One Punch Man The Strongest Reroll Guide To Pull Top-Tier Characters

Head start by recruiting the top-tier characters in One Punch Man The Strongest game by Rerolling. Read on for One Punch Man The Strongest reroll guide – how to reroll on Android & iOS

One Punch Man The Strongest Reroll Guide RerollingWe always recommend rerolling in the gacha games so that you can get the top-tier character right from the start of the game – having a top-tier best SSR or SR character will help you get the victories easily in the early game as well as in the late game. In this game, SSR and SR characters’ drop rate is quite low – so, it would be better to reroll for an SSR or best SR characters. You can check the One Punch Man The Strongest Tier List here to get an idea about who to reroll. Now, let’s navigate to the One Punch Man The Strongest Reroll Guide. 

One Punch Man The Strongest Reroll Guide: –

Step 1.) The first step is to choose a login method; we recommend using the guest account in the rerolling process if you don’t have a data pack problem. If you have multiple Google/Gmail/Facebook accounts, then you can use them too. Or, you can just switch between the servers to start another account from scratch.

Step 2.) The next step is to complete the tutorial. Once you finished the tutorial, you need to claim the pre-registration gift packs. 

On the main screen of the game, on the bottom-left corner -> tap the “mail” button. Here, you will get the pre-registration rewards; featuring three packs; silver chest, blue chest, and purple/orange chest. Once claimed, go to the bag -> there you can open the silver and blue chests. These two chests will give you x1 elite voucher and x350 gems. 

Step 3.) The third step is to reach level 20. To open the third chest, you need to be at level 20. Proceed through the exploration mode and fight some battles to earn EXP – when you reach level 12, you will unlock daily quests that give you more EXP to level up fast. 

Open the third chest; it gives you x10 elite vouchers and x400 gems. 

Step 3 – Part II). Check these One Punch Man The Strongest Man codes and get more gems. 

Step 4.) Go to the recruitment menu -> elite recruit – spend all the vouchers and exchange gems for more vouchers > for 10x draw – x1 time or x2 time – depends on the vouchers or gems you have to spend. You should be able to do 10x recruit 2 times by level 20. 

Step 5.) If you get the top-tier SSR or SR characters, continue playing this game. If not, switch to another account(Google/Facebook) or server. To switch account, tap the “character profile” avatar in the upper-left corner -> on the bottom-right side, tap switch account. Or if you are using a guest, you can clear the game data and start from scratch. iOS users can delete the game and install it again. 

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