Wizard’s Wheel 2 Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Wizard’s Wheel 2 is a brand new Idle RPG from Iron Horse Games LLC. Check out our Wizard’s Wheel 2 guide, tips, cheats & strategy

The sequel to Wizard’s Wheel game has just been released for mobile. And it’s way better than the original game. In Wizard’s Wheel 2, you will recruit the heroes, clear the waves of enemies in the forest, defeat the boss in each area, and fight against the undead in every region. Can you beat the main boss? It’s time to build the party of best heroes and steal the treasure from the monsters to power-up the heroes. Unlike other Idle games, this one is very addictive, time killer, and unique. If you are having trouble understanding the Wizard’s Wheel 2 game’s mechanics, then this post will help you. In today’s post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know as a beginner: Wizard’s Wheel 2 guide and Wizard’s Wheel 2 tips, cheats & strategies.

Get Started – The Basics – Things To Know – Wizard’s Wheel 2

Wizard's Wheel 2Before we dive into the tips, cheats & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. When you start the game, there are three buildings in the town; builders, tavern, and storage. In Wizard’s Wheel 2, you can recruit the heroes from the tavern. Depending on the hero’s quality(rare, epic or high-rank), you will need to spend. Usually, it will cost you coins or gems. Additionally, you can rent the heroes from tavern if you have not enough money.

Heroes(on rent) will take 10% of the gold(earned by you from the forest) in the first turn. In the next turn, they will disappear. By default, you can choose up to four heroes in the team.

Another building in the town is of builders. Tap it(there would be a hammer icon above that building) -> from there you can build more buildings and unlock new tier buildings: –

  1. Weapon Shop
  2. Armor Shop
  3. Potion Shop
  4. Training Grounds
  5. Accessory Shop
  6. Stables
  7. Blacksmith
  8. Enchanter
  9. Jeweler
  10. Alchemist
  11. Manasmith

After building, look around on the main screen(town), you will find it. We will learn about each building in the guide part below.

The third building in the town is storage. By defeating the enemies, you earn chests. From these chests, you could get items; weapon, armor, accessory, potion, gems, boosters, and much more. All the items stored here. Tap an item -> take the item -> to move it to the inventory(15 slots).

Heroes Management

Tap the tavern building in the town to manage all kinds of activities. On the tavern screen, under the available recruits section, you can check the heroes available to recruit. Under the Your Heroes section, you can manage the heroes you own. And on the right side, tap the upgrades to upgrade the tavern facility: –

  1. Maximum Visitors – Upgrade it to increase the recruitment slots
  2. Maximum Visitors Level – Upgrade it to increase the chances of obtaining a high-level hero
  3. Visitor Refresh time – Upgrade it to reduce
  4. Maximum Recruits – Upgrade it to unlock more slots(to store more heroes).

Removing and Adding: –

Remove – Go to the town screen. At the bottom left corner, tap the hero’s slot -> above the equip button, tap the bed icon to remove the hero from the team.

Adding the hero – Tap the + icon in the team slot section(town screen) -> on the next screen, under the Your Heroes section, choose the hero to add -> above the equip button, tap the + icon.

Heroes’ Stats And Equipment

It’s important to keep an eye on all the heroes’ stats and the gears equipped by them. Tap the hero and under the stats tab, you can check the hero’s attack power, defense power. You can increase these stats by equipping or upgrading the equipment. On the same screen, under the equipment section, you can check the list of gears equipped by a hero; weapon, shield, armor, helmet, boots, accessory, gems, and more. Tap the equip button -> on the next screen, you can change the hero’s equipment or simply tap the auto button to equip.

Tapping the (?) icon next to the equipment will give you its details.

The Fourth Building In The Town – Wizard’s Wheel 2

Apart from the above mentioned three buildings, there is one more. If you scroll to the bottom right side in the town, you will see a temple. From this temple, you can earn a rare in-game currency – TM. This feature is called as the time warp. By using this feature, you earn Time Mana points. These points are used in activating/upgrading the permanent bonuses. You can see the bonuses on the same screen(tap-?- icon). How to earn these points? To earn, play the game – defeat the enemies, boss, undead, recruit heroes, earn money. In short, it depends on the progress.

