Monsters With Attitude Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide

Monsters With AttitudeMonsters With Attitude is a brand new online multiplayer game for mobile by Flaregames. Check out Monsters With Attitude cheats, tips & strategy guide to master the game

Flaregames, the creators of Flick Arena game recently released a brand new io style game for Android and iOS in which you control a monster on a destructive map where you can destroy all the structures to increase the power of your monster. Its gameplay is similar to Voodoo’s game. But as compared to it, Monster With Attitude game comes with amazing maps, graphics, characters, and a Symbie system. If you are having trouble destroying the enemy monsters, we are here to help you. In today’s post, we have covered everything about the game you need to know as a monster: Monsters With Attitude guide and Monsters With Attitude cheats, tips & strategies.

Monsters With Attitude Basics – Get Started

Before we dive into the main cheats, tips & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In Monsters With Attitude game, to win the match, you need to power-up the monsters by collecting the energy. As you collect the energy, the size of the monster will increase. And as the size increases, your monster will be able to destruct the big structures easily. All you need to do is collect the energy by destructing the structures; cars, trees, buildings, machines, and more. You can destruct every object on the map.

The battle held between eight players; win the match by beating the rivals. In the battle screen, at the top, you can check your monster’s rank. The monster with the most points at the end of battle wins the match and earn maximum stars. These stars are required to obtain the chestbot. By default, you have three free slots(you can store up to three chests at a time). After it, you would not get any chest.

Additionally, you also earn trophies. As you gain trophies, your rank in the league will increase. You start with the training grounds, then move to Junior Cluster -> Minor Cluster – > Pro Cluster -> and so on. As you move to the new Cluster, new characters will get unlocked. And maps too. So that’s the Monsters With Attitude basic guide for the beginners. Now, let’s check out our top Monsters With Attitude cheats, tips & strategies to dominate in this game.

Monsters With Attitude Cheats, Tips & Strategies

1.) Find And Collect Chaos Power ASAP

Monsters With AttitudeChaos Power or power-ups provides or activates a special skill to the monster. Monsters With Attitude game features a number of power-ups. Among all these, main power-ups are nuke – Nuke can change the match result. When you release the nuke or rocket, you will deal a massive damage to the enemies(within the range) and their points will reduce. And keep in mind that it will also impact you if you are in range.

Energy Drink – Energy Drink power-up is the source of energy. Using it will grant you energy. Magnet – Attracts the energy. Balloon – Increases your size for a few seconds. And there are so many. Make sure to collect as much as you can.

2.) Don’t Mess With Giant Monsters

If a player is ahead of you(in size as well as points), make sure to avoid that player as when a small size monster strikes the big size monster, its points get reduced. But if you are dominating the match, then do this; strike the small-size monsters and earn more points. You can crush the monsters by striking from any side. But in the early phase, focus on destructing the objects and collecting energy.

3.) Use The Monster’s Ability

In Monsters With Attitude game, all the monsters have a unique ability. On the battle screen, at the bottom, tap the skill button(blue button) to use it. Since all the monsters have a unique skill, make sure to utilize at the right time, in the right situation. For example; Rufus has dash skill and deal massive damage to the enemy by striking with the horn.

4.) Upgrade The Monster And Symbie

Symbie or partners provide a special boost to the monster. For example; Wrex increases destruction power, Bashton increases energy drop, attractokum increases the range of Rufus. You can upgrade the monsters as well as their partners. All you need is character cards and Symbie cards. These cards can be obtained from the chests. Win the match, earn stars and unlock the chest. When you have enough cards available, you can upgrade the monster or Symbie.

5.) Grow Your Monster Quickly By Increasing Growth Bonus

With a high growth bonus, the monster grows more quickly in the matches. On the main screen of the game, at the top-left corner of the screen, tap the player level option -> there you can check the growth bonus. How to increase? Increase your player level to increase the growth bonus. How to increase the player level? Upgrade the monsters and Symbie. When you upgrade the monsters or Symbie, you earn level up points. After gaining enough, the player level will increase.

6.) Get The Free Chests

In Monsters With Attitude game, you can claim up to three chestbot for free every day, after every 3 hours. Head to the chestbot tab -> just below the offer banner, you can check the free chestbot section. Tap the chest to claim. From these chests, you can obtain coins or cards.

7.) Complete The Mighty Chestbot Challenge

Completing the mighty chestbot challenge grants Mighty Chestbot to the player. This chest contains rubies, coins, and cards. On the chestbot menu, just below the free chestbots section, you can check it. All you need to do is collect the energy in the matches. After reaching the certain limit, you will get that chest.

8.) Make Use Of Rubies

You earn rubies from the chestbot; mighty chestbot. How to use? You can use these rubies to open the chest instantly. But we would recommend you to collect the rubies and exchange them for Symbie chestbot(250 rubies) or Monster chestbot(750 rubies).

So these are our top Monsters With Attitude tips, cheats & a strategy guide for the beginners. Also, see – Top new Android games of this week 

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