Ragnarok Poring Merge Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Ragnarok Poring Merge is a new mobile game by Gravity Co., Ltd. Read on for Ragnarok Poring Merge cheats, guide, tips & tricks for beginners.

Ragnarok Poring Merge

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Ragnarok Poring Merge Cheats, Tips & Guide⇓

In this guide, you will learn “how to play the Ragnarok Poring Merge game”, about poring, heroes, and other aspects such as in-game currencies, party, progression, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and get straight to the main content: Ragnarok Poring Merge cheats, guide, tips & tricks for beginners: – 

Poring Merge Heroes Guide For Beginners⇓

In the Ragnarok Poring Merge game, heroes are the characters that you can scout and add to the party to fight the monsters. These heroes are called “Poring Heroes or Demon Heroes”. And as of now, the game features a dozen of them available in multiple rarities; rare and legendary. 

Let’s learn how to get the heroes: – 

Ragnarok Poring Merge

(1) Merge x2 level 10 porings. Keep merging the normal porings and you will eventually get a level 10 poring. Merging x2 level 10 porings will give you a random hero of rarity; rare, heroic, and legendary. There is a chance to acquire an archangel when you merge level 9 porings(low chances). If you merge x2 archangel, you can get a heroic or legendary hero(increases chances). 

(2) Another way to acquire heroes in the RO Poring Merge game is by scouting. For that, you will need scouting tickets. Expand the menu list by tapping the menu button in the lower-left corner -> tap on the white poring/scout button -> there you can spend the scout tickets to scout the heroes. After spending the scout tickets, you can “Scout” and get the hero; there would be a free option and another option that would cost you diamonds. In the free method, the chances of getting that hero will be way lower than the premium method which costs diamonds. 

Party: – 

Players can deploy the heroes on the party slots and send them in the fights. Tap on the + button -> select a hero and it will join the fight. You can deploy more heroes by unlocking new hero slots. New hero slots are unlocked at certain stages; 500th stage, 100th stage, etc. 

List of heroes: – 

Tap the menu button in the lower-left -> party -> go-to handbook option -> there you can check the heroes that you have scouted so far. Each new hero gives you free diamonds. Tapping the hero will open its profile where you can check its active and passive skills. Also, the stats such as attack HP, ATK Type, defense, and grade/tier. 

Porings In Ragnarok Poring Merge⇓

Porings are little cute creatures that you can summon by tapping the summon button in the lower-right corner. Merging x2 creatures will give you a next level creature. For instance, level 8 poring + level 8 poring will give you a level 9. The higher the level of poring, the more stats it would possess. And more firepower you would have. 

Tips To Get Stronger In Ragnarok Poring Merge⇓

The best way to get stronger in the Poring Merge game is by making heroes powerful through leveling, enhancing, evolving. Go to the party menu -> hero -> level them up with coins, upgrade them using enhancement stones. To evolve a hero, you will need evolution material(obtain it by disassembling the heroes). To disassemble the heroes, tap on the upgrade button in the hero tab of the party menu -> disassemble. Make sure to check the amount of evolution material that you will get upon disassembling the heroes. 

Ragnarok Poring Merge

If you have an 8-star hero, you can transcend it with evolution stones. To transcend, you will need to have a hero evolution stone and an 8-star hero. 

Currencies In Poring Merge

There are many currencies in the game that are used for different purposes and there is a unqiue way to acquire each one of them. In this part, we are going to showcase the list of all currencies featured in the Ragnarok Poring Merge game and how to get them: – 

(1) Diamonds – the blue diamonds are hard to get (obtain by completing the achievements or quests). You can use the diamonds for scouting heroes, buying items from the shop, and in the research lab for bonuses. 

(2) Gold – gold is common and easy to get; by defeating the monsters or through other sources like garrison, achievements, shop, and more. You can use the gold to level up heroes. 

(3) Rubies – the red rubies are obtained from the world boss at the infinite tower, by clearing the stages, or from the return function. You can use the rubies in the lab. 

(4) Enhancement stones; use these stones to enhance the heroes. Obtain the enhancement stones by triggering the return function. 

(5) Evil Fragments – use to buy the heroic heroes. Obtain by merging x2 level 10 porings. 

(6) Spiteful Fragment – use these fragments to buy the legendary heroes. Obtain legendary heroes by merging Archangel Porings. 

(7) Gold Keys – obtain by merging the archangel. Or by defeating the bosses. 

(8) Nyangvine – paid currency. 

Lab In The Game

The lab menu has two tabs; production lab and battle lab. In both tabs of the lab menu, you will find useful bonuses that you can unlock with the rubies. There are some very useful bonuses that can help you in progression. For instance, creating high-level poring through summoning, increasing offline income, poring creations, etc. In the battle lab, you will find the bonuses that can help you in the battle. 

What To Do When You Get Stuck

If the boss at a particular stage is keep defeating you, it would be better to strengthen up the party first. Upgrade the heroes; enhance, evolve, level up, etc. You can use the return function and get resources to make heroes stronger. It does push you back to the stage 1 but it worths a shot. You get a lot of coins, enhancement stones, and rubies. In the upper-left corner, tap the avatar frame -> return. On the same page, there is a costume button; tap it -> costumes provide bonuses like increasing gold gain, ruby gain, etc. 

Farm In The Game Modes

Other than the stage progression, the game features infinite tower mode where you can farm diamonds, high-level Springs, rubies, gold. World Boss where you can farm enhancement stones, rubies, and gold. 

Also, the PvP hero match game mode where you fight other players and compete for the top-rankings on the leaderboard. You can get fragments and gold as a reward. 

Poring Merge Cheats OR Cheat Codes

Ragnarok Poring Merge game does not support cheat or cheat code input.

So this would be all in this post on Ragnarok Poring Merge cheats, guide, tips for beginners. Got more tips? Comment below!

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