But it will reset the game’s progress; character levels, inventory items, gold. Read the Wizard’s Wheel 2 tips, cheats & strategy guide for info.

So this is the basic Wizard’s Wheel 2 guide for the beginners. Let’s check out our main Wizard’s Wheel 2 guide and after it, read our top Wizard’s Wheel 2 tips, cheats & strategies.

Wizard’s Wheel 2 Guide: –

  • Buildings Guide

In the basic part above, we mentioned a number of buildings you can build in the town with the help of builders. Let’s learn about all.

Weapon Shop

From here, you can buy weapons for the heroes. Tap the weapon shop. On the next screen, you will see the list of weapons available to purchase. The list updates every certain amount of time. You can refresh it by watching the video ad or using the gems. Tap the weapon to purchase. You can check the price next to the weapon name(for example – War AXE ~ 194). 194 is the price of the weapon.

Upgrade – Upgrade the weapon shop to get good deals.

Armor Shop

As same as weapon shop. But here you get armor deals. Armor items are boots, helmet, shield. Buy high-rank armor items to increase the hero’s defense.

Upgrade – Upgrade the armor shop to get high-rank armor deals.


Stable is one of the main buildings in Wizard’s Wheel 2 game. From here, you can hire the horse and move to a specific checkpoint in the forest instead of starting the journey again(from level 1 monster). Spend some coins to move to a certain stage.

Accessory Shop

From here you can buy accessory items for the heroes. These items can increase the HP, intelligent, defense, strength, and more stats of the heroes. Tap to get the details. Before you buy, make sure to compare the item.

Upgrade the accessory shop to get good quality items.

Potion Shop

You can buy potions(to restore health, the mana of heroes in the battle) from this shop. How to use? Read the battle guide below. Upgrade the potion shop to get high-level items.


Make sure to not to tap any item on that screen if you are unsure what is it. As it directly deducts the amount of gold. What is it? From this building, you can change the modifiers(bonuses) of the item. For example – There is an item named Sharp Oak Staff and it provides this bonus: +20% damage(you can check the item’s bonus in the inventory). Using the enchanting feature, you can change its stats or bonus stats.

How to check?

  • Note down the name of the equipment
  • Go to the inventory and tap the item to check its stats
  • Note down the stats
  • Go to enchant building
  • Tap that item(it will cost you gold)

This will change the name of the item as well as its stats. Go to the inventory and check the changes. Prior to it, make sure to check the cost of gold next to the item name.


Here you can upgrade the equipment of heroes. In the town, tap the blacksmith building. You will see the items list(even those which are in your storage). Tap the item to upgrade. Upgrade this building to upgrade high-level gears.


In Wizard’s Wheel 2, you can upgrade the accessory items in this building. Upgrade this building to upgrade high-level accessory items.


Here you can combine the same type of equipment items to obtain a random one. In short, sacrifice three items to get one. Tapping the recipes button will show you the recipes you have discovered.

As of now, we have discovered only one(Recipe). Here’s the recipe detail: –

  1. Name – 3 Equipment of the same basic type
  2. Details – Prefix and Suffix must match on 2 of the items.
  3. Result – Original equipment with any prefix/suffix shared from remaining 2 items.

In short, use the same name/type items. It will cost you gems. If it does not match, the game will prompt you a message Рthe combination does not yield any new item.


Here you can upgrade the item’s tier. Upgrade the items to these levels – 10, 50, 100, 200. After it, head to this building -> you will see the list of items there(meeting the level bonus). The cost – Gold coins and Time Mana points.

Training Grounds

The training ground is near the temple(in the town). There you can send two heroes for training. Training increases the stats of the heroes. Before you leave the game, make sure to send two heroes in the training grounds. Upgrade it to get bonus boost. Heroes in the training grounds cannot be added to the team. Finish the training first.

So that’s the Wizard’s Wheel 2 building guide.

  • Battle Guide

Wizard's Wheel 2On the main screen of the game, at the bottom-right corner, tap the battle icon. Choose the area. And go. Sometimes, after clearing a certain number of stages, you get two options after selecting the area; to forest or to undead.

“Defeat the undead” to earn Wizard’s XP(read the Wizard’s power guide below for more info).

