Devil Hunter Eternal War Best Class Guide – All Classes Overview

Started playing Devil Hunter Eternal War and wondering which is the best class to play? Read on for Devil Hunter Eternal War best class guide featuring all classes overview

The current version of the Devil Hunter Eternal War game features four different classes – each class with a unqiue set of skills and talents. Also, each skill plays differently; different animations, buffs, damage, result, etc. The player is free to choose the class at the start of the game. Additionally, the game gives four character slots to the players so that they can enjoy all the classes. Although, you would not be able to transfer the progress from one class account to another. So it’s better to choose the best class from the start and invest in him/her, make him/her stronger and dominate in all kinds of game modes. In today’s post, we have shared the Devil Hunter Eternal War Best Class guide featuring all the classes overview. So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content. 

Devil Hunter Eternal War Best Class Guide – All Classes: –

  • Martial Saint Class – Melee
  • Taoist Class – AoE
  • Arcane Luminary Class – Burst, CRIT
  • Winged Illusionist Class – Ranged-Attacker

So these are the four Devil Hunter Eternal Classes. Let’s have a look at all of them and figure out which one is the best class. 

Taoist Class In Devil Hunter Eternal War

Devil Hunter Eternal War Best Class Guide ClassesTaoist is a damage dealer class with the skills that can inflict damage to multiple enemies. Her AoE skills cause damage to a large area, which helps you target multiple enemies at a time. Other than that, one of her skills, which is the soul-taking spell, can stun the enemy for a few seconds. The stun effect makes the enemy unable to move and attack. Let’s have a look at the Taoist class overview: –

  • Gale Curse – AoE Attack DMG by summoning the tornadoes
  • Ice Spikes – AoE DMG by summoning the ice spikes on the land
  • Frostwind Strike – AoE ATK DMG with the storm snow
  • Icesoul Check – AoE DMG
  • Soul-taking Spell – Stun and DMG
  • Chilly Ice Shield – Shield to absorb damage

Speaking of her strength, she excels in the AoE field – when fighting against the group of enemies, Taoist’s skills can help you lot.  Also, her survivability is decent. 

Martial Saint Class

Devil Hunter Eternal War Best Class Guide ClassesMartial Saint is the best tank class in the Devil Hunter Eternal War game. He is a tough shield that’s hard to beat. His strength is absorbing the damage and confronting the enemies from the front. Also, his melee attacks do decent damage. But you don’t get the ranged-abilities. When facing the back-row enemies who stand far and attack from a distance, you will need to be careful. As a tank role, your role would be absorbing as much damage as you can. 

Because of the high-defense strength, his survivability is way better than other Devil Hunter Eternal War classes. If you love playing as a tank in the MMORPGs, Martial Saint is the best class to pick; you will get to face the enemies from the front, protecting the attackers in the back row, slashing down the enemies with the sword. For solo players too, Martial Saint class would be a great pick. 

Arcane Luminary Class

Devil Hunter Eternal War Best Class Guide ClassesArcane Luminary is another DPS class in the game with burst/AoE Damage skills. His strength is inflicting heavy damage on the enemies; high ATK DMG + CRIT ATKs to slay down the enemies in no time. With Arcane Luminary, you get to clear the waves of enemies quickly, which helps you progress fast. The DPS is insane and if you are looking for a mid-range DPS class, Arcade Luminary would be a good class to choose. Although, the defense stats of this class is not that great.

Winged Illusionist

Devil Hunter Eternal War Best Class Guide ClassesWinged Illusionist is one another DPS class with a speciality in inflicting crushing the enemies from long-range. She is the ranged-version of Arcane Luminary class – with more ATK DPS. With Winged Illusionist, you will be able to inflict damage to the opponents from a long-distance. 

Which Class Should You Pick In Devil Hunter Eternal War Game?

  • Martial Saint – Warrior, Tank, High Survivability
  • Taoist – AoE, Evasion, DPS
  • Arcane Luminary – Burst DPS, CRIT
  • Winged – Ranged DPS

If you are looking for the best tank, Martial Saint is the best class. For DPS, you have multiple choices and we would recommend choosing the one that suits your gameplay style. All the DPS classes are balanced and have little difference when it comes to crushing the enemies. Go with Taoist for AoE. Arcane Luminary has more CRIT. And, Winged Illusionist has more DPS. We would recommend choosing the Winged Illusionist if you prefer the DPS classes in MMORPGs. 

So this would be all in this post on Devil Hunter Eternal War best class guide featuring all classes’ overview. What’s your favorite pick and why? Comment below!

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