Food Fantasy Fallen Angels Guide: How To Get, Enhance, Water

Check out our Food Fantasy Fallen Angels guide and learn how to get Fallen Angels, train them, equip them and about the spirits.

In one of our Food Fantasy game’s articles, we shared a brief info on Fallen Angels and guided you on how to select them as a partner. But there are many players who don’t know how to get Fallen Angels and what’s the process. In today’s post, we are going to explain everything about the Fallen Angels; obtaining, awakening, training, equipping, spirits, bonus, watering, and much more. Make sure to read the post completely.

How to get Fallen Angels?

Let’s learn how to get Fallen Angels in Food Fantasy first. You will get your first fallen angel once you reach the level 26. When you reach the level 26, two new features will get unlocked; fallen angels and endless adventure(catacombs mode). You can access catacombs mode from the trials menu(main screen -> on the right side -> tap the trials option).

Food Fantasy Fallen AngelsIn this game mode, you battle against enemies and acquire spirits. Keep in mind that you will not get these spirits at every stage. At the end of each floor stage, you battle against the boss and earn a chest. You get these spirits from the chest.

After obtaining the spirit, we have to purify it to get a fallen angel.

Once you have spirit, you can start the purification process to obtain the fallen angel. Go to the main screen -> tap the fallen icon/option. On the next screen, on the right side, there would be a section named spirit vault where you can see all the spirits you have. Just tap the spirit and hit one of the available options; purify or awaken.Food Fantasy Fallen Angels

Purify Vs Awaken!

If you select the purify option, then you will have to wait for a certain amount of time to check out the result and claim the fallen angel. It is the safest method(recommended).

On the other hand, if you select the awaken option, then you will get the result instantly. But most of them you end up with failure if you choose this option. You can check the success rate just below the awaken option.

Claiming The Fallen Angel

Once the purification process ends, you can claim the fallen angel.

How To Enhance Fallen Angel In Food Fantasy Game?

You can increase the impact of fallen angels or their attributes(HP, Critical Rate or more) or buffs by upgrading(training, enhancing) them. Go to the fallen angel’s purification menu -> at the bottom-right side, tap the fallen option. On the next screen, you will see the list of all fallen angels you have collected. Tap the fallen angel -> train -> there are two ways to upgrade; by leveling up(use other fallen angel to upgrade a specific angel), enhancing(food/same name fallen angel required).

Enhancing Guide in detail –

Food Fantasy Fallen AngelTo enhance a food angel in Food Fantasy, you need its duplicate. For example; You have a fallen angel named Cimeter. To enhance it, you need one more fallen angel named Cimeter(same name). Enhancing a fallen angel increases all its attributes. How to get duplicate? Play the catacombs mode.

Another option you will see on that screen is; smelt. Using that feature, you can change the fallen angel’s attribute type and grade. For example; a fallen angel has an attribute; HP. You change it to ATK, DEF, Critical hit rate, and more.

Every 10 Levels, Fallen Angel Gets One More Attribute

By default, a fallen angel has only one attribute that can impact the food soul(when paired or selected as a partner). For example; a fallen angel has an attribute ATK(attack). When you select it as a partner of a food soul, that food soul’s ATK power gets increased(indirectly).

And to unlock more attributes, reach these levels; 10, 20, 30, and so on(every 10 levels, the fallen angel’s attribute gets unlocked).

Fallen Angel Watering

By watering, you can increase the nutrient level of a fallen angel. What will happen after increasing the nutrient level? A magic food slot will get unlocked. And after it, you will be able to put the magic food. The magic food impacts the fallen angel personality. Read the personality guide below. You can use these magic food items; brave capsules, staunch capsules, care capsules, liveliness capsules, meticulous, resolve, and more. Go to the restaurant menu -> research -> magic food -> there you can check the magic food details.

How to water or increase the nutrient level of a fallen angel?

Food Fantasy Fallen AngelAfter selecting the spirit for the purification process, a water option will appear. Tapping it will increase the nutrient level and unlock the magic food slot. Tap the + icon to choose a magic food/dish.

Fallen Angels Personality Types: –

You can use magic food to influence the personality of fallen angels. Play the catacombs mode to obtain ingredients to discover magic food recipes. There are six types of personality: –

  1. Brave – Related To Attack Power
  2. Staunch – Defense
  3. Cautious – HP
  4. Lively – Critical Rate
  5. Meticulous – Critical Damage
  6. Resolute – Attack Speed

How To Release Fallen Angels?

Go to the purification menu -> tap the fallen option -> select the fallen angel you want to release -> tap the cross icon(near its name).

Best Fallen Angels For Food Souls

Food Fantasy Fallen AngelTapping the fallen angel in the fallen menu shows you the name of its favorite food souls. Pair the food souls with the favorite food souls to get more benefits(best combination).

Quick Walkthrough: Food Fantasy Fallen Angels: –

  • Reach the level 26 to access Fallen Angels feature
  • Play Catacombs mode/Endless Adventure to acquire spirits
  • Purify or Awaken the spirits to get Fallen Angels
  • Equip the fallen angels
  • Train the fallen angels
  • Enhance the fallen angels
  • Water the fallen angels
  • Use magic food to influence the personality

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So this is the short Food Fantasy Fallen Angel guide for the beginners. You can check the complete list of Fallen Angels through the game menu(Go to the restaurant menu screen -> tap the guides option -> fallen angels tale.

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