OVERHIT Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

If you have just started playing Nexon’s Overhit turn-based strategy game, then you should check out our Overhit guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In the last post, we shared the tier list and a complete reroll guide, which suggests the best SSR and SR units to roll before you link the game to social media accounts for cloud saving. You can read that guide here. In today’s post, you will learn about the characters/heroes, their elements, how to raise their level, how to build a balanced team, about the game modes, items farming, and much more. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the Overhit guide and Overhit tips, cheats & strategies to master the game!

Overhit Guide and Overhit Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Building The Balanced Team

OverhitAll the heroes featured in Overhit have different skills and a specific role; healer, DPS, tank. The very first step you have to do is figure out the best ones and read their skills. You can check the tier list here if you don’t know the best characters. Once figured out, it’s time to build a balanced team. You can add up to five characters in the team. We would recommend adding: –

  • 1 Tank (Having good DEF Buffs, protects allies, take damage)
  • 3 DPS(Inflict damage; AoE)
  • 1 Healer(To heal allies)

You can also try other build options, for example; 1 tank, 2 healers, 2 DPS or 2 tanks, 2 DPS, 1 healer, etc. It’s up to you.

Leader Skill

Another thing is choosing a good leader. Heroes have leader skills, which buffs the whole team. For example; Ash is a fire type hero in Overhit and his leader skill increases ATK of allies by 25%. You should audit the top units and their leader skills and choose the best one. If you have Ash, then make him the team leader.


The formation is really important if you want to get the most out of the heroes. Before you start the battle, the game lets you change the team and the formation(on the hero selection screen, tap the formation change button, displayed on the right side). There are three rows; front row, second row, and back row. Put the tank-type hero in front/second and DPS/healers in the back row. Heroes in the second/back rows will get the defense buff.

So this is the Overhit guide to building the balanced team. Now, let’s head to the characters guide.

Overhit Characters Guide


OverhitThere are five types of character in Overhit game; Fire(Red), Wind(Green), Dark(Purple), Water(Blue), and Light(Yellow). Similarly, all the enemies belong to one of these elements. Like other gacha games, In this game too, you can take elemental advantage by choosing the right type of heroes. For example; Fire-type characters get an advantage when fighting against the Wind type characters. Here’s the full chart: –

  1. Fire>Wind
  2. Wind>Water
  3. Water>Fire
  4. Light>Dark
  5. Dark>Light

Tap the hamburger menu button at the top-right corner of the game screen -> at the bottom, tap hero option -> here you can check all the heroes that you currently own. At the top-right corner of the hero portraits, you can check the element type.

Hero Combat Power

In this part, we will learn how to raise the combat power or stats of a hero. First, you don’t need to develop N-R type characters as they would not be beneficial for you in the long run. Instead, develop the SR and SSR units(check the tier list here). To raise the combat power: –

Raising The Level

You can use the N-R type heroes or EXP items to raise the hero level or put him/her in the team and get victories in the campaign mode for EXP. Go to the hero menu -> tap the hero icon -> fortify -> tap the + button -> select the fodders(N-R, EXP item) -> confirm -> fortify. It will cost you gold.

Raising The Level Cap

OverhitOnce the hero hits its max cap, you will not be able to fortify him/her until you raise the level cap. To raise the level cap of heroes in Overhit, you need its duplicate. For example; To raise Ash’s max level cap, you need another Ash unit. You can obtain the duplicates through summoning/gacha. Since SSR units are hard to get, it would be hard for you to raise their level cap. While SR units drop rate is quite good, it would be easy for you to raise their level cap. In short, most probably SR units will lead over the SSR as you progress through the game.

Raising Grade

To raise the grade of a hero in Overhit, you need catalyst/elixir. For example; if it’s a fire-type character, then you will need Fire catalyst.

  • Fire – Fire catalyst
  • Wind – Wind catalyst
  • Dark – Dark catalyst
  • Light – Light catalyst
  • Water – Water catalyst
  • Rainbow Catalyst

Except for rainbow catalysts(you can obtain rainbow catalyst from terra shift -> mystic warehouse -> expert/master mode), you can buy all these catalysts from the shop or grind in the trek missions or terra shift -> mystic warehouse.

Raising Skill Level

Once you raise the level cap of a hero, you will be able to raise his/her skill level. In his/her character profile -> tap skills -> In the skills menu, at the top -> choose next level icon -> fortify -> it will cost you jewels and gold. For each element, you will need the corresponding jewel.

  • Fire Jewel
  • Wind Jewel
  • Water Jewel
  • Dark Jewel
  • Light Jewel

You can obtain these jewels from the exploration mode. Lobby -> challenges -> exploration. You should play every day to collect all types of jewels;

  • Monday – Dark jewel
  • Tuesday – Fire jewel
  • Wednesday – Water jewel
  • Thursday – Wind jewel
  • Friday – Light jewel
  • Saturday – Fire/Water/Wind
  • Sunday – All type of jewels available on Sunday

Activating Abilities

You can obtain essence from the exploration mode or by retiring the heroes. Use the essence to activate abilities and boost up the hero stats. To retire the hero, go to the hero list -> at the bottom-right corner, tap the button labeled with retirement selection button -> choose the hero -> retire -> you “may” get the essence.

So this is the Overhit guide to characters; elements, abilities, skills, and more. Let’s head to the gears guide!

Overhit Gears Guide

Getting Gears & Raid Mode

You can obtain the gears from the Raid mode. Lobby -> special – Raid -> Vedr/Liegestein/Fafnir. Vedr – Fire-type boss, Liegestein – Water-type boss, Fafnir – Dark-type boss. Choose the heroes on the basis of element for advantage. After choosing the raid boss, you will see the players already started the fight -> you can join them and inflict damage -> you will get rewards on the basis of rank. Or you can start raid and set the permissions; guild+friends, closed to the public, open to the public, and guild. The level rises as you progress.

Equipment Synthesis – Getting Better Grade Gear

You can combine max level gears to get a better grade gear. Tap the menu button at the top-right corner -> inventory -> tap the gear -> equipment fortify -> use the low-grade gears to raise the high-grade gear level. Once reached the max level, you can use it in equipment combining. Make sure to unequip it first. Go to inventory -> tap the red color synthesis button ->  select the max level gears -> synthesis.

Overhit Game Modes & Grinding Items

  • Arena – PvP mode, earn arena points by participating in this mode. You can spend these points on elixir. To win in this mode, defeat the enemy team or try to maintain more health than the enemy team at the end of the timer.
  • Terra Shift – Earn gold from merchant treasury, obtain catalyst from the mystic warehouse, get equipment from the warrior armory
  • Dimension Gate – Earn soul stones. You can synthesis soul stones in the crafting menu(menu -> crafting -> hero -> synthesized soul stones -> once you have enough -> craft).
  • Raid – Get gears
  • Untamed Sanctum – Earn untamed sand. Use it to buy grimoire
  • Exploration – Jewels, Essence
  • Campaign – D-Gems, Gear, EXP, Heroes

Progress through the campaign mode, complete the guide missions(lobby -> at the bottom-left, tap guide missions), upgrade the heroes and their gears, grind, and that’s all. So this is the Overhit guide and some Overhit tips for the beginners. Feel free to share your tips in the comment section below!

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