Penguin Isle cheats: guide, tips & strategies

New to the Penguin Isle game? Understand all of its core concepts with these Penguin Isle cheats and tips packed with a guide for beginners

In the Penguin Isle game, the player manages the Penguins’ Habitats. There are lots of Habitats to unlock, creatures to discover, and challenges to complete. In each Habitat, you get a unique Penguin who will work there and grind gold coins for you. For example – In the first Habitat, you get Fisherman(Penguin) who catches the fish and grind coins for you. In the flower garden habitat, you get a Farmer(Penguin) who grow and sell the flowers and earn gold coins for you. And, there are many more to discover. In this Penguin Isle guide and Penguin Isle cheats, tips & strategies post, you will how to progress fast.

Penguin Isle Cheats, Tips, And Guide: – 

Your objective in the game is to unlock all the Habitats and earn a huge amount of money every second. To unlock new habitats, you need coins. You get these coins from the Penguins working in the habitats. For example – Fishing Spot Habitat, Flower Garden Habitat. In the initial phase, to collect the coins, you have to tap the Penguin every time. You can automate the coins collection process by evolving the habitat. And, increase the earnings from the habitat by upgrading the Penguin.

  • Coins – Upgrade Penguin, Buy Habitats
  • Hearts – Evolving Habitats, Automating The Collection
  • Energy – Research
  • Gems – Chests
  • Time Token – Instant Money

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Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all Penguin Isle cheats, tips & tricks.

Penguin Isle

Learn About The Creatures

In Penguin Isle game there are lots of creatures that you can create by collecting their shards or pieces. Once you have enough, you can create that creature and it will spawn on the Island. All these creatures provide a unqiue buff to the player; increase in gold production, reducing the habitat upgrade cost, etc. Here’s the list of creatures featured in Penguin Isle game: –

  • Arctic Hare – Increases offline reward time
  • Ribbon Seal – Increases heart reward
  • Northern Fur Seal – Increases gift box reward amount
  • Reindeer – Increases camera shot mission reward
  • Weddell Seal – Increases whale summoning reward
  • Sea Elephant – Increases 10% gold production
  • Moose – Increases whale summoning reward
  • Elephant Seal – +Gift box reward
  • Muskox – Reduces habitat upgrade cost
  • Harp Seal – Increases heart rewards amount from Penguins
  • Fox Terrier – Reduces the Penguin purchase cost
  • Polar Bear – Increases gold production of all HabitatsPenguin Isle

Get The Free Chests From The Shop In Penguin Isle

At the upper-right corner of the game screen, tap the shopping bag icon to enter the shop. Scroll down below to the treasure chest section; there you can claim free chests; silver chest and the gold chest. From these chests, you get creature pieces or shards – and, once you have enough, you can create it or upgrade it. On the game screen, tap the egg and go to the creatures tab -> there you can check all the creatures and the number of pieces that you need to acquire that creature.

Check Out The Penguins And Habitats

  • Fisherman – Fishing Spot Habitat
  • Farmer – Flower Garden Habitat
  • Miner – Gravelly Field
  • Janitor – Hot Spring
  • Antarctic Explorer – Antarctic Base
  • Ranger – Seagull Nest
  • Balloon Seller – Amusement Park
  • Ice Miner – Igloo Camp
  • Sculptor – Sculpture Park
  • Explorer – Dolphin Farm
  • Dolphin Trainer – Albatross Nest
  • Lighthouse Keeper – Lighthouse
  • Ranch Owner – Deer Ranch
  • Balloon Pilot – Hot Air Balloon Field
  • Stuntman – Whale’s NestPenguin Isle

Summon The Whale

On the ocean side, from time to time, a box appears. Tapping the box will give you the details of the reward – watch the video ad and call the whale to get coins immediately.

Complete The Camera Shot Missions

Keep an eye on the Penguins roaming on the Island – a camera icon often appears which indicates that the Penguin wants you to click his picture. Tap that Penguin and click his picture to get free gold coins.

