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In this Shop Titans guide, tips, tricks & cheats, we have got all the things covered – whether it’s about the characters, crafting or other

Well, we covered this game in April 2019. At that time, it was in beta and the name was also different(mow, it’s Shop Titans: Epic Idle Crafter on Android and Shop Titans: Craft & Build on iOS). If you have not read our old guide, make sure to read it before diving into this post. You can read that guide – here(Link opens in the new tab). In today’s post, we will learn everything in deep; workers, champions, heroes, weapons, level, how to discover blueprints, resources, and some intermediate tips as well. So let’s get started – Shop Titans guide and Shop Titans tips & tricks.

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Shop Titans Guide To Characters: –

How To Get Characters In Shop Titans⇒How do you get characters? What are the different types of characters in Shop Titans game?

There are three types of characters in this game; heroes, champions, and the workers. You can use the heroes and champions in the quests(read our old guide on this game for the quest details). Unlike heroes, champions are more advanced characters; because of their powerful skills and stats.

The workers in the game help you in crafting weapons, armors, and accessories. Now, let’s learn how to get these characters.

Heroes – You can spend the gold as well as gems to recruit the heroes. First, tap the characters button(Chars.) at the bottom of your screen and then choose to add a new hero slot. On the next screen, you will see the heroes that you can recruit -> fighters, rogue, mage, etc. All these heroes have different stats as well as skills. Since you can choose only one out of all the available choices, it would be hard to pick the best one. In this case, we would recommend comparing their stats: –

  1. Attack – The stars number displays how good is the hero in combat(In an offensive manner)
  2. HP – The health or hit points
  3. DEF – The higher the defense, the less will be the damage taken
  4. Eva/Evasion – Dodging performance
  5. Skills – All the characters/heroes have unique abilities. The skill rating displays how good is the character in skills performance/casting
  6. Also, read their skills

Once recruited, you will see that character in the heroes section under the character menu. Tap it and equip the gears. You can learn about the heroes in our guide(link is given above in the first paragraph).

Shop Titans Guide To Champions: –

Shop Titans Champion CoinsYou need champion coins to hire a champion. Now and then, special characters visit your shop – you must serve them nicely to get their champion shards/points. For example; To unlock Lilu, you need 25 Lilu points. These champions visit the shop randomly; so make sure to pay attention to every customer and try to fulfill their needs at any cost.

Once you have enough, you will unlock that champion character and use them in the quests. Additionally, you need more of their points to rank up. For example; To rank up Argon(champion name), you need 5 Argon champion points. Keep serving all the customers and you will eventually get this opportunity. You can also obtain champion coins from the chests.

Workers: –

You can hire workers from the city. Tap the city button at the bottom -> you will see some people willing to get a job at you. Tap the hire option -> spend the gold or diamonds to hire. If you don’t have enough, sell and earn until you save that much amount.

Now, this part is all about how to get the characters. Next, we will learn how to increase the level of these characters and get more benefits.

Shop Titans City Buildings & Characters: –

  1. Smithy – Smithy building is owned by a blacksmith, named Wallace. (Craft items, level up to unlock blueprints)
  2. Town Hall – Invest in this building and you will be able to recruit more players to the guild/city after increasing its level.
  3. Iron Mine – Owned by Durhan, produces iron(RSS)
  4. Lumberyard – Owned by Gorza, produces wood
  5. Wood Workshop – Owned by a carpenter, Allan. (Craft items, level up to unlock blueprints)
  6. Tavern – Managed by Naya. Level up it to get better loot from the quests
  7. Temple – Manage by a priest, Freyja. (Craft items, level up to unlock blueprints)
  8. Ironwood Sawmill – Ironwood source
  9. Training Hall – Argon Manages this building. Level up it to raise hero max level cap
  10. Apothecary – Owned by a herbalist, Maribel. (Craft items, level up to unlock blueprints)
  11. Garden – Herb source
  12. Engineer – Owned by Roxanne. Craft guns, crossbow. Note – Premium building
  13. Jewel Workshop – Owned by Katarina. (Craft items, level up to unlock blueprints)
  14. Tannery – Leather source
  15. Tailor Workshop – Julia works here. (Craft items, level up to unlock blueprints)
  16. Weaver Mill – Owned by a Weaver, Ismael – Fabric source
  17. Smelter – Brohm works here and produces steel
  18. Oil Press – Beatrice owned building, the source of oil
  19. Wizard Tower – Grimar works here and produces spells
  20. Master Lodge – Owned by Theodore who helps you in crafting high-tier items

How To Level Up Champions, Workers, And Heroes In Shop Titans Game

Shop Titans Level Up WorkshopsThere is a different way of leveling up for each type of character. Let’s learn about all: –

Heroes and Champions – Send these characters on the quests and they will gain experience points. Once gained enough, their level will increase. To track the level progress, head to the characters menu -> tap the character -> under its name -> check level bar.

