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Elune is the latest RPG for Android and iOS by Gamevil Inc. Check out our Elune guide, tips, cheats & strategies to progress fast & wisely

In this Elune guide and Elune tips, cheats & strategies post, you will learn all the basics of the game as well as some tips, tactics & tricks to beat the foes at the high-difficulty level. The guide covers all the things that you should know. Let’s not waste any time and head to the post!

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Elune Guide – The Combat, Elunes, Powering-Up

EluneYou have to prepare the 5-Elunes team before entering the battle. The battle formation is also important – you can deploy two heroes in the front line and three heroes in the back-line. Those who lead from the front should be the tank class Elunes. We have explained the Elune classes guide below. Make sure to check it. In the back-line, you can deploy the DPS/Healers/Debuffers/Supporters. Along with the 5-Elune team, you can choose a friend’s hero as an additional support unit. Don’t forget to add friends in Elune game. To add friends, tap the menu button at the upper-right corner of the lobby -> add friend -> send the request.Elune

In addition to the 5-Elune team, friend’s hero, you can also use the potions. There are lots of potions that you can craft in the workshop – to increase CRIT stats, ACC stats, for healing buff, resistance, etc. To craft the potions, tap the sub-menu button at the upper-right side and there you will find the workshop. The workshop unlocks at level 10. Read the Elune Leveling guide below for more details.

Once you are all set, take a look at the battle details – on the right side of the battle preparation options, you can check the recommended CP, basic rewards, requirements to get 3-star, rewards, and the enemies.

In-Battle Guide

The upper-left corner of the combat screen – Here you can see the number of turns and the ACT name. Bottom-left corner – here is a swap button function that you can use to swap turns. Tap it and select the Elune that you want to play turn. Bottom-right corner – here you can see the skills of the heroes and on the top-left corner of the skill icons, you can check the number of souls required to use that skill. At the bottom-right, the left side of the skills, you can see the souls. As you play the turns, you will get souls.

The upper-right corner – here you can choose to automate or speed-up or pause the battle.

Elune – Characters/Heroes Guide

Hero Classes, Rarity: –

There are five hero classes in Elune game – DPS, Healer, Tank, Debuffer, and Supporters. To check the hero class, tap the menu button at the upper-right corner -> choose index -> choose Elunes -> tap the Elune -> In the stats tab, you can check all the details including rarity, class, grade, level, and stats.

  • DPS – The damage dealers(Attackers)
  • Healer – Heal allies
  • Supporters – Support the rest of their team with skills; buffs
  • Tank – Front line heroes, to protect the back-line units
  • Debuffers – Apply debuffs(negative effect) on the enemy team

The rarity – To clear the high-difficulty stages in Elune, you need a powerful team of Elunes. There are lots of characters in the game and to make them powerful, you will grind EXP, upgrade them, their gears, and there is lots of stuff involved in it. And, of course, you don’t want to develop a low-tier hero. We would recommend you to focus on high-rarity characters and use other characters as a fodder. All the heroes belong to one of these rarities – Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon, and Normal. Usually, players consider developing the legendary, epic, and rare heroes. Uncommon and normal rarity heroes would not help you a lot.

Now, let’s learn to power-up the heroes.

Elune Guide – Powering Up The Elunes

The easiest way to increase the power of a character is by raising his/her level. To level up Elune, you need Elune EXP. Elune gains EXP from the battles. All you need to do is add them to the team -> enter the adventure mode -> play or repeat the stages -> defeat the enemies -> claim the rewards including the EXP. So if you want to level up a hero, just add him/her to the team and play the adventure mode. You can even play past stages and get rewards.

Another way to level a character is by sacrificing other characters. Go to the Elune menu -> choose a hero -> upgrade -> select the materials(other heroes that you want to sacrifice to level up selected hero) -> upgrade.

You can get low-tier heroes to use as an upgrade material from the adventure mode. Other ways; Gears, Skills, etc. Let’s learn all –


You can obtain the gears from adventure mode, from the bosses. From the adventure mode, you can acquire the common/rare/uncommon rarity gears while the boss drops high-quality/rarity gears – epic, legendary. Equip the gears to the heroes to increase their stats by a massive number. Also, you can upgrade or enhance the gears using enhance the stone. Enhance stones can be obtained by scrapping the gears or from adventure mode.

Go to the Elune menu -> gear -> equip gear -> tap the gear -> enhance -> use enhance stones -> confirm. To scrap the gears for enhance stones, go to the bag menu -> under the gear tab, tap the scrap option -> select the gear that you want to sacrifice for enhance stones.

Elune Guide -> Skills & Skill Books(Skill Paper/Pages)

Leveling up the Elune skill can also help you a lot to win difficult battles. To level up the Elune skills, you need skill books. Skill books can be obtained by fusing the skill pages/papers in the lab. Go to the lab -> choose the skill book type; common, uncommon, etc. -> fuse. How do you get the skill papers?

