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Our Play Together game guide covers the basic tips & tricks to help you progress fast. Read on for the Play Together guide, tips, cheats & strategies!Play Together Guide & Tips

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Play Together Guide Wiki For Beginners⇓

The following Play Together game guide will teach you how to play this game, earn bucks, gems, and other aspects of the game such as decorating the house, getting new vehicles, organizing parties, pets, and much more. So let’s not waste any time and get to the main content: Play Together guide, tips, cheats & strategies: –

Play Together Guide To Basics⇓

There are many things to do in this game and you can do them in any sort of order you want. There is no specific way to progress, but we recommend players focus on earning the stars or bucks so that they can buy cool vehicles, house decoration, and enjoy games with their friends. 

Players in the Play Together game can invite their friends to house parties, explore the gorgeous town on vehicles with friends. When you start the game, you will have a card box house that features a bed and a few basic things. 

With bucks, you can buy a beautiful house, add furniture items, and then invite friends to enjoy the house parties. 

You can do fishing, attend classes, complete missions or jobs to earn free bucks. Or, watch the video ads. You will need a lot of bucks to get a beautiful house, decorate furniture items, have cool vehicles, etc. So we would advise you to focus on accumulating bucks and gradually change the lifestyle; from a basic house to a beautiful house, add cool furniture items, buy vehicles, enjoy rides with friends, organize house parties, and enjoy the mini-games. 

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Guide To Buying House In Play Together Game⇓

Play Together Guide & Tips

First, you need to navigate to the home town. You can easily teleport to your house by tapping the mobile phone in the right corner -> when you tap the mobile phone, a side screen will open with a bunch of apps and options at the bottom; tap on the “go home” option in the lower-right corner to visit the house. Play Together Guide & Tips

When you are there, go close to the nameplate in front of the house and tap on the house icon. As we mentioned above, you have a card box house in the beginning, which you can upgrade with bucks. When you tap the house icon(over nameplate), you will see a lot of house options and their cost: –

  • Milk House – Costs X14 Gems
  • Small House – 7.2K Stars
  • Doll House – 9K House
  • Cuckoo House – 72 Gems
  • House with Orange Roof – 10.8K Stars
  • Modern House – 21.6K Stars
  • Magic Castle – 172 Gems
  • Dream House – 54K Cash

You can also buy new nameplates, fences, and floor designs. 

Play Together Guide To Decorating House⇓

Only buying a good-looking house is not enough, you have to decorate it inside. Enter your house in the home town. When you are inside the house, tap on the orange color home icon on the top-left and tap on the furniture shop icon button on the right to see the list of items that you can buy and decorate your house with. 

You can buy a fish tank in which you can put the fish you caught and show it to your friends. There is a visitor count screen that you can attach to the wall and it will show you how many visitors have come to your house. 

You can add a sofa, chairs, a beautiful bed, etc. 

If you have pets, you can buy pet furniture items like flower bed pets, yummy bone pet beds, pet bathtubs, etc. You would not need to go to the pet shop to take care of pets if you have a pet bed or pet bathtub at your house. 

You can also add appliances like TV, Desktop Computer, etc. to make it look more good. 

Play Together Guide To Progression⇓

If you are just starting this game and wondering how to play it or the best way to progress, then we would recommend reading this Play Together guide to progression: –

(1) Complete the daily missions and get free stars and gems. 

(2) Complete achievements(tap on the mobile icon in the right -> achievements)

(3) Play mini-games and earn EXP to level up and stars. (Tap on the mobile icon in the right-center -> game party). 

(4) Attend school daily

(5) Catch and sell fish or store in the aquarium or fish tank at your house

(6) Attend and organize the house parties

(7) Go camping(Mobile phone -> map -> camping). 

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Play Together Guide To Plaza Map⇓

Play Together Guide & Tips

On the right side of the screen, tap on the mobile phone and then tap on the map. On the map screen, on the right side, you will see a bunch of hot spots in the town where you can visit for special specific activities. The following Play Together guide to plaza map covers all the hot spots and help you in navigation: –

Info Center⇓

This is where you can get some info about yours and on the left side of the center, there is a map board. Interact with it to open the map. 

Game Center – Play Together Gamezone⇓

Enter it to open the game center -> play. By playing these mini-games, you will earn stars and crowns. There are plenty of mini-games where you will compete with other players and the gold would be the last player standing. In each round, many players will get eliminated if they fail to beat others in the round. 


Here you can attend classes like Maths, Arts, Biology, etc. and earn rewards

Home Party⇓

Organize home parties or attend parties. 

Fashion Mall⇓

Here you can buy clothes and accessories for your character. 

Car Shop 

Here you can buy two-vehicle motorbikes or cars with stars or gems. 

Pet Shop

Here you can buy pet eggs, get access to pet beds and bathrooms. 

Furniture Shop

Here you can buy furniture items for your house

Fishing Shop

Here you can buy fishing rods and sell the fish. 


Here you can buy food items

Camping Ground

Go camping


Go fishing at the dock

Hot Balloon

Enjoy Hot Balloon Rid

Ferris Wheel

Enjoy the ride by climbing to one of the seats

Outdoor Stage

Enjoy the music and band stuff


Enjoy the skateboard

Pizza Shop

Pizza Delivery

Beach Cafe


Ghost House

Min-game(Zombie Virus)


Navigate to home via train

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So this would be all in this post on Play Together guide and tips for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below.

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