Penguin Isle Pick 1 Item – How Do You Complete This Quest?

Pick 1 Item(s) is one of the quests in the Penguin Isle Game. Wondering how to complete it? Read on for Penguin Isle Pick 1 Item quest

Penguin Isle Pick 1 ItemTo complete this quest, the player needs to open the chest; it could be the silver chest or gold chest. Both these chests contain items and will help you complete this quest. Go to the shop by tapping the shopping bag icon in the upper-right corner of the game screen -> scroll down below to the treasure chest section. Open the silver chest by watching the video ad to complete the quest; pick one item in Penguin Isle. Here’s the video walkthrough. After the video, we have explained step-by-step instructions to complete this quest.


Penguin Isle Pick 1 Item Quest: –

Step 1.) Tap the shopping bag. This will take you to the shop where you can buy stuff like chest, time token, heart token, gems.

Step 2.) Scroll down in the shop menu until you see the treasure chest section.

Step 3.) You need to grab the silver chest. Tap the green color button; free/watch Ad to complete this quest. This chest contains one item(all you need to complete the quest).

Step 4.) Claim the reward.

So that’s how you complete the Penguin Isle Pick 1 Item Quest.

To complete the quest; Pick 2 items, you might need to buy a gold chest or claim silver chest multiple times. Unlike Silver Chest, Gold Chest is not free – you will need 200 gems to buy this chest. Although, it gives you more rewards than the silver chest – contains more items. You can earn gems by completing the achievements or watching the video ads in the shop. You can earn gems by completing the achievements in the game or head to the shop and watch the video ad for x30 gems. 

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