Moe! Ninja Girls RPG Guide: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips & Tricks

Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: Shinobi is a brand new RPG for Android & iOS by NTT Solmare Corp. Read on for Moe Ninja Girls RPG guide, walkthrough, cheats & tips

Moe Ninja Girls RPG Guide Walkthrough TipsNTT Solmare Corp., well-known for the Obey Me! Shall We Date? game, recently published a story-driven RPG for Android & iOS. It’s called Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: Shinobi. The game features cute anime girls – each one with a unqiue story-line and a cute set of outfits. There are a ton of outfits that you can collect and equip to them. You will be increasing the bond level with these cute anime girls to unlock more stories and progress further. If you have just started playing it, then you are on the right page. This Moe! Ninja Girls RPG guide covers the basics of the game. Also, we have shared a bunch of Moe Ninja Girls RPG cheats, tips & tricks that you may love. So without any further ado, let’s get started with this strategy walkthrough!

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First things first – the two main things in the game are outfits and the ninja tools. Outfits of the characters determine their strength, skills, and stats. And, the weapons equipped to these cute anime girls boost certain parameters that help them perform better in the quests. In the game, you will advance through the season chapters – each chapter has numerous quests that you can complete with the help of characters. You will need to beat the opponent in these quests to progress further or grind loot items that you can use as a material to craft outfits, ninja tools, or give them as a present to the character. Also, you will gain EXP that increases player rank, outfit EXP to increase outfit level, bond EXP to increase the bond level. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Moe! Ninja Girls RPG tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

Learn How To Progress In Moe Ninja Girls RPG: SHINOBI

There are many things to do in this game – if you are new to it, we recommend following the below walkthrough to progress further into the Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: Shinobi – 

  • Quests – there are two types of quests – main quests(season) and daily quests. On the main screen of the game, tap the “quest” button and it will take you to the quest screen where you can access both these quests. Main Quests belong to the season – you must complete these quests to unlock a new season. Complete these quests and you will gain EXP, Niney, outfit EXP, bond EXP, material items to craft outfit or ninja tool, or upgrade outfits/ninja tools. The daily quests also reward these items. 
  • Missions – on the lobby, at the top-left menu, tap the mission button. There you will find the main missions, daily missions, and beginner missions. Complete these missions to get “Jewels”, Niney, material items, etc.
  • Grind – repeat the quests to grind the material items so that you can create new outfits and ninja tools. 
  • Create – create new outfits and ninja tools
  • Upgrade – upgrade outfits and ninja tools. Also, upgrade the outfit skills

Moe Ninja Girls RPG Guide Walkthrough Tips

Learn About The Outfits

All the outfits in Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: SHINOBI belongs to a class. There are a total of five classes in the game; 

  1. Attacker – attacker-class outfits give great attack stats
  2. Mage – mage-class outfits give great magical spells/skills or CC abilities
  3. Tank – tank-class outfits give great HP and DEF stats
  4. Healer – healer-class outfits can heal the allies or restore the health of the characters
  5. Ranger – ranger-class outfits give you the ranged-attack skills

Also, all the outfits in this game have a special element(Bodhi) that they belong to: –

  • Spirit(Red)
  • Technique(Green)
  • Vitality(Blue)
  • Truth(Orange)
  • Illusion(Purple)

Go to the equipment menu of the game -> gear list -> outfits -> tap the filter button at the top to check sort the outfits by class or Bodhi. Long press on an outfit to check its stats; HP, ATK, DEF, CRIT HIT RATE, Agility, Skills, etc. 

Getting Outfits In Moe Ninja Girls RPG: SHINOBI

You can create the outfits with the materials that you can acquire from the main quests or daily quests. Go to the create menu of the game -> outfit -> tap the + button -> you will need material items like creating manual, sacred stone, fabric, steel, gold dust, Niney, etc. If you have the required items, tap the create button. You can repeat the quests or spend currency in the shop for these material items. You will get a random outfit once the process is finished. Higher the star level of the outfit, the higher the stats a character would get upon wearing it. 

Getting Ninja Tools In The Game

Players can equip Ninja Tools to the character and boost their stats such as ATK, DEF, CRIT, and more. Just like the outfits, you can create the ninja tools with material items like sacred stone, fabric, steel, gold dust, Niney, etc. Navigate to the “create” menu of the game -> ninja tools -> create. The higher the number of stars on it, the more stats a character gets upon equipping it. 

