ROG-Rage of Gods Guide – Tips, Tricks & Cheats

ROG-Rage of Gods is a brand new MMORPG from EFUN COMPANY LIMITED. Read on for ROG-Rage of Gods guide, tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

ROG-Rage of GodsEFUN COMPANY LIMITED, the publisher of Tales of Erin game, has just released a brand new MMORPG called ROG-Rage of Gods. At the time of writing this post, it features two classes; Warrior and Assassin – each class with its unqiue look, gameplay, skills & style. ROG-Rage of Gods also features amazing graphics, offline grinding system, and a variety of game modes. If you have just started playing the game, then you are on the right page. This ROG-Rage of Gods covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of ROG-Rage of Gods tips, cheats & strategies that you make like. So without further ado, let’s head to the main content.

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Learn The Basics And How To Progress

Your goal in ROG-Rage of Gods Game is to make the character powerful – and, there loads of ways to do it like leveling up, getting the best quality gears, raising the gear’s level, skill level, etc. At the start of the game, the game asks you to choose a class; warrior and assassin are the two options available. We would recommend choosing the assassin class as she is fast, does a great amount of damage, and has amazing skills.

You can always create a second character at the login screen and try another class if you want to experience all. Let’s learn how to get stronger.

Get Stronger And Increase The Power

Level Up – as the level of the character rises, his/her attribute will improve. For example – attack, health, dodge, defense, CRIT, tenacity, speed, etc. In the top-left corner, tap the character avatar -> on the character profile screen, you can check the current level and the amount of EXP the character needs to reach the next level. For example – to reach level 82, you need 253.956 M EXP. Read the guide below to know all the ways to grind EXP.

Gear Up – gears provide additional attributes to the character. For example – defense, HP, ATK, etc. A Character can equip up to 10 gears at a time; it includes weapon, armor, helmet, accessory items, etc. Also, In ROG-Rage of Gods, you can improve the gear’s stats to provide more additional attributes to the character. In the bottom-left corner, tap the arrow button to expand the menu -> from the menu list, tap the gear button ->

  • Collect – here you can activate the attribute effects and increase the power of the character. When you collect gears of a gear set, the game lets you activate these attribute effects. Tier 1, 2, 3, and so on.
  • Enhance – here you can use the enhance stones and gold coins to enhance the gears and increase the character’s power
  • Ascend – here you can use ascend stones and ascend the gears to further improve the character’s power
  • Inlay – here you can inlay gems to the gears and further improve the character’s power

Mount – In ROG-Rage of Gods, you can ride the mount to travel across all over the map. The mount’s attribute impacts the character’s attributes. So if you increase the mount’s attribute, you will ultimately improve the character’s power. In the mount menu, you can gear up the mount, advance her with mount advance stones, learn skills, and activate skins that provide additional attribute bonuses.

Warwing – it helps you fly and also increase the power by grating attribute bonuses like attack, defense, HP, and accuracy. You can advance it with warwing advance stones or activate warwing skins.

S. Weapon – advance the S. Weapon using weapon advance stone to increase the power.

Aegis – Activate Aegis or gear up Aegis to increase the character’s power.

Treasure – Submit treasure and get powerful.

Astrology – Use gold coins and activate all the nodes of horoscopes to get powerful.

Eudemon – Activate Eudemon and upgrade for further improvement in power.

So these are the ways that can help you get powerful in ROG-Rage of Gods game.

Learn How To Level Up Quickly

As you progress through the main quests, you might get stuck at some point because of the quest’s minimum level requirement. Let’s learn how to grind EXP: –

  • Kill the monsters – kill the high-level monsters on the map to grind EXP. There is a certain daily loop limit
  • Side Quests – on the left side of the screen, below the main quests, check out if side quests available. Complete them for EXP
  • EXP Dungeon -> EXP Dungeon is one of the best modes in ROG-Rage of Gods Game to grind EXP. Tap the daily option at the top-center of the screen -> EXP -> there you can check all the quests that grant massive EXP to the character

Get Familiar With The Character

Tap the character avatar in the top-left corner to open his/her profile.

  • Gears – tap the gear to enhance or change
  • Go to the skills tab to check out the character’s sill details
  • Costume – in this tab, you can check the costumes and the info on how to obtain it
  • Title – complete certain requirements to get titles
  • Quench – obtain quench items from the spirit garden event and use them for character quenching

Learn About Eudemon

Eudemon(s) are the companions who tag along with the character during the battle. On your screen, you will see Eudemon helping you in the battle after you activate him/her. On the right-center of the game screen, tap the Eudemon button -> there you can check the complete list of Eudemon. The first Eudemon you get for free is Vampire’s Count.

To unlock more Eudemons, you will need their summon cards that you can obtain from the boss challenge mode; Eudemon.

Join A Guild In ROG-Rage of Gods Game

Joining a guild increases the character’s power. Also, you get to access guild benefits like praying, donation, guild skills, and events. So make sure to join an active guild in ROG-Rage of Gods game.

Get Better Gears In ROG-Rage of Gods

The player can get better gears from the daily events or by getting victories in gear boss mode. Tap the daily option in the top-center -> go to the gear tab on the right side -> defeat gear boss or world boss or border boss for high-tier gears.

Tap the treasure banner in the top-menu list to open the boss challenge screen -> there you can challenge the boss to earn high-tier gears.

Use Offline Grinding Card

Go to the settings by tapping the arrow button in the bottom-left corner -> tap the + button next to offline grinding time -> use the offline grinding card to grind EXP and other materials when you are not online. You can earn an offline grinding card by claiming the online reward in the welfare menu.

Grab The Freebies

Do the dailies – Grind EXP, Gears, Material Items, Consumable Items, Gold, Diamonds, etc.

Welfare – Tap the welfare option in the top menu list -> claim sign-in or login rewards, gold chest, online reward, etc.

So this would be all in this post on ROG-Rage of Gods guide, tips & tricks for beginners.

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