Nova Empire Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Nova Empire is a popular MMORTS game for mobile by GameBear Tech. Check out our Nova Empire guide, tips, cheats & strategy to master the game

Nova Empire Intro⇓

Nova Empire is GameBear’s first MMORTS(published by Tilting Point), available for free on Google Play Store and App Store. In the game, the player builds its own space station and spy into the star system for the resources. You, as a commander of the space station, work only on strengthening the space station with the help of admirals, ships, and other buildings. The game’s mechanics are similar to other MMORTS games. But its UI is not beginner-friendly. For a beginner, it could be difficult to understand how the game’s mechanics work and what to do next; how to build a stronger space station, attack enemies, defend, collect the resources from the system, and more. If you are having trouble understanding the Nova Empire game, then we are here to help you with our Nova Empire guide and Nova Empire tips, cheats & strategies. Also, see – Nova Empire Promo Codes 2021

Nova Empire Guide To Basics⇓

Nova EmpireBefore we head to the main guide, tips, cheats & stratgey part, let’s learn the basics first. In the Nova Empire game, you build the space station(you can call it base). On your base or space station, you build the buildings to produce resources, ships, recruit admirals, and research space station’s technologies. Upgrading the space station unlocks new facilities and ships.

Your main job in the Nova Empire game is: –

  1. Upgrade the space station
  2. Build ships regularly
  3. Upgrade the facilities built in the space station
  4. Recruit the admirals
  5. Send the admirals to system or areas for attacks
  6. Send the admirals to collect the resources
  7. Scan or investigate planets
  8. Complete the daily quests
  9. Increase the fleet power
  10. Follow the above steps daily to set up a strong space station

We will learn about the buildings in the main guide part below. Let’s learn the basic mechanics: – Your space station is in the star system(in the galaxy). And you are surrounded by pirates, enemies. Anyone can attack you anytime. But when you start the game, your base has an active shield that restricts other players in looting your base. But as you progress or level up, the shield will get removed.

With no active shield, other players will be able to attack you. But why? Because by defeating the enemy base, we can loot the resources. We use these resources in building, upgrading, researching, producing. You can also attack other players’ space stations and loot their resources.

To play safe, don’t mess with the players with high strength or make your space station stronger. So, that’s the basic Nova Empire guide for the beginners. Let’s head to our main Nova Empire guide and after it, read our top Nova Empire tips, cheats & strategies to dominate the galaxy.

Nova Empire Guide⇓

In this part, you will learn about combat, resources, admirals, buildings, alliances, and much more. Pay attention to all the parts to master the game.

Space Station And Buildings⇓

On the main screen of the game, tap the space station/dock. On the next screen, on the left side, you can switch between the space station’s level to see the list of buildings according to it. In Nova Empire, main buildings are: –

  1. Energy Plant – Produces energy
  2. Trading Post – Produces minerals, Crystals, Alloy
  3. Radar – To discover or probe new star systems
  4. Ship Design Center – Edit the ships(change weapons, components)
  5. Shipyard – Build ships in the facility
  6. Research Lab – Research technologies

As you upgrade the space station, you will unlock more facilities. All you need to do is tap the space station -> on the right side -> tap the building -> upgrade or info or use. On the left side in the space station menu -> choose the level -> on the right side, if there is a vacant space available -> tap it -> on the next screen, you will see the list of buildings available to build. Keep building and upgrading.

Fleet Guide – Nova Empire⇓

Nova EmpireOn the main screen of the game, at the top, tap the dock option -> head to the fleet tab or new fleet tab. You can unlock new fleet slots by upgrading the space station. In each fleet, you can set up to one admiral(Read the admiral guide below). Tap the + button to choose the admiral or if already selected, then tap the reload icon at the top-right corner of the admiral’s portrait.

Once done, on the right side, choose the type of ship(i.e. Gunship). And use the seek bar to adjust the number of ships(to add to that fleet). The number of ships determines the power of the fleet. You can build ships in the shipyard in the space station menu.

