Nonstop Knight 2 Guide, Tips, Strategies & Cheats

Nonstop Knight 2 is a brand new Idle RPG for Android and iOS by Flaregames GmbH. Let’s have a look at our Nonstop Knight 2 guide, tips, cheats & strategies

The sequel to hit Idle RPG, Nonstop Knight 2, has just released on app stores and challenges you to strike down the elite zombies in over 9 deadly dungeons. In the game, you will use the knight’s skills to slay down the foes, you will make the knight stronger by equipping epic gears, skills & talents. Apart from the dungeon mode, tournament & badlands modes are also available. If you are stuck on a stage(that’s quite normal), then our today’s Nonstop Knight 2 guide and Nonstop Knight 2 tips, cheats & strategies will help you to get unstuck and pass all the stages.

Nonstop Knight 2 Tips & Tricks And Strategies: –

1.) Repeat The Past Dungeon Nodes

Nonstop Knight 2Getting stuck in Nonstop Knight 2 game is quite normal. If you are one of those who are stuck at a stage and it’s getting hard to beat the boss to progress to the next dungeon node, then we would recommend to step back and play old dungeon nodes/stages to grind.

  • Repeat the past stages and open as many silver chests as you can

From these chests, you get a big loot, which contains gears. You can sell these gears for the coins and empower your best gear. 

  • Repeat the past stages to grind XP

Defeat the foes in past stages to grind XP and raise the player level. As a level up milestone reward, you will get rare loot; skills & talent cards. 

⇒You can try new skills, talents, gears to beat the boss in the stage where you are stuck. 

2.) Don’t Empower Low-Tier Gears

Nonstop Knight 2Well, as you progress through the game, you will get better gears; epic or rare quality. So progress as far as you can without empowering any gear. The best time to empower gears is when you are stuck. Once you are stuck, go to the inventory and empower the gears. But…

Don’t empower the low-tier gears. In Nonstop Knight 2, gears come in four rarities; common, rare, epic, and legendary. Most of the common gears provide one buff. Rare ones grant two buffs. While epic & legendary gears grant a unique perk along with the buffs.

So we would recommend empowering high-tier gears. It will cost gold coins and shards. You can earn gold coins by completing the dungeon nodes(coin nodes as well) or by selling useless/low-tier gears.

3.) Always Carry The Best Gears

Nonstop Knight 2The stats of the knight such as attack, defense, speed, critical hits, etc. are impacted by the gears. All the gears provide unique buffs & skills to the knight. For example; increase in special damage, critical damage, attack speed, run speed, and more. You need to manually read all the gears’ buffs & special perks to get the most out of them.

Go to the inventory and there you can find all the gears that you have obtained so far. Tap on anyone and the game will show you its buffs, unique perks, item set effects, etc.

Buffs – All the gears provide buffs(except some common ones).

Unique Perks – Epic gear provide unique perk. Tap the (i) icon next to the perk to read the perk details. For example; with dominance perk, you can deal +25% damage.

Item Set – To activate this perk, you need to equip the items of the same set. For example; royal bracers, royal boots/helmet/armor/weapon. Tap the (i) icon to read the requirements.

4.) Watch The Video Ads For Rewards

Nonstop Knight 2Sometimes, enemies drop the video ad chest when your knight slays them. If you get this chest, make sure to open it by watching the video ad. You may get gems, silver keys, tokens, coins, or other rewards.

5.) Get The Most Out Of The Skills & Talents

As you level up in Nonstop Knight 2, new skills will get unlocked. All these skills consume different mana amount and act differently. Go to the knight’s profile -> skills -> tap on the skill ->read the skill details; mana cost, damage, buff; knockback/stun/crash down, and more. For example; you can use the tornado skill to knockback enemies; especially when the boss is going to attack, use this skill to knock him back to save the knight.

-> Equip the skills which suit your game style and use them at the right time; especially the ultimate skill. All the ultimate skills have cooldown time and you should use this skill wisely.

Talents – Unlike skills, talents provide passive buffs. These talents are activated automatically. We would recommend to read the talents buff details and equip on the basis of your needs. For example; if you are using the frost skills, then there are some frost talents which boosts their effect.

6.) Recharge The Gears

You can use the royale tokens to recharge the gear and then you will be able to upgrade it three more times. We would recommend recharging epic or legendary gears.

7.) Save The Gems For Chests

The green gem in Nonstop Knight 2 is the premium item and you rarely get it as a free reward. We would recommend to save these gems and spend on the chests; there are two chests in the store; grand chest and legendary chest. The grand chest offers two epic or legendary items while the legendary chest guarantees one legendary draw + two epic or high-grade items. If you are going to play this game for the long run, then don’t waste gems on other things. Spend on the chests and get the legendary item.

8.) Join A Guild

In some of the dungeon stages, you will need to select a companion. Join an active guild(high-level members) and you will be able to select them in those stages.

So these are the Nonstop Knight 2 tips, tricks & strategy guide. If you have more guides, tips, tricks, comment below!

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