Battle guide -> Since Wizard’s Wheel 2 is an idle game, all you need to do is tap the screen to attack the enemies. In the battle, on the bottom-left corner, there are four options; the first one is of skill(Wizard’s skill). Tap it to unleash. To use it again, you need mana. Mana regenerates every turn.

In the hero’s profile page, under the skill, you can get the skill details.

Bag Icon – Tap the bag icon to use items; potions, mana items, antidote, mega boost, and more.

Red color attack icon – To attack enemies.

Defense icon – To block the enemy’s attack upon enemy turn.

On the right side of the battle screen, tap the X icon multiple times to exit. Just below the gear icon, tap the boost icon to watch the video ad for the booster. Check the auto box to automate the gameplay. Tap the wheel to increase the speed.

Defeat – After losing all the heroes, you will have to start the game again. From the battle, your heroes earn experience(helps in leveling up), loot, gems, and items.

  • Wizard’s Power Guide

Wizard's Wheel 2In Wizard’s Wheel 2 game, Wizard’s Power is a special skill. You can unleash in the battle by tapping its icon. How to unlock more? On the main screen, bottom-right corner, tap the book icon. There you can check all the skills. Tap the skill to get details, level-up options, unequip option. By default, you have only one slot. You can buy more using the Wizard’s XP. How to obtain Wizard’s XP? Defeat the undead boss to gain Wizard’s XP or complete the area. Read the battle guide above for more details.

So this is a short Wizard’s Wheel 2 guide for the beginners. Now, read our top Wizard’s Wheel 2 tips, cheats & strategies.

Wizard’s Wheel 2 Tips, Cheats, Strategies are: –

1.) Sell Useless Items For GP

As you clear the stages over and over again, your storage will be full of garbage. Get rid of all the useless items by selling. Make sure to sell only useless items(with low bonus, low attack/defense stats).

2.) Upgrade The Buildings To Get Good Gears

From low-level weapon shop, armor shop, accessory shop, you get low-quality item deals. If you want high-level items, then we would recommend you to upgrade the shop. And before you buy any item, make sure to compare it with current weapon. You can check the level of the item in front of its name(for example; +9 Har AXE). Here +9 states the level of the item(level 9).

3.) Save Gold For High-Level Heroes

High-Rank heroes’ recruitment cost is way too high. But they will help you in defeating the main boss of the forest. Repeat the stages over and over again -> gather coins -> save -> get high-rank heroes -> defeat the boss.

4.) Buy Potions From The Potion Shop

When fighting against a powerful boss, potion really helps you. You can buy the potions from the potion shop in the town in exchange for gold. Read the battle guide above to know how to use these items in the battle.

5.) Use The Stable To Start From The Checkpoint

After getting defeated on a high stage, when you go to the battle again in the forest, you start from stage 1. Go to the stables -> from there you can start from the checkpoint stage. It will cost you GP.

6.) Tap The Dimensional Wizard

Wizard's Wheel 2Every now and then, in the battle, a dimensional wizard visits(near the wheel icon). Tap it to get rewards; gems, GP, and much more.

7.) Use The Wizard’s Power At The Right Time

Wizard’s Power can be unleashed by tapping the power icon(for example; In the early stage, it is a fire icon, above the wheel icon). Make sure to use it at the right time because it has a cooldown time. You can learn more about the Wizard’s Power in the guide part above.

8.) Participate In The Daily Dungeon

On the main screen, at the bottom-right corner, tap the dungeon icon(near battle icon) and participate in the daily dungeon for more rewards.

9.) Train The Heroes In Training Grounds

Training improves the heroes’ attributes. Send two heroes in the training grounds to begin the training.

10.) Use The Time Warp Feature When You Are Stuck

If you think you are progressing very slow or enemy is way too powerful, then use this feature. Tap the temple -> time warp for TM(Time Mana Points). This will reset the progress. Use these points in activating or upgrading the permanent upgrades(i.e. Statue of learning, wealth, protection, and more).

Next time, use it when TM is enough to upgrade existing bonus or in activating another. For example; for the first time, you did it at 100. Next time, you should do it when TM points are more than 150 or higher(depending on the progress).

So these are our top Wizard’s Wheel 2 tips, cheats & strategies for the beginners. Also, see – Best Idle games for Android(Including Best Idle RPGs)

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