How to increase the fleet size? Level up the admiral or in the research lab, unlock & upgrade the fleet technology named Improved data flow. This will increase the admiral’s leadership.

Admirals Guide⇓

Admirals lead the ships in space. You can send the admirals to attack the enemy’s space station or collect the resources from the planets. How to get admirals? On the main screen of the game, at the top, tap the +/more icon -> in the menu, tap the naval academy option -> there you can recruit the admirals.

You can recruit for free(a certain number of items in a day). Or use the recruitment directive tickets(complete all the daily objectives to obtain).

How To Increase Admiral’s Level?

As the level of Admiral increases, its leadership level will increase too. Indirectly, it will increase the fleet power as you will be able to add more ships to the fleet. How to level up? In the Nova Empire game, your admiral gains experience points(Required to level up) when you send them in the combat or in March. Or you can use an item named admiral XP. Go to the naval academy screen -> head to the manage tab -> upgrade -> use.

Combat Guide – Nova Empire Game

Nova EmpireOn the main screen of the game, at the bottom-right corner, tap the system option. This will take you the location where your space station is stationed. On that screen, at the top-left corner, tap my station option to see it. There would be many planets and space stations. Tap the orange color symbol(enemies) -> check the enemy strength -> if it is lower than your fleet’s power -> choose to attack. Select the fleet by tapping -> confirm. After it, the admiral will lead your ships and attack the enemies. You will get the battle report in the inbox menu.

Galaxy – Jump, Radar, And Probe

By default, your space station is in a specific star system. If you want to move to another star system -> then tap the galaxy option -> tap on a point -> enter. Once entered, on that screen, tap on an empty area and choose jump or move to change the location.

Prior to it, you will need to probe or discover. It can be possible with the radar. By using the probe feature, you can check the resources, enemies in that star system. If it’s good, then move. If not, find another one. Upgrade the radar in the space station menu to get more information. Keep in mind that you would not be able to move there if it’s a planet, alliance territory. Or make sure it’s not out of radar(use the probe feature to get rid of this).


Make sure to join an alliance to participate in the events, for more rewards.


You can scan the planets in the star system(tap the planet -> scan -> send the admiral). By scanning, you could get resources. To scan, you need scan points. These scan points regenerate over time automatically.

How To Repair?

You can restore the health of admirals or fleet in the fleet tab. Do it often after being injured in the battle. Go to the fleet tab -> tap the repair button at the bottom.

So this is the Nova Empire guide for beginners. Let’s read our top Nova Empire tips, cheats & strategies. Also, see – Nova Empire Promo Codes 2021

Nova Empire Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

  1. Build the ships over and over again and add to the fleet
  2. Send the admirals on attacks to gain EXP and rewards
  3. Collect the resources from the nearby planets
  4. Always set buildings on upgrading
  5. Keep every shipyard busy in building ships
  6. Create multiple ships and send multiple admirals on attacks
  7. Research in the research lab to activate boosts
  8. Complete the daily objectives to get speed-ups, items
  9. Focus on the main missions to receive free rewards
  10. Join an alliance to get free GEC
  11. Complete the alliance quests to earn alliance points
  12. Exchange alliance credits in the alliance workshop for precious items
  13. Donate in alliance to earn alliance credits
  14. Keep upgrading and hunting resources

From the above tips, the main tips are Building ships, researching in the research lab(go to the buildings menu -> search for research lab -> research). Building Ships: – Free ships(not added in the fleet) will increase the dock’s power. Ships added to the fleet increase the fleet’s power. Keep building the ships to become more powerful. To build ships, you need resources. Upgrade the resources centers(trading post, energy plant) to produce more. Hunt the resources from the star system.

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So these are our top Nova Empire tips, cheats & a Nova Empire guide for beginners. Also, see – Best MMORTS games for Android

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