Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Tycoon Guide, Tips & Cheats!

Rocket Star is a brand new Idle game for mobile by Pixodust Games. Check out Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Tycoon guide, tips, cheats & strategies

In the Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Tycoon game, the player manages a spaceship factory where he recruits the workers, leaders to build the advanced rockets. Your objective is to unlock all the locations in the galaxy such as mars, moon, space station, etc. And, you can do it by launching the rockets. First, you build the rocket, then launch it, and then new locations in the galaxy unlocked. If you have just started playing the game, then today’s Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Tycoon guide and Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Tycoon tips, cheats & strategies will help you master the game.

Idle Space Factory Tycoon Guide

The Basics – The Game Flow

Rocket Star - Idle Space Factory TycoonAt the beginning of the game, you have the space factory on the earth – and, as you launch rockets, you can unlock new locations such as the moon, mars, etc. In each location or space factory, you have workers who build the rocket – and, the deliverers who dispatch the resources on the platforms.

If you pay attention to the workers & deliverers, you will notice that the deliverers at the bottom of the platforms dispatch the resources and place them near the elevator. After that, the worker at the elevator picks the resources from that place and send it to the platforms where workers are building the rocket.

There could be dozens of platforms; depending on the rocket size. At each platform, you will see the workers picking resources or material left by the guy who works at the elevator. And, as you see them using it, star coins dropped.

Star-Coin is the basic in-game currency obtained from the workers when they use the materials or resources at their corresponding platform. At the top-center of the screen, you can check the star coin production per second. And, just below the production status, the game displays the rocket progress bar. When it fills out completely, you will be able to launch the rocket after building all payloads in the space factory.

So this is the basic Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Tycoon guide for beginners. Let’s learn the key concepts in detail.

Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Tycoon – Launching Rocket

Rocket Star - Idle Space Factory TycoonAs we mentioned above, the goal is to unlock all the locations in the galaxy and build the space factory there. At the bottom-center of the game screen, tap the galaxy/globe icon to visit the galaxy menu – there you see the list of planets or space stations where you can build the space factory.

And, to unlock the new locations, you will need to launch a certain number of rockets. For example; after unlocking the space station, you will need to launch (6) rockets to unlock Mars.

Requirements to launch the rocket: –

  • Must build all the Payloads in that location
  • Complete the rocket progress

In the space factory, at the top-center of the screen, check the rocket progress bar. And, build all the available payloads. Once you are done, you will see the launch option on your screen. Tap it -> at the top-center; tap next -> skip.

What Happens After You Launch The Rocket in Rocket Star Game?

  • You take one step ahead in the next location unlock progress
  • The game gives you space cash, a premium in-game currency
  • Also, you get the space crate
  • New Payloads or Platforms get unlocked

Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Leaders Guide

Leaders are the characters with special abilities. From the space crates, you can get these characters’ cards or shards. Once you have enough cards of a particular leader, you can unlock him.

In each location or space factory, you can assign a leader. Head to any space factory and scroll down to the bottom -> tap the + character option -> tap the leader -> assign. Once the leader is assigned, you can use his special ability by tapping the ability icon.

Abilities can be upgraded using the skill shards.

Research & Technologies

You can invest the star-coins in space factory researches – these researches provide a buff/bonus to the player. Example – reducing the upgrade cost, deliverers upgrade cost, elevator upgrade cost, increase in production rate, etc.

For each factory, you will have to spend separately.

So this would be all in this Rocket Star Game guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory tips, cheats & strategies.

Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Tap The Gigantic And Valuable Items For More Coins

Rocket Star - Idle Space Factory TycoonIn case, you didn’t notice – pay attention to the platforms where workers are working. While picking the materials dispatched by the elevatory guy, they sometimes drop valuable items. These valuable items stay there for a few seconds. Tap them before they disappear – you will get free coins.

2.) Get Familiar With In-Game Currency

  • Space Cash – Don’t use it anywhere else except buying premium space crates from the shop
  • Video Gems – You can spend it in the shop for boosters or essential crate
  • Star Coins – Upgrade the platforms, elevator, deliverer, research technologies

3.) Keep Growing The Space Factory

  • Upgrade the workers, deliverers, and the elevatory guy – higher-rank platforms yield more star-coins, so focus on them rather than upgrading low-rank platforms over and over again. In other words, every time you unlock a new payload, give priority to it because every new platform yields more star-coins
  • Assign the leader and use his ability
  • Reach the goal and launch the rocket for space cash and space crates + new payloads
  • Research new technologies in every space factory

4.) Tap The Space Dog

Now and then, a space dog makes his appearance in the space factory. Tap that dog and watch the video ad for free stuff.

5.) Tap The UFO

On the galaxy screen, you will see a UFO appearing from time to time. Tap it to get free stuff.

6.) Get The Air Supply

Now and then, at the top-center of the space factory, you will often see the air supply box. Tap it and watch the video ad for free stuff.

7.) Complete The Missions For Skill Shards And Space Cash

At the bottom-center menu, tap the trophy button to open the mission page. There you will see the challenges and missions to complete. You can earn space cash and skill shards by doing them.

So these are some Rocket Star game tips for beginners. If you have more tips to share, comment below.

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