Workers – Workers earn experience points when you craft the items. To grant EXP to a particular character, you need to craft the item in which they are professional. For example; Wallace is a blacksmith and earns EXP when you craft the weapons. Allan is a carpenter who earns EXP when you craft the wooden items. For example; a wooden shield. Maribel earns EXP when you craft herbs. To grant EXP to Julia, you will need to craft armors.

Whenever you craft, the workers will gain experience and that message appears at the top-right corner of the screen(After you claim the item). In this way, you can check which character is getting EXP.

Level up these characters to increase crafting speed, stats, efficiency.

Shop Titans – Resources Guide

Resources or materials are required to craft the items. For example; herbs. You produce these resources in the city. So invest some time in reading all the details of all the buildings in the city. For example; the Garden in the city is the production source of herbs. When you tap the craft button, at the top of that screen, you can see the resources that you own.

Quests – From the explorations quests, you can obtain the precious materials, required for crafting some items. So make sure to send the heroes as well as champions to those areas for the hunt of these materials.

Sending heroes on the exploration quests also grant Exploration EXP. As you gain more, the exploration level will increase and you will be able to access new locations where you can find more special items. For example; You can gather glow shroom once you reach Howlong Woods level 5.

Here’s the list of materials and source: –

  • Elven Wood – HW(Howling Woods)
  • Iron Pine Cone – HW
  • Glow Shroom – HW
  • Silver Dust – Aurora Caves(AC)
  • Webbed Wing – AC
  • Precious Gem – AC
  • Living Root – WB(Whispering Bog)
  • Rustwyrm Scale – WB
  • Deep Pearl – WB
  • White Sand – BW(Barren Wastes)
  • Bronze Fang – BW
  • Moon Crystal – BW
  • Evil Eye – SGT(sun God’s Tomb)
  • Silk Scarab – SGT
  • Star Medal – SGT

Shop Titans – Blueprints List

  1. Squire Sword
  2. Arming Sword
  3. Gladius
  4. Cutlass
  5. Espada
  6. Katana
  7. Regal Blade

These are the swords(from tier-1 to tier 7), crafted by the blacksmith(Wallace) in the city.

  1. Wood AXE
  2. Hatchet
  3. Iron Chopper
  4. Bardiche
  5. Tomahawk
  6. Battleaxe
  7. Dwarven Greataxe

These are the AXE(from tier-1 to tier 7), crafted by the blacksmith(Wallace) in the city.

  1. Shiv
  2. Swift Blade
  3. Kunai
  4. Stealth Knife
  5. Balisong
  6. Ritual Dagger
  7. Kingsguard
  8. Fishmonger

These are the Daggers(from tier-1 to tier 8), crafted by the blacksmith(Wallace) in the city. Among all these, Kunai unlocks through the starter package.

  1. Cudgel
  2. Spiked Cudgle
  3. Warhammer
  4. Morning Star
  5. Flanged Mace
  6. Skull Crusher
  7. Evening Star

These are the Mace(from tier-1 to tier 7), crafted by the carpenter(Allan – Wood Workshop) in the city.

  1. Javelin
  2. Hunting Spear
  3. Bladed Spear
  4. Ranseur
  5. Trishula
  6. Spetum
  7. Royal Halberd

These are the Spears(from tier-1 to tier 7), crafted by the carpenter(Allan – Wood Workshop) in the city.

  1. Training Bow
  2. Elmwood Bow
  3. Reflex Bow
  4. Grand Harp
  5. Compound Bow
  6. Deadeye
  7. Raptoria
  8. L-Arabesque

These are the Mace(from tier-1 to tier 8), crafted by the carpenter(Allan – Wood Workshop) in the city.

  1. Carved Branch
  2. Sturdy Cane
  3. Oak Staff
  4. Owl perch
  5. Bo Staff
  6. Jade Scepter
  7. Wizard Staff
  8. Celestial Staff

These are the Staff(from tier-1 to tier 8), crafted by the carpenter(Allan – Wood Workshop) in the city. Owl Perch unlocks through Lilu Package.

Items Crafted By Engineer(Blueprints)

The engineer is the special worker in Shop Titans. Unlike other workers, you can not unlock her using the in-game currencies. Roxanne, the engineer is the premium one and if you want to craft exclusive items, you will have to buy her. The engineer crafts Crossbow, Gun.

Blueprints By Herbalist – Maribel – Apothecary Building In The City

  1. Mintyleaf herb
  2. Sweet Grass
  3. Moon Powder
  4. Healing Salve
  5. Silver Thistle
  6. Bloodvine
  7. Mandragoroot

These are the herbal medicines(from tier-1 to tier 7), crafted by the Herbalist(Maribel – Apothecary) in the city.

  1. Warm Tea
  2. Healing Potion
  3. Magic Potion
  4. XL Healing Potion
  5. XL Magic Potion
  6. Phoenix Tonic
  7. Potion of Renewal

These are the potions(from tier-1 to tier 7), crafted by the Herbalist(Maribel – Apothecary) in the city.

