Merge Empire Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Merge Empire is a brand new mobile game by DIGITAL MELODY GAMES. Let’s have a look at our Merge Empire guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Digital Melody’s latest mobile game Merge Empire has just released for mobile. In the game, you hire the workers, develop the kingdom, loot other players, and unlock new worlds/eras. The game’s concept is pretty simple to understand; use the gold coins to hire workers, tap the screen to generate coins, and head to the new world and do the same thing there. If you have just started playing Merge Empire game, then our today’s Merge Empire guide and Merge Empire tips, cheats & strategies will help you master the game.

Merge Empire Guide

Merge EmpireThe Basics

The game’s mechanics are similar to its title; merge. At the bottom of the screen, you can check the workers that you can deploy in the Kingdom and they will generate gold coins for you. You can hire the first worker instantly using the gold coins. But, the second unit will need its two units. For example; In the first Kingdom world, you can hire Timber instantly using the gold coins. But, to deploy or hire the stonemason, you will need (2) Timber. The two Timer will merge and you get (1) Stonemason. And, the hiring cost increases as you hire more numbers of the same unit.

What Actually Happening On Your Screen?

The workers you hire in Merge Empire game destroy every object/monster around the empire. This progress can be seen on the level bar. As they clear all the things on the screen, you will be able to level up. Leveling up makes the empire strong and it would be difficult for other players to beat your empire.

Generating Gold Coins

Gold Coin is the in-game currency in Merge Empire game that you use to deploy more workers. Depending on the worker’s grade, you get gold coins per hit. You can check the gold coins income from one unit on their icons(at the bottom). So if you want to earn more coins, you should deploy the high-grade workers asap.

Merge Empire Gems

The gem is another in-game currency in Merge Empire game. You need the gems to spin the wheel or attack the player. Tap the gift button at the upper-right corner of the game screen -> spin wheel or attack player.

Merge Empire Era

Merge EmpireYou start the game in Kingdom era and as soon as you hire the two King in that Kingdom, a new Era named Pirates get unlocked. In each Era, you get a new scenario, units, and the environment. Tap the crown button above the level/units widget -> from here you can switch between Era/Worlds.

Attacking Players/Military Units

Merge EmpireNot all the units can participate in the battles. It would be better to have enough Military Units when you enter the battle or head to attack another player. These units are displayed or marked with an attack icon on their portraits as you can see in the above picture.

So this is the Merge Empire guide for the beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Merge Empire tips, cheats & strategies!

Merge Empire tips, cheats & strategies!

1.) Tap The Screen To Speed-Up

If you tap the screen, the workers will work fast and you will generate gold coins fast. Notice the speed without tapping or when tapping the screen, you will see the difference.

2.) Watch The Video Ad For More Gold Coins

Every time you level up, the game gives you a huge amount of gold coins. There you also get the option to grab the jackpot amount by watching a video ad. If you are low on gold coins, it would be better to watch the video ad.

3.) Tap The Dragon For Gems

Every now and then, a dragon appears on your screen. Tap it to inflict damage and you may get gold coins or gems for free.

4.) Watch The Video Ad For Gems

If you want some free gems, watching video ad is not a bad option; At the upper left corner of the screen, tap the + button -> watch the video ad for gems.

5.) Spin The Wheel, Attack The Players

Use the gems or watch the video ad to access these features. Spinning the wheel can reward units, gold coins, gems, and much more. And, if you destroy the enemy base, you may earn gold coins. But, make sure to have enough numbers of military units before you go on an attack.

So these are the basic Merge Empire tips for the beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below!

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