Animal Camp: Healing Resort Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Animal Camp: Healing Resort is a brand new game for mobile by POOM GAMES. Check out our Animal Camp: Healing Resort guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Animal Camp: Healing Resort
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POOM GAMES, the publisher of Cat Forest – Healing Camp game, has recently released a brand new game called Animal Camp: Healing Resort where your goal is to build the resort for the cute animals/guests and make it bigger and better. You will gather the materials from the environment and use them to craft goods, cook delicious food recipes, and there are plenty of things to do. If you have just started playing this game, then you are on the right page. This Animal Camp: Healing Resort guide teaches you all the fundamentals of the game. Also, with the help of our Animal Camp: Healing Resort tips, cheats & strategies you will be able to progress fast. So without further ado, let’s dive in!

Animal Camp: Healing Resort Guide: –

Your goal is to build a resort near the Island and make it popular so that more animal guests visit and enjoy it. You can build a ton of buildings and facilities on the land. For example – at the beginning of the game, you build a Cabin that attracts up to two guests at a time. To let more guests stay at the resort, you can build luxury cabins. But most of these facilities are locked and you need to level up to unlock these premium facilities for the guests. Let’s learn everything in detail.

Resort Level: –

By raising the resort level, you can unlock new facilities and lodging buildings. For example – at level 17, you can build a caravan where visitors can stay. In the upper-left corner of the main interface of the game, you can check the resort level. It also shows the number of experience points you will need to reach the next level. You get these experience points by doing activities such as gathering, cooking, crafting, etc. So if you want to level up, gather the resources from the environment, cook the food recipes in the home, craft the tools materials. All these activities help you gain experience points.

Reputation: –

In the upper-left corner of the main interface of the game, you can check the reputation points. You will need these reputation points for R&D. Tap the home -> R&D -> there you can research on different things to get benefits. It will require reputation points and materials. Tap the material icon to check the name of the material. For example – paper. You can craft paper in the home using mortar and vegetable fiber  – vegetable fiber can be obtained from the environment, while mortar can be crafted with Pebble/Lumber/Hammer.

Home: –

Tap the home to access the menu list: –

  • R&D – Spend reputation points and material items for buffs
  • Bag – Inventory – all the items that you gather from the environment, craft, cook in the home are stored in the bag
  • Make – Make crafting materials and tools like hammer, mortar, Pie Pan, etc.
  • Cook – Cook the food recipes like strawberry pie, apple pie, and more. Feed the food items to the workers or resort owner to restore their energy
  • Hire – Spend the cones to hire the workers to work in the resort. They do all the things like a manager does
  • Store – Here you can get free golden pine cones by watching a short video Ad or with real money.
  • Coupons – These coupons help you clear cabins

Buildings: –

Buildings, Facilities, Decoration, Nature Items improve reputation points, give pine cones, golden pine cones. If you have enough material items for these buildings and you meet the resort level requirement, you can build it and attract more visitors.

Workers: –

The workers you hire to work in the resort help you in cooking, fishing, growing vegetables, crafting tools, etc. Tap the worker avatar in the bottom-left corner of the game interface -> there you can check his max energy, level progress, reputation, and other stats like Skill, Stamina, Luck, HP, etc. Check the level bar that displays the number of experience points are required to reach the next level. The worker can gain these points by doing activities like fishing, cooking, crafting tools, gathering stuff, etc. Raise his level to increase max energy cap and other stats.

So this would be all in this Animal Camp: Healing Resort guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Animal Camp: Healing Resort tips, cheats & strategies.

Animal Camp: Healing Resort Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Hire The Workers To Work In The Resort

The owner of the resort can not build a big resort alone – you need to hire workers to progress fast. Tap the home building -> hire -> watch the video Ad to publish an Ad for recruitment -> hire the worker by spending pine cones. You can earn pine cones from the guests and facilities; when the guests use the buildings or facilities, you get pine cones.

2.) Eat To Restore The Worker’s Energy

Workers in the Animal Camp: Healing Resort game needs the energy to do work. If they are low on energy, they would not do anything until the energy restores. Energy can be restored immediately by eating the food items. You can cook these items in the home building at the resort. Tap the worker button in the bottom-left corner -> eat -> select the food -> that’s it.

3.) Get Free Golden Pine Coins

Go to the store(home building -> store) -> watching the video Ad gives you free golden pine coins. You can spend these golden pine coins to increase the max number of vacancy slots so that you can hire more workers to work in the resort.

Complete the achievements to get free golden pine coins. Build caravan to get free golden pine coins(build menu -> caravan). You can also spend the golden pine coins in the shop. Homebuilding -> shop -> here you can buy beans, seeds, and many more items in exchnage for pine cones and golden coins.

4.) Build Campfire For Buff

When the resort reaches level 5, you can build a campfire from the build menu(facilities tab). Use it to get a temporary buff for the workers.

5.) Keep Gathering And Crafting

Don’t stop doing normal activities; make sure that all the workers are at work – doing some activities like fishing, gathering, crafting, etc. This will give you the experience points and you can level up the resort to unlock new facilities.

6.) You Can Upgrade The Cabins

The cabin-like buildings produce pine coins. You can upgrade these buildings to get more pine coins. For example – tap on the cabin building -> level up -> use the material items and confirm. Higher-level buildings or facilities give more pine cones.

So these are some basic Animal Camp: Healing Resort tips for beginners. If you have more tips & tricks to share with other fellow players, comment below.

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  1. Try to place asap the museum. Although it cost some precious golden pines, it will increase the way to get more golden pines
    Another game changer is placing a restaurant, which will produce loads of normal pines.