Penguin Isle

Upgrade The Penguins Wisely In Penguin Isle

At the bottom-center of the screen, expand the upgrade menu by tapping the See More button. In the Habitat upgrades menu, you can spend the coins and upgrade the Penguin. But who should you upgrade first to progress fast? We would recommend you to start from the bottom and then go to the top. Every new Habitat’s Penguin produces more gold than the old ones. For example – suppose, you have unlocked four habitats: –

  1. Fishing Spot
  2. Flower Garden
  3. Gravelly Field
  4. Hot Spring

The Penguin working at Hot Spring produces more gold than Gravelly Field Habitat’s Penguin. And, Gravelly Field Habitat’s Penguin produces more gold coins that Flower Garden and Fishing Spot. In the same habitat menu, you can check the gold coins production rate in each habitat banner. Compare the two Penguin’s Habitats gold production at the same level and you will notice the difference.

Other Penguin upgrades; Tap the egg on your screen -> upgrade these Penguins to increase gold and heart production rate.

Evolve The Habitat To Automate The Gold Production

Once you unlock a new Habitat, the very first thing that you have to do is evolve it to level 1 – to automate the gold production. It will cost hearts. You can get hearts from the Penguins or gift boxes(appears in the ocean).

Complete The Quests To Earn Energy/Stamina

At the top-right corner of the screen, tap the quest scroll button to check the ongoing quest. Complete it to get energy or stamina. You can use it to research or unlock new buffs. Complete all the researches and reach the next tier upgrades.

Complete The Achievements To Earn Gems

Tap the trophy icon at the top of the screen -> check the achievement missions -> complete them to earn gems. Spend these gems in the shop for the treasure chests.

Get The Freebies

The ocean is full of treasure – now and then, you will get gift boxes that give you free hearts, wooden boxes give free gold coins. Make sure to collect these free boxes.

Claim Double Earnings

The Penguins work for a certain amount of time when you are offline. During the offline time, they will produce the gold coins for you – and, when you come back online, you can claim double of this offline earnings by watching a short video ad.

Keep An Eye On The Events

The game releases new events now and then. For example – At the time of writing this post, the Xmas event is going on. In the events, you complete the quests and earn event currency; Xmas Cookies in this example. You can use the event currency in event/gift shop time tokens, gold chests, time-limited rewards; creature, Penguin, etc. So make sure to complete the event quests and get the most out of it. In the top-left corner, there would be an event icon. For example – the Xmas Event icon is Christmas Tree. Update – Lunary Year event is going on now.

Learn How To Complete Pick 1 Item Quest

For this task, you need to buy the silver chest from the shop menu. After that, this quest will be completed. For more information, read our this post –

Also, see –

So that would be all in this Penguin Isle guide & tips for the beginners. If you have more Penguin Isle tips, cheats or strategies, feel free to comment below.

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  1. Hello, how can u put more items out on your islands, I make so many things and store them away must alternate, 32 items for all my islands, frustrating

    • your named penguin that you can control can go around and pick up decorations already on the island (stuff like trees you don’t like) which will free up space. just have your penguin walk up to the item and a shovel should appear.

  2. I really want to get the 1st anniversary 2020 cake penguin. Doing the missions are way to hard, they waste my time. I have a strategy to get money. You first upgrade your fisherman penguin, then when you get farmer penguin and the miner maybe janitor and the others. Level up your fisherman the most because the more higher and advanced helper, it takes time to reload. I level up my fisherman penguin the most, it recharges fast, and gives the most money, [ penguin coins]. Although, whoever made this, it’s pretty good. I learned a lot. Thanks.

  3. These are not cheats at all,there tips and tricks that you said. I’m curious that how to CHEAT to get 2000 or whatever that’s NOT below 2000, only above.

  4. Actually at same upgrade cost (and same level of professional helper penguin (fisherman, gardener, etc. up to orca) the 3 seconds intervals of fishing spot usually makes it the best upgrade to choose among first. It roughly accounts for one third of the gps (gold per second) with gardener and miner summing up another 40%. Reaching endgame last tier is the only one deserving some attention (10-15%). The whole rest required to hit 100%… Way better stockpiling to upgrade early stations than scattering resources.

  5. What does the game mean when it says to pick 2 items? I’ve tried tokens and penguins and everything but cant complete the quest

  6. You should also check the amount time by which the mentioned amount of gold is produced.
    For instance if fishing spot can produce 3k gold in 3 sec and gravelly field can produce 3k gold in 5 sec, then if u check per sec gold generation will be more for fishing spot and one should upgrade that instead of gravelly.

  7. Note to add: You can buy more penguins, from the egg, it’ll increase gold and heart production with 150%, but it’ll also increase the cost of buying new habitats by 150%.