Mobile Legends Adventure guide: tips, cheats & strategies

New to the ML: Adventure? Master all of its mechanics with this Mobile Legends Adventure guide featured with tips, cheats & strategies for beginners

ML: Adventure is the latest title from Moonton. In today’s post, we have shared the Mobile Legends Adventure guide and Mobile Legends Adventure tips, cheats & strategies to pass all the stages and build the best team of heroes. The game features Idle game mechanics – you don’t need to do much in the combat as it’s automatic. However, there are loads of things that determine the victory – including strategically building the team, choosing the heroes, etc. Additionally, you will learn how to power up the heroes, obtain currency, about the game modes, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and navigate to ML: Adventure guide!

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Mobile Legends Adventure Guide For Rookies⇓

Mobile Legends Adventure Heroes Guide⇓

Mobile Legends: AdventureLet’s start with the heroes guide first – it’s really important to know about their class, specialty, and element. On the main interface of the game, at the upper-right corner, tap the heroes option to open the hero list. Tap on any hero and you will see his/her level, name, class specialty, stats, skills, the number of resources required to upgrade/evolve him/her. At the bottom-left corner of the hero’s profile, you can check the element. Let’s start with the class and specialty – each hero belongs to a class and have one or more specialty. You can check it at the hero’s profile page. Let’s learn about all: –

  • DPS – Damage Per Second – These type of heroes possesses burst or sustain DPS skills and deals massive damage to the enemies.
  • Control or CC or Crowd Control – Many heroes in ML: Adventure has a specialty in controlling. Heroes with the skills can control the enemy or lock down the enemy – for example – stun, immobilize, lock them from attacking/healing, etc.
  • Tank – The heroes with tank specialty or class are the frontline units who protect the allies in the backline and soak the enemy’s damage. Some tank-type units can also deal decent damage(DPS tank), control the enemy and protect the allies(control tank).
  • Fighter class – attackers(offense units)
  • Mage – Magical damage dealers(offense units) – AoE skills
  • Support – Healers(Restores the health of allies using skills), buffers
  • Assassin – Damage Dealer(Single Target) – they can also attack the enemies in the backline
  • Marksman – The mid-range damage dealers with AoE skills and good survivability rate

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Elements – Type Countering

All the heroes in ML: Adventure game belongs to one of these types/elements: –

  • Tech(Blue)
  • Martial(Red)
  • Light(Yellow)
  • Dark(Purple)
  • Elemental(Green)

All these elements have a countering relation – it’s like rock-paper-scissor. Elemental type is strong against tech type, tech type is strong against martial type, the martial type is strong against elemental type – and, light and dark are strong against each other. The strongest type deals 30% extra damage. For example – If the enemy is of Tech type, then the elemental type hero will deal 30% extra damage to him.

Upgrade Heroes – Power Up The Stats⇓

Mobile Legends: AdventureAs you progress through the campaign mode battles, the difficulty level of stages will increase gradually and you will need to power up the heroes. If you don’t know what are the best heroes in this game, then you should check our⇒ ML: Adventure tier list. Go to the heroes menu -> all -> select a hero to increase his/her level -> upgrade. The upgrade costs Hero XP and gold coins. You can obtain Hero XP, coins from the campaign mode, market, and the quests. Once the hero reaches max level, you will have to increase his/her level cap by evolving him/her. Evolving or ranking up costs advanced essence. You can obtain it from the campaign mode, market, and the tower of babel.

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Mobile Legends Adventure Guide – Hero Fusion – Fusion Shrine⇓

Mobile Legends: AdventureIn the fusion shrine, you can use the duplicate heroes to star-up the main/original one. For example – To increase the star rating of Clint, you will need more duplicates of Clint. In this process, you fuse two duplicate heroes to increase the star-level of main/original/target hero. For instance – from a 3-star hero to 4-star hero.

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide To Equipment – Upgrade Equipment⇓

Mobile Legends: AdventureThe heroes can carry several gears, which increase their stats such as attack power, defense, HP, etc. You can obtain these gears from the campaign mode, labyrinth mode, quests & achievements. Go to the heroes list menu again -> select a hero -> equipment – quick add. Tap the gear -> upgrade. Note – You can not upgrade common type gears. Tap on the gear to check its quality – common, uncommon, etc.

To upgrade the equipment, you need equipment coins. Equipment coins can be obtained from tavern, campaign, market, labyrinth, and by dismantling gears.

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Mobile Legends Adventure Guide To Dismantle Shrine⇓

Here you can reset the heroes and get all the resources back. For example – Suppose, you wasted a lot of resources in developing low-tier hero. Now, you have got a high-tier hero – but you don’t have resources to build him/her instantly. In this case, you can reset that unused hero and get all the invested resources back to the inventory.

Dismantle Character – Here you can dismantle the characters to get shrine crystals. Tap the shop button at the bottom-left and spend the shrine crystals there.

Equipment – Here you can dismantle the useless gears and get equipment coins. Use these equipment coins to upgrade uncommon or high-quality gear.