  1. Scroll Of Sparks
  2. Scroll Of Armors
  3. Storms Scroll
  4. Song Of Valor
  5. Monster Manual
  6. Tome Of Secrets
  7. Bagua Board

These are the spells(from tier-1 to tier 7), crafted by the Wizard(Grimar – Wizard Tower) in the city.

Blacksmith Allan Armor Blueprints: –

  1. Breastplate
  2. Iron Mail
  3. Scale Armor
  4. Hauberk
  5. Knight Breastplate
  6. Paladin Plate
  7. Samurai Do

-> Helmets

  1. Sturdy Cap
  2. Warrior Helmet
  3. Horned Helm
  4. Raider Helm
  5. Knight Heaume
  6. Paladin Helm
  7. Samurai Kabuto

-> Gauntlets

  1. Iron Armguards
  2. Plated Gauntlets
  3. Warrior Gauntlets
  4. Demi Gauntlets
  5. Knight Gauntlets
  6. Paladin Gauntlets
  7. Samurai Kote

-> Footwear

  1. Shin Guards
  2. Long Boots
  3. Iron Greaves
  4. Reinforced Greaves
  5. Knight Sollerets
  6. Paladin Boots
  7. Samurai Haidate

Tailor Blueprints In Shop Titans

  1. Leather Boots
  2. Flip-Flops
  3. Soft Shoes
  4. Thief’s Shoes
  5. Elven Shoes
  6. Savage Stride
  7. Ninja Tabi

The tailor(Julia) also craft rogue hat, hat, magical hat, and gloves

Carpenter Blueprints –

  1. Wooden Shield
  2. Heavy Buckler
  3. Oaken Shield
  4. Iron Shield
  5. Teardrop Shield
  6. Mythril Aspis
  7. Wyrmguard

Jeweler(Katarina) Blueprints: –

  1. Iron Ring
  2. Alloy Loop
  3. Ruby Ring
  4. Silver Band
  5. Noble Ring
  6. Knight Signet
  7. Batrachite Stone

Priest(Temple – Freyja) Blueprints: –

  1. Memento
  2. Jade Pendant
  3. Iron Bond
  4. Sun Pendant
  5. Noble Chain
  6. Holy Symbol
  7. Titanium Torc

These are the amulets. Level up the workers and unlock these blueprints.

How To Unlock High Tier Blueprints In Shop Titans Game?

Shop Titans Get BlueprintsTo unlock high-tier items, you need to complete specific requirements. For example; To unlock Balisong, you need to craft Stealth Knife 40 times. And, once you complete this requirement, research gets complete and you get a high-tier item formula.

To check these requirements for high-tier blueprints or new items discovery; tap the craft button -> go-to weapons/armor/accessory -> choose the weapon/armor/accessory type -> In the first slot, you can see the requirements to unlock that blueprint.

Shop Titans New Blueprints

You can check the tier level at the top-left corner of the item. Once done, tap it and use a research scroll to unlock that item.

Level Up Blueprints/Items To Get Better Quality

In Shop Titans game, you need a research scroll to unlock a new item(once you complete the requirements). You can obtain it by raising the level of one of your items. Now, how to level up an item? It’s pretty easy to figure out; go to crafting menu again -> at the bottom of the item portrait, you can check how many times you need to craft that item to reach the next level. For example; If it’s 5/8. Then it means, you need to craft it 3 more times to reach the next level.

Gear Quality – Shop Titans

Shop Titans Gear QualitySometimes, customers demand superior or higher quality weapons (green flame). Whenever you craft a superior or high-quality gear, the game displays it in the big banner(you have discovered a masterpiece). Now, how to craft superior quality or higher quality gear? It’s pretty easy; first, It’s random if the level of that item is low. If you increase the level of that item(by crafting it over and over again), chances of getting better quality gear will increase.

The quality increases as you level up. Tap the (i) icon at the bottom of gear icon -> milestones -> here you can check the milestone upgrades. As you level up, the value of that item will increase. And, at some point, you get a quality upgrade reward.

Build Furniture & Upgrade Storage

You should focus on the shop expansion growth also. First, we would recommend you to increase the inventory slots for the resources items so that you can keep a large stock. Tap the edit button at the bottom-right corner -> tap furniture button -> In the second tab, you can find all the RSS storage items -> build them and keep a large stock. Go to the third tab -> build a chest. Also, don’t forget to build racks, shelves to hang the items there – visitors may find it useful.

Open The Chests, Get Ascension Shards, Ascend The Items

From the quests, you may get the chests. If you get, you will see it in the loot section(city -> loot). Open the chest and you may get research scrolls, ascend shards, and other items. Ascend shards are used in ascending the items. Go to the crafting menu -> tap the (i) icon at the bottom of an item -> ascend -> here you can ascend the items. Or long-press on the blueprint to open information page -> ascension. You can also get ascension shards from the fortune zone and the shop. When you ascend an item, a special buff gets unlocked.

So that’s all for now; Shop Titans guide and some Shop Titans tips for the intermediate players. If you have more tricks, information, tips, cheats to share, feel free to comment below. Also, see –

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