Alchemia Story Guide And Tips For Beginners

Alchemia StoryAlchemia Story is a brand new MMORPG by Asobimo Inc. Check out our Alchemia Story guide, tips to learn the basics of the game

Alchemia Story is a new MMO “J” RPG for mobile devices by Asobimo, the creators of RPG Toram Online game. In the game, you embark on a beautiful journey and follow an epic story. The game features lots of locations, game modes; solo, duel, co-op, and much more. In this post, we have covered the basics of the game; Alchemia Story guide, tips for beginners; how to play, skill, gears, and more.

Get Started – Alchemia Story – The Basics

Before we dive into the guide, tips part, let’s learn the basics first. In Alchemia Story game, the very first step you do is creating the character; the game features a “YOME” system and you can create one more character and it will be your partner and this partner helps you in combat, completing quests, by tips.

In short, you can create two characters in the game. One is explorer and second one is YOME. Now, your objective is to become strong. As you level up, you will be able to access more features such as jobs, a new map, and more.

Since it’s MMORPG, you can interact with other players, duel with them, trade with them, and add to your friend list. Alchemia Story game also features solo-mode; by activating the solo mode, you will not see other players around you.

Alchemia Story game’s gameplay is also awesome; you can either play manually or use autorun feature. Basically, you just have to complete the quests, defeat the monsters, trade, level-up, and increase the power.

There are a number of ways to increase the power of characters such as equip them with rare or ultra rare gears, upgrade skills, unlock new skills, level-up, and more.

As you progress through the game, you will meet new characters and follow the adventurous story. So, this is the basics of the game. Now, let’s start the Alchemia Story guide and after it, check out our Alchemia Story tips for the beginners.

Quick Navigation: –

#1.) Map Guide

Alchemia StoryThe game starts with a tutorial in which you learn about the battle system and how to interact with other characters. After the tutorial, you will find yourself in the state of abul location. At the top-right corner, tap the zoom-in(+) icon and then you will be able to see your current location, characters’ location, enemy’s location, and borders.

The very first step you have to do in Alchemia Story game is collecting the rewards. At the top menu, tap the gift icon and claim the rewards. Just close to the gift icon, there is a shop icon, tap it to open the shop section. From the shop section, you can purchase gears or more items.

It costs you philosopher stone. You can earn these stones or this in-game item by completing the quests, defeating the monsters.

  1. Tap the navigation icon(at the left side of the screen)
  2. Select Navi
  3. Then Select World Map
  4. Here you can see all the locations you have unlocked
  5. Go to the border(blue icon on the map) to move to a location

#2.) Quests Guide

It is one of the important activities in Alchemia Story game. At the left side of the screen, tap the navigation icon -> select Navi and from there you can access to the quests, missions, daily missions, and events.

Why is it important? Because most of the free rewards you earn by completing these quests. So, it would be better if you focus on completing these quests. You will be able to level up fast. Also, see – Offline games for Android

#3.) Characters Guide

A stated above, in Alchemia Story game, you have to manage two characters; explorer and YOME. You are the explorer and your partner(YOME character) helps you in many activities.

Your objective is to make them strong enough to defeat powerful monsters.

  1. Tap the menu (at the left side of the screen)
  2. Select Characters
  3. Here you can check the status of both characters; power, skill, profile, and more

#4.) Skills Guide

Alchemia StoryYou can equip up to six skills for the battle. You use skills in the battle to defeat the monsters. The player can edit skills or edit the skill deck; for both characters.

  1. Tap the menu
  2. Select Skills
  3. Tap edit skills deck(Select Yome to change his/her skill deck)
  4. After it, you will see the list of available skills
  5. Tap the remove button to remove that skill from the deck
  6. Tap the set button to equip that skill

How to upgrade skills?

In Alchemia Story game, upgrading is one of the important tasks. By upgrading the skills, you increase the combat power and you will be able to defeat the enemies fast. Now, the question is how to upgrade?

Orbs are required to upgrade the skills. You can obtain orbs by defeating the monsters or completing the quest. If you have, then: –

  1. Tap the menu
  2. Choose Skill
  3. Head to Skill Buildup Tab
  4. Tap the buildup option next to a skill and confirm
  5. This will increase the skill level

#5.) Combat and Battle Guide

Alchemia StoryTo start the battle, go close to a monster(visit another place if, at the current location, there are no monsters). After it, tap the “target enemy” message at the left side of the screen. Sometimes, the battle starts automatically, you can choose “run” option to leave the battle.

In the battle, your objective is to defeat the monsters as soon as possible. Just tap one of your skills and that’s it. You can protect yourself from enemy’s attack by casting guard skill. After defeating the monster, you will be rewarded with precious items such as tools, expend., housing items, gears, philosopher stones, XP, and much more. Also, see – Best war games for Android

#6.) Gears Guide

Alchemia StoryBy equipping the characters with gears, you can increase their stats; defense, attack, HP, and more.

  1. Go to the characters tab
  2. Select gear
  3. Here you can remove or equip the gear
  4. Switch to Yome tab to remove or add gear for Yome character

#7.) Changing the mode

At the top menu, tap the channel icon and from there you can switch to any available mode; solo or multiplayer. In the multiplayer mode, other players can join the battle to defeat a specific monster, you will be able to interact with them. Go close to a player, tap the target option. Choose trade to trade items, choose duel to start a duel match, and there are many more options available.

So, this is the basic Alchemia Story guide for the beginners. Now, let’s take a look at some basic Alchemia Story tips, cheats(beginners).

Alchemia Story Tips & Cheats: –

#1.) Claim the free reward daily

Alchemia StoryGo to the shop tab. Head to the lotto tab. Scroll down the list and find “daily free” banner. Claim it and you could get a precious item such as an ultra-rare gear. And if you scroll down more, you will see a lotto ticket option too; you get lotto ticket as a reward(complete the quests, events, missions). Use the lotto ticket to get items; gears.

#2.) Focus on events+quests

If you want free rewards such as items, gears, stones, XP, and more, then it would be better if you focus on the quests.

Complete the events to obtain orbs. You can use orbs to upgrade a specific skill. Read the skill guide above.

#3.) Look for OXCART

In most of the quests, you move from one location to another. Look for an OXCART and interact with it to move to a different map location instantly. It costs you some Zells(in-game item, can be earned by completing the quests). Also, see – Best fishing games for Android

#4.) Use Philosopher Stone

You can use philosopher stone in the shop to obtain gears or more items. Use it buy ultra rare weapons and equip those gears to increase the power of your character. Then defeat monsters to earn XP, XP is required to level up. You can earn these stones by defeating the monsters or upon completing the quests.

#5.) Upgrade skills and equip high-quality gears

As you progress to new map locations, you will have to defeat the powerful monsters. And it would better if you upgrade the skills and equip high-quality gears for the battle. Defeat normal monsters or participate in events to earn orbs, then upgrade the skills. Open the lotto chest daily(Free one) to get a free high-quality gear.

While moving, look for the sparking bubble and go close to it. Target it to harvest an item.

So, these are some simple Alchemia Story tips for the beginners. Download Alchemia Story game for Android – Here(Google Play Store). Also, see – Top new Android games

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