Dismantle Artifact – N/A

Mobile Legends Adventure Guide To Labyrinth, Arena, Tower Of Babel, Tavern⇓

  • Labyrinth – The dungeon mode where you slay down the monster and get high-quality equipment as well as other rewards; diamonds, equipment coins. Tap the labyrinth mode option on the screen and start the challenge. Tap the tiles -> fight enemies, grab the loot, clear all the tiles and open the gate to reach next level. You will also get Bless from some tiles – which provides a buff to the army. Make sure to choose the bless wisely
  • Arena – Fight other players’ team and get rewards; diamonds and equipment coins based on ranking. Get victories and climb up in the arena leaderboard
  • Tavern – Send the heroes on bounty quests and get rich rewards; equipment coins, hero fragments, diamonds
  • Tower of Bable – Go floor by floor and slay down the monster gangs for coins, advanced essence, diamonds

How To Earn Diamonds In Mobile Legends Adventure⇓

  • Daily Quests
  • Achievements
  • First-time stage clear reward
  • Campaign
  • Tavern
  • Sign-In event
  • Events
  • Watching Video Ads
  • Daily Free Pack

Diamond is the premium currency in Mobile Legends: Adventure. You can use it to draw heroes from wishing shrine. Check out this ML: Adventure tier list for more details.

Mobile Legends Adventure – How To Get Hearts⇓

  • Add friends and they will send hearts

Tap the friends button at the bottom of the screen -> add/invite. Go to the list tab to claim and send the hearts. You can use the hearts to summon heroes from Wishing Shrine.

So that would be all in our ML: Adventure guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our ML: Adventure tips, cheats & strategies!

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Mobile Legends Adventure Tips & Tricks⇓

1.) Build A Balanced Team

In the heroes guide above, we mentioned their classes as well as specialty. First, go to the heroes list and read the hero details – their class, specialty, and skills. In short, get familiar with all the heroes that you own. After that, pick based on roles – the best tank(frontline units), the best DPS(damage dealers – AoE, burst damage, etc.) and the best supporters(healers, buffers). You can add up to five heroes in the team – make sure to add a tank to soak damage and protect allies in the backline + add DPS to deal damage to the enemies + add a healer. Combination – 2 Tanks+2 DPS+1 Healer or 1 Tank+3 DPS + 1 Healer. Try different combinations.

2.) Get Elemental Advantage

Read the type countering/elemental guide above for details. If you are stuck on a stage, check the enemies type and deploy strong-element heroes to get 30% DMG bonus.

3.) AFK

This game is Idle – even if you don’t play the stages or any mode, your team will still earn resources. When you are stuck, you will have to raise the hero stats – and, for that, you will need a bunch of resources. If you are stuck as well as out of resources, go AFK. All you have to do is collect the Idle rewards now and then. Enter the campaign mode screen and tap the chest at the bottom-right corner.

4.) Play Every Game Mode

There are loads of game modes to play – you can earn rich rewards from all these game modes. For example – Earn advanced essence from the tower of babel, get equipment from the labyrinth, diamonds and equipment coin from Arena, tavern.

5.) Join An Active Guild

You get access to guild donation, guild boss, and the guild shop function by joining a guild. You can spend the guild currency in the guild shop for hero fragments. And, you can request and donate hero fragments. And, the earn loads of rewards from the boss mode.

6.) Watch Video Ads For Diamonds

At the bottom-left corner, tap the free diamonds button -> watch the video ad -> get free diamonds.

7.) Add Friends

You can add up to 30 friends(Increase the limit by getting VIP) and send or receive hearts. Use the hearts to summon heroes.

8.) Use The Auto-Skill Mode Or Use Skill Wisely

You can level up the skills of a hero once he/she reaches 6-star. All the heroes possess powerful skills – AoE damage, healing, buff, shield, etc. Read the skill details in their profile and use them wisely in the combat or tap the auto button on the bottom-right side of the battle screen to use the skills automatically.

9.) Get Faction/Class Bonus

  • Deploy (5) Light Heroes – +15% HP, +15% Magic Power, + 15% Physical ATK
  • Deploy (5) Dark Heroes – +12% HP, +18% Magic Power, + 18% Physical ATK
  • (5) Elemental Heroes – +9% Damage Reduction, + 20% MP(Magic Power), + 20%PA(Physical ATK)
  • (5) Tech Heroes – + 12% DMG, + 12% Damage Reduction
  • Deploy (5) Martial Heroes – + 10% CRIT DMG, +6% CRIT Rate, + 16% HP
  • Deploy (2) Light+(3) Dark Heroes or (3) Dark+(2) Light Heroes – +8%CRIT DMG, + 5% CRIT Rate, + 11% HP
  • (2) Martial+(3) Elemental or (3) Martial)+(2) Elemental – +10% HP, +10%+MP, +10%PA
  • (2) Tech+(3) Elemental or (3) Tech+(2) Elemental – +8% Damage Reduction, +11% PA, +11%MP
  • (1) Tech+(1)Light+(1) Dark+(1) Elemental+(1) Martial – +8% HP, + 12% MP, + 12% PA

So these are the basic Mobile Legends: Adventure tips for beginners. Have more tips? Feel free to share in the comment section below! Also, see –

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