MMX Hill Dash 2 Cheats, Tips, And Tricks Guide To Progress Fast

MMX Hill Dash 2MMX Hill Dash 2 is a brand new racing game for Android by Hutch Games, the creators of hot wheels game. Here’s all you need to know about MMX Hill Dash 2 game; check out the best way to unlock all vehicles, win in multiplayer mode, and progress fast, MMX Hill Dash 2 cheats, tips, and tricks guide

MMX Hill Dash 2, the sequel to hit racing game has been just released on Google Play Store for Android devices. This one comes with better graphics, awesome gameplay, vehicles, and multiplayer mode. In this post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know; MMX Hill Dash 2 cheats, tips, and tricks guide to unlock vehicles fast and earn lots of diamonds for free.

Get Started – The Basic MMX Hill Dash 2

As usual, it starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the basic functions of the game; about controls, coins, diamonds, upgrades, and much more. After the tutorial, you can manually manage all kinds of upgrades as you want.

The Basic – In this game, your objective is to top the leaderboard by ranking top in the league. However, it would not be easy as you need to make the vehicle fast, stable, and best.

MMX Hill Dash 2 game features 35 challenging levels in which your objective is to complete the race as fast as you can. There are lots of obstacles you need to avoid, control the vehicle like a pro driver. The upgrades and the vehicle plays an important role in this game. The game features six vehicles;

  1. Micro
  2. Monster
  3. Supercar
  4. Quad Bike
  5. Amphibian
  6. Tank

By default, the micro vehicle is unlocked. Rest vehicles can be unlocked by completing the levels in a certain amount of time.

  1. To unlock the monster vehicle, complete the level 2 in 1 minute 8 seconds
  2. To unlock the supercar, complete the level 6 in 1:21 minutes
  3. Quad bike vehicle gets unlocked when you complete the level 11 in 1:03 minutes
  4. Amphibian will be unlocked after completing the level 16 in 1:01 minutes
  5. Tank in MMX Hill Dash 2 is the last vehicle as of now and you can unlock it by completing the level 21 in 1:10 minutes

In short, you have to complete the levels in minimum time. And to accomplish these tasks, read out MMX Hill Dash 2 cheats, tips, and tricks below.

1.) MMX Hill Dash 2 Overview

In this part, we will learn about the game modes and how to unlock them. + features + cheats+tips.

The game features multiplayer mode in which you race against other players from all around the world. The player who completes the race first wins the match. The player who has won the match gets the victory points and these points determine the ranking. The better you will rank on the leaderboard, the better will be the reward.

Multiplayer mode in MMX Hill Dash 2 gets unlocked after you complete first five levels. In this mode, you choose one of your vehicles, after the race, the vehicle will go into cooldown state. You can either choose a new vehicle or refuel it using fuel. In short, there is an energy system in multiplayer mode; you can not play it endlessly.

Another cool feature in MMX Hill Dash 2 is “Highway to Wealth”. This feature gets unlocked after you clear the first two levels. You just tap on the highway to wealth icon on the top menu to access it.

What is Highway to Wealth feature?

MMX Hill Dash 2It is a lucky draw like feature! You could earn a huge amount of rewards by using this feature. All you need to do is choose the card. You have to choose one card out of all; these cards contain;

  • Gems
  • Prestige Currency
  • Workshop Currency
  • Customization Items
  • Bomb

Except bomb, all these items are profitable. Since you don’t know the item behind the card, it depends on the luck! You will lose all the earned items if you draw a bomb card. You can leave it anytime by tapping on the leave button at the bottom-left and claim the rewards. After 30 miles, you will reach a super jackpot station where you could get precious rewards for free. It is one of the best ways to obtain free gems, parts, prestige currency in MMX Hill dash 2 game. You can use it once in a day.

Let’s start the MMX Hill Dash 2 cheats, tips, and tricks to progress fast

1.) Upgrade the car to tier 1 and tier 2 to unlock premium cars

As you know, to unlock premium vehicles in MMX Hill Dash 2, you have to complete the levels in a certain amount of time; very fast. And it can not be possible with the default downgraded micro vehicle.

The very first step you have to do is focus on the micro vehicle upgrades; collect the coins by playing the game, and complete all kinds of upgrades;

  • Speed
  • Stability
  • Sand
  • Grip

After reaching the maximum levels in all these upgrades, you can get a tier 1 or tier 2 vehicle; the tier 1 and tier 2 vehicle comes with the nitro feature. And nitro boost is a very useful feature to complete the stages fast and easily.

After upgrading each attribute to its maximum level, tap on the import option and import the tierĀ 1 or tier 2 vehicle. It costs you prestige currency. Prestige currency can be obtained from the highway to wealth feature.

Use the upgraded vehicle to complete the next levels fast and unlock the new vehicle.

And again; upgrade each attribute of the newly unlocked vehicle to import tier 1 or tier 2 vehicle and complete next levels fast.

2.) Get Free Gems – MMX Hill Dash 2

Gems used in refueling the vehicle in multiplayer mode or you can use it to start the game from the checkpoint. In MMX Hill Dash 2, you can obtain gems by watching the video ad, link the game to a Facebook account to get 500 gems, claim the free gift(after every certain hour), use the highway to wealth feature, and top the leaderboard by earning more ranking points.

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3.) Activate the Arena Bonuses – MMX Hill Dash 2

MMX Hill Dash 2MMX Hill Dash 2 cheats, tips -> You can activate the bonus by equipping a set of parts; green paint, rims, topper and enjoy the permanent score boost. You can obtain these customization parts by using the highway to wealth feature or from the workshop spanners. This will boost your arena score!

4.) Repeat Levels To Earn Vehicle Coins/Coins

To upgrade the attribute of a vehicle; speed, grip, stability, and more, you need coins. If you get stuck on a level and you are having problems in completing a level, then it would be better to repeat levels again to earn more coins.

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5.) Bonus Multipliers – Win Streak

In multiplayer mode, you battle against other players all around the world. And your objective is to top the rank! The better rank will reward you more items. To get more points in multiplayer mode, win back-to-back matches and you will get Win Streak Bonus(Win in a row). You can also get bonus points by equipping the custom parts.

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6.) Rank-Up, Join Next League

MMX Hill Dash 2Earn more score points and top the leaderboard in the current league to move to next league[Play Multiplayer Mode]. You get better rewards in the higher league in comparison to low-level leagues.

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So, these are some quick MMX Hill Dash 2 cheats, tips, and tricks for the beginners to progress fast and get more score points. Download the game – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Best offline games for Android

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