You can get the skill papers or pages from the pirate missions.

Pirate Missions

Pirate Missions appear randomly while playing the adventure mode. Keep playing the adventure mode and you may get the chance to play this mission. From these pirate missions, you can obtain the skill papers, which are required to craft skill books in the lab.

Go to the lab -> select the skill book type -> tap the + button -> tap available button to check the source of skill papers.

Skill Gems

Skill Gems can be acquired from the adventure mode. There are eight types of skill gems: –

  1. Red Gem – Increases physical damage of skills
  2. Orange Gem – Increases CRIT rate of skills
  3. Yellow Gem – Increases the buff effect of skills
  4. Green Gem – Increases healing effect of skills
  5. Blue Gem – Increases magical damage of skills
  6. Indigo Gem – Increases debuff effects of skills
  7. Violet Gem – Increases attack speed after a skill is used
  8. Rainbow Gem – Single level boost

In the Elune menu, select a hero -> skill gems -> here you can inlay these skill gems.

Elune Training Guide

The training function unlocks at account level 15(play the adventure mode to earn account EXP and increase your account level). The training function allows you to add Elunes to the training list – these Elunes will receive EXP even without playing in the battle.


You can fuse the two max level heroes and get a higher-grade hero. For example – if you fuse two max level grade (2) heroes, then you may get a grade (3) – 3-star hero. Keep in mind that you will lose those two heroes (in the fusion slots) and the game randomly gives you a hero.


Send the heroes on exploration to bring rewards; ruby, Elune’s light, potion crafting material, gold coins, etc.

Elune Evolve

Once the hero reaches his/her max level, you can evolve him/her, which costs Elune’s seeds and class seeds. For example – if you are going to evolve a tank class hero, you will need tank seeds. Evolving a hero increases his/her grade(the star level, max level). In short, you will be able to develop him/her further.

Elune Workshop

Here you can craft the potions. Get crafting material from the exploration.


In the lab, you can craft the skill books. Get the skill papers from the pirate missions.

Light Summon

You can obtain Elun’e light by scrapping the useless Elunes or from the exploration mode. Use this in-game currency to obtain new Elunes.

Soul Stone

By playing the game, you can acquire soul stones from various game modes. You need (480) soul stones to summon a legendary hero, (360) soul stones to summon epic rarity hero, and (240) soul stones to grab a rare summon.


Spend the in-game currency to unlock/enhance Zodiac – your team get bonuses from this.


Get the daily deals – soul stones, skill gems, gears. Spend in-game currency to grab these deals.

Game Modes – Elune Farming Guide

  • Lighture Temple – Farm class seeds, seeds
  • Boss Battle – Farm epic-legendary gears
  • Dimensional Rift – Get rubies, gold
  • Heir Battle – PvP mode, get honor points
  • Chaos Tower – Fight monsters at each floor, get rubies/summon – rank reward
  • Alliance Boss – Gears, Permastones

So that would be all in this Elune guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our Elune tips, cheats & strategies!

Elune Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

1.) Claim The Daily Buff

In the lobby, on the right side, tap the buff button and claim the buffs. These three buffs can increase the Elune EXP, account EXP, gold reward. The buff lasts long for about an hour – so make sure to get the most out of it.

2.) Complete The Missions

In the menu, tap the missions option -> complete daily, weekly, recurring missions to get lots of precious rewards.

3.) Add Friends

Make sure to add the friends -> you can use their heroes as an additional support unit in the battle. Also, you can gift hearts(FP) to each other. Use the hearts(FP) in the supplies or for summon.

4.) Build A Balanced Team, Use Potions

A balanced team would be the combination of tank units(front), and DPS, healer or supporter or debuffer. We would recommend building a team of two tanks(front) + two DPS + one healer or supporter or debuffer. Experiment with different classes combinations if you are having trouble winning a stage.

Also, use potions+Zodiac+friend’s hero to increase the chances of getting a win.

5.) Focus On The Best Heroes

Check this Elune tier list to get info on best heroes.

6.) Join Alliance

To unlock alliance modes, you will have to join an alliance. Make sure to join an active alliance and participate in all the alliance activities as well as alliance game modes.

7.) Go AFK, Repeat The Battles

To grind EXP, low-tier Elunes, common-uncommon gears, we would recommend to go AFK and use the auto-battle function. You can auto-repeat a stage(cleared with 3-star in adventure mode) and get all the rewards without event playing or instructing manually.

8.) Power-Up The Heroes

  • Raise their level
  • Raise their skill level
  • Enhance gears
  • Evolve
  • Transcend
  • Upgrade
  • Equip high-quality gear

So these are some basic Elune tips for the beginners. If you have more tips or any other useful info, feel free to share in the comment section below.

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