Monster Hammer Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide

Monster Hammer is a brand new casual one-tap game by Dobsoft Studios. Check out our Monster Hammer cheats, tips & stratgey to guide to finish all the levels

Dobsoft Studios has just released a simple arcade game for mobile in which the player smash the monsters using the hammer. The gameplay mechanics set its name to Monster Hammer. Monster Hunter game features challenging levels and dozens of items; hammers, armors, rings, and much more. Your objective is to finish all the levels and unlock every item. If you are having trouble clearing the levels, then we are here to help you with our top Monster Hammer cheats, tips & a stratgey guide.

The Basics – Get Started – Monster Hunter

Before we dive into the main cheats, tips & stratgey guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In Monster Hunter game, the player hunts the treasure in the dungeon. The dungeon is full of monsters and it has many floors(levels). The number of monsters increases as you reach a new floor. Along with many monsters, there are many gold pots. Break these pots to obtain gold and open the treasure chests.

The gameplay is also pretty simple; your character just moves straight. You can not move left or right side. Simply tap the screen to swing the hammer when the monster is in attack range. That monster may hit the gold pots or other monsters. If it hits the gold pot, then you will obtain gold coins.

Using the gold coins, you can buy boosters such as shield, giant hammer or buy treasure chests. From treasure chests, you can obtain new items; hammers, accessories, armors(increases the health/life of the character), and rings. And as you clear levels, you will unlock power-ups such as shockwave, Whirl Wind, slow time and more. When playing the game, hitting these power-ups activate special effect for a certain amount of time. So this is the basic Monster Hammer guide for the beginners. Now, let’s take a look at the top Monster Hammer cheats, tips & strategy guide.

Monster Hunter Cheats & Tips: –

1.) Time Your Attack, Swing At The Right Time

Some monsters do not move while some monsters move towards you(from any direction). You have to be prepared for both types of monsters. Since your character does not stop at any point, you have to swing the hammer at the right time. For example: Swing early when the monsters are coming towards you. And in the opposite situation(when they are stationed), then time your attack; swing the hammer when the monster is in range. In short, timing is very important. Sometimes, you have to swing the hammer quickly multiple times while sometimes, you have to wait. Read the monsters’ movement and act accordingly.

2.) Clear At Least 50% Of The Level To Restore Health

If you lose all the hearts after clearing the 50% of the level, then the game will give you the offer to continue from the last point by watching a short video ad. Additionally, it also refills the hearts. So if you are having trouble clearing a particular level, then make sure to play with an active internet connection and grab this offer. Because as you clear more levels, the monsters will come fast and from the random direction. In this annoying situation, this is the only way to get rid of that level.

3.) Break The Pots To Earn Gold

Monster HammerBy default, the game gives you gold coins every certain amount of time. If you want to earn more, especially from the levels, then make sure to break the pots of gold. These pots are on the left and right side of the dungeon. Striking these pots of gold with the hammer is not possible as the character runs in the center of the dungeon. But it does not mean you can not break them. All you have to do is strike the monster at the right time and in such a way that it should hit the left or right side of the dungeon.

4.) Grab The Power-Ups To Enjoy Temporary Boost

Monster HammerIn the initial levels, you will get a power-up named shockwave that activates the ability to strike monsters from a long range. If you want more, then clear the levels. For example; Whirl Wind power-up activates the furry mode in which the character moves rapidly round and round for a few seconds. Make sure to hit these power-ups when running in the dungeon to activate the temporary boost.

5.) Save Gold To Get New Items

Monster HammerBy default, you get the treasure chest after clearing a set of levels. From these chests, you get armors, rings, hammers, and much more. Rings can increase the gold drop rate, power-up frequency. Armors can increase the life of the character(get more hearts). And hammer comes in different forms; long, small, medium. However, your skill matters. You can clear hard levels even with a wooden hammer. If you want these items, then don’t spend the gold on buying boosters and save for the treasure chest. You can buy a treasure chest in exchange for 1000 coins.

6.) Watch The Video Ad For Coins

Sometimes, at the end of the level, at the bottom of the reward screen, you get the offer to earn coins by watching the video ad. If you are out of coins, then make sure to accept this offer and fill up your treasure. Additionally, the game provides you a bag of gold coins after every certain amount of time. You can double the amount of reward by watching the video ad.

7.) Try The Boosters To Get A Head-Start

In Monster Hammer game, before you start the level, you can purchase a booster in exchange for coins. For example; Shield or Super Hammer. If you have been stuck on a level, then it would be a great idea to try out the boosters and start with an active boost.

So these are our top Monster Hammer tips, cheats & a stratgey guide for the beginners. Also, see – Top best arcade games for Android 2018

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