Upgrading The Outfit Level

In Moe! Ninja Girls RPG: Shinobi, you need outfit EXP to upgrade a specific outfit. Head to the “Equipment” menu of the game -> upgrade -> outfit -> select the outfit that you want to level up -> select the materials; use other outfits or outfit EXP materials(obtain from quests) -> confirm to grant EXP to the target outfit and let its stats increase by a massive figure. 

An outfit can also gain EXP from the quest battles; when you equip it to the character and get the victory and by going on training.  

Upgrading The Ninja Tools

Ninja Tools are of two types; weapon and accessory. While building up the formation, you can equip both these types of ninja tools to the characters. Navigate to the “Equipment” menu -> upgrade -> ninja tools -> weapon or accessory -> select the weapon or accessory that you want to level up. Then select the materials; farm from the quests. It will cost Niney to finish the upgrade. Upgrading the ninja tools increase its stats; HP, ATK, DEF, Agility, etc. Moe Ninja Girls RPG Guide Walkthrough Tips

Increasing The Character’s Bond Level

By raising the character’s bond level, you can unlock new stories or profiles. You can raise the character’s bond level by giving it presents/gifts. Presents or gifts can be acquired from the quests or shop. Go to the “character” menu of the game – communication -> present -> drag the gift item from the inventory and drop over the character. Tap the change clothes button to select the character to raise the bond level. 

Outfit And Bond Breakthrough

Once you reach the max level of outfit or character’s bond, you can perform a breakthrough to increase the max level. Go to the equipment tab -> upgrade -> breakthrough; outfit and bond. 

Characters In Moe Ninja Girls RPG SHINOBI

  1. Akari
  2. Enju
  3. Ricka
  4. Myu
  5. Tengge
  6. Yamabuki
  7. Lily
  8. Cy
  9. Nanao
  10. Kikuko
  11. Oka
  12. Yozuki
  13. Waka
  14. Ran
  15. Iori

Each character has a story; classified into bond and outfit stories. Collect or create their outfits and increase the bond level to unlock new stories. 

Mend To Recover Outfit Durability

In the quests, while fighting the enemies in Moe! Ninja Girls RPG, you will take the damage. This will reduce the durability of the outfit. So make sure to restore it now and then before it breaks. Go to the equipment menu of the game -> mend -> select the outfit -> confirm. On the right side of the outfit icon, you can check the durability stats; if the gauge is red or grey, you must repair it. 

Building The Best Formation In Moe! Ninja Girls RPG

You can add up to six characters in a formation; x3 primary, 2-sub, and 1-support. Go to the formation menu -> formation -> tap the remove button to remove all. Then tap the + button to select the characters and their outfits. Tap the filter button to sort the outfits by class and bodhi. Here are the best formation set-ups: –

  • x3 attackers – all attackers for more DPS
  • x1 Tank and x2 Attackers – offense and defense
  • x1 tank, x1 attacker, and x1 healer – balanced

For more information on outfits, check out the outfit guide above. 

Get Benefit From Cycle of Bodhi

As said in the outfit guide above, outfits in the Moe! Ninja Girls RPG belongs to one of the five Bodhi elements; Spirit, Technique, Vitality, Truth, and Illusion. The enemies in the quests too share the same mechanism. By choosing the outfit with the Bodhi effect, you can inflict more damage during the battle and get the victories easily. 

  • Spirit beats Technique
  • Technique beats Vitality
  • Vitality beats Spirit
  • Truth and Illusion are strong against each other

After choosing the quest, don’t just tap the start button. Check the enemy; on the top-right of the enemy’s icon, you can check its Bodhi element. For example — if the enemy has a spirit element, you can use Vitality element outfits to cause more damage. 

Skip To Get The Instant Rewards

The quests that you complete in the season chapter mode or daily mode can be repeated. If you complete the quest with all three-stars, you can use the skip ticket and get the rewards immediately. Head to the quest screen -> select the quest(you must complete it with 3-stars first) -> then select the skip ticket quantity -> start. It’s the best way to grind the materials or level up fast in Meo! Ninja Girls RPG: Shinobi. If you have not completed the quest with all three-stars, the skip function would be locked. 

Go On Training For Rewards

Skill upgrade materials, skip tickets, materials, outfit EXP, bond EXP can be obtained from the training. Go to the quest menu -> training -> tap on an empty slot -> outfit/materials/bond -> select the character and its outfit. Begin training. 

Download All Data In Moe Ninja Girls RPG

After completing the tutorial, go to the menu -> options -> batch download. It’s better to download all the data at once – this way, you would not be waiting on the loading screen for long. 

So that’s all for now in this Moe! Ninja Girls RPG guide for beginners. If you more Moe! Ninja Girls RPG tips and tricks, share them in the comments. 

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