile; stats. You can read more about heroes in the heroes guide below. 

After selecting the hero from the lobby, you will be able to play – there are lots of NPCs in the lobby to whom you can interact with. For example – Chao to learn new skills, Khan to select a secondary skill, Chih Mei to open the in-game store, Mary to grab drinks that give buffs. 

To start the adventure, navigate your character to the attack zone(left side of the lobby). Explore the dungeons, fight the enemies, grab the loot, grind coins, defeat the bosses, and build up the character; make it stronger by leveling, equipping gears, enhancing them, etc. 

Battles: you can check the health in the upper-left corner. Try to dodge enemy’s attacks. Hit them with your skills. Grab the HP potions to restore health. Gain armor stats before you move to the next dungeon area. You will lose armor first – before HP. In the upper-left, below the HP bar, you can check the armor. 

Guide To In-Game Currencies In Otherworld Legends

There are lots of in-game currencies that you will need in the Otherworld Legends game, In this part, we have shared all the details on currencies. 

Soul Stones – Soul stones can be obtained by completing the achievements, playing the game, from the hidden rooms, by watching the video ad(In the lobby, next to Chih Mei, there is a TV -> go there and you will get the option to watch a video ad for soul stones). You can use soul stones to grab drinks from Mary or in other tasks. 

Sapphires – Sapphire is another currency in Otherworld Legends. Sapphire is required to unlock the character skills. You can get Sapphire for free by defeating the bosses. 

Ruby – Ruby in Otherworld Legends is required to reset the Power of Asura. You can get it by defeating the bosses. 

Note – players can decompose the ruby and sapphires to get soul stones. In the lobby, near Chih Mei, you will find a gemstone decomposer. Let your character interact with it -> select what you want to decompose; ruby or sapphire -> convert for soul stones. 

Coins – defeat the bosses to earn coins. You can spend coins to buy items from the shop rooms; discover them while exploring the dungeons. 

Get The Weapons In Otherworld Legends

Weapons can enhance the character’s power by a massive figure – you can get the weapons by eliminating the bosses. The boss drops a blue chest that contains a weapon. 

Guide To Rooms

Weapon Upgrade room: – here you can raise the weapon stats with power infusion and power switch. Power Infusion adds a random power item to the target weapon. Power Switch, on the other hand, switches existing power with one power item from the backpack. 

Furnace Room: – here you can combine or merge the items to get a next level powerful item. 

Guide To Heroes

Otherworld Legends game features a variety of heroes – each one with unqiue attributes, style, and skills. Aforementioned, some heroes are locked behind a paywall. You can start the adventure with Quan Huying – a melee type hero in the Otherworld Legends game. Visit Chao and Khan NPC to learn new skills or equip secondary skills. Tap on the bag icon on the right side of the screen to select primary skill. 

Quan Huying: –

  • Tiger Charge: unleashes a powerful palm thrust that knocks back foes. Styles: Tiger Climb(Double DMG on the first hit). Tiger Claw(Release fan-shaped attacks in x3 directions with improved DMG). Tiger Palm(reduces skill CD)
  • Shadow Strike – it’s the passive skill. Styles: Shadow Puncture(Higher critical hit rate for shadow attacks). Shadow Flap(the normal attack combo has more moves). Shadow Jab(the normal attack combo is stripped down to the first two moves). 
  • Shoulder Bump: charges forward and bump into multiple enemies with a powerful back shive, dealing damage and remaining invincible during the attack. Styles: Power Back(Slow down enemies and extend the duration of Invincibility). Fast Retreat(Reduce Skill CD). Dart(Increase the attack speed for every enemy hit). 
  • Thunder Pheonix Fist: focus Chi into the fist and then thump the ground, causing a large explosion of Chi that inflicts huge damage to enemies caught into the blast. Styles: Chi in Dantian(Increases damage and reduce attack range). Landmine Blast(leaves marks of Chi on the ground to continue dealing damage enemies). Fiery Phoenix(Turn into fiery Phoenix. Cast a stream of the fire that pierces through enemies). 

Ginzo: –

  • Shooting Stars: dash forward and unleash a heavy sweeping strike. Enemies suffered by the hit will be dazed for a while. 
  • Tsubame Gaeshi – blocks frontal hits and then unleash a massive counter-attack, completely negating all enemy DMG. 
  • Heirloom Katana – stand still and cast multiple fast strikes. Holding the skill button increases the number of strikes. 

Oli: –

  • Ping Pong Gun: builds an auto turret for x3 parts. 
  • Oli’s Flying Fish – build an Ol’s flying fish f rox 5 parts – can gather more than the max no. of parts. Extra parts will fix Oli’s flying fish. 
  • Oli Mecha – spend x8 parts to build a mecha. Mecha absorbs all damage for as long as it’s operative. Normal attacks become a machine gun. Dodge button becomes a shotgun punch. Skill shoot button shoots out x4 homing missiles. 

Akaisha: –

  • Arrow Rain: launches a volley of arrows falling from the sky to hit enemies. 
  • Leprechaun – throws out a toy leprechaun that draws enemies into its swirl. 
  • Rapid Shot – hold the skill button to fire arrows in quick succession. Arrows regenerate when the skill is not activated

Gerard Quentin: –

  • War Mass: Quentin surrounds himself with a halo that heals allies and hurts enemies within its radius
  • Roars of Gauls: enter a fearless state, gaining a significant stat increase. The skill, when activated, dispels all harmful effects. 
  • Shield Strike: with his shield, this hero bumps foes into a daze for a short duration and inflicts damage. Angelic Pact – summon Saint Michael to the fight. 

Who is the best hero in the Otherworld Legends game?

Well, all the characters/heroes have unqiue abilities and different stats; health, armor, speed, damage, CRIT Hit, and ATK SPD. Some of them have great health stats, while some of them have high CRIT stats. Choose whatever you like! You can share your opinion on heroes in the comments below. 

Drink To Get Buffs In Otherworld Legends

In the lobby, interact with Mary, the NPC on the bar duty. She will help you make the drinks; drinks provide you buffs. But, you will need components – you can farm components by playing the game; defeat enemies or bosses. Or, you can use the soul stones. 

How To Level Up The Heroes In Otherworld Legends

Defeat the enemies in dungeons and the hero that you are playing will gain EXP; requires to level up. 

Tips And Guide To Get Stronger

  • Level Up Hero
  • Equip Weapon
  • Grab A Drink
  • Enhance Weapon
  • Equip Right Skills

Also, see – Otherworld Legends code info

So that’s all in this post on Otherworld Legends guide and tips for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below. 

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  1. Just completed the game it gets better after you complete it for first time , after completion there is “asura” as a character for you to talk to that gives you permanent buffs for your character by exchanging soul stones.

    • So its buff for your hero ? but in game its Asuras skill so i thought its makes Asura(the final boss) even more stronger … I’m dying looking for this info. … I hope its true co’z i will really spent all of my soulstone to upgrade Asura’s skill

  2. You can unlock Peddler character by hitting the shop keeper in game. He’s pretty hard, but once you do, you will be able to purchase Peddler as a champion.

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