Idle Fish Aquarium Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Idle Fish AquariumIdle Fish Aquarium is a brand new game for Android and iOS by Vivid Games S.A. Let’s have a look at Idle Fish Aquarium guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Vivid Games S.A, the publisher behind Space Pioneer, Gravity Rider, and many more popular games, has just released a brand new Idle game called Idle Fish Aquarium on iOS App Store and Google App Store. It follows the same mechanics offered by a ton of games – however, the game’s theme, which is on fish attracts a lot of players. If you have just started playing the game, then this Idle Fish Aquarium guide and Idle Fish Aquarium tips, cheats & strategies will help you master the game.

Idle Fish Aquarium Guide

The Basics

Let’s get started with the basics. Your objective is to build the aquarium empire – on your screen, you can see lots of aquarium that you can unlock and make more money. In each aquarium, you have a specific type of fish – along with algae. Algae produce the Oxygen -> fish collects the Oxygen bubbles and send it to the production line through the pipeline/Oxygen Tanks. After that, the Oxygen Cylinders are produced and supplied.

So Oxygen Cylinder is the product that you sell for Idle Cash. You can use the Idle money in upgrading the fish tanks, production line. Increasing the aquarium increases the maximum numbers of the fish in aquarium, speed & production rate. And, upgrading the production line increases Oxygen Profit, speed & capacity rate.

Level Up To Unlock New Fish Aquarium

The new fish aquarium gets unlocked when you reach a certain level. At the top-center of the game screen, you can check the current level and level bar that shows the progress to reach the next level. As you supply more and more Oxygen Cylinders, you earn XP and level up at a certain point.

Idle Fish Aquarium New Fish

Idle Fish AquariumAs we mentioned above, In each aquarium, you can keep a specific type of fish. So to unlock or get new fish, you first unlock new aquarium by reaching a certain level – and, then the game gives you a chest containing fish cards. You will have to pick a card – based on luck, you get a random fish.

Also, you can pick again by watching the video ad. There are lots of Fish to discover such as soccer fish, shark, medical fish, unicorn fish, phone fish, etc.

So this would be all in this Idle Fish Aquarium guide for beginners. Let’s have a look at our top Idle Fish Aquarium tips, cheats & strategies.

Idle Fish Aquarium Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Level Up Quickly By Speeding Up The Supply

The faster you supply the Oxygen Cylinders, the faster you earn EXP and level up. And, to speed-up the supply; hold down the pipe and swipe over the supply line.

Also, upgrade the production line to increase the dispatch speed, capacity – these upgrades help you clear the stock quickly.

2.) Upgrade The Fish Aquarium

As soon as you unlock an Aquarium, max out its level and get the most out of it. At its max level, fish swims fast, production rate gets improved, and you have the max fish capacity.

3.) Watch The Video Ad To Double The Rewards

Every time you level up, you get a special reward; Idle money/dollars/cash. And, the game lets you double it by watching the video ad. If you are low on Idle money, you should claim this offer – if not, claim the basic reward by tapping the blue button.

4.) Get The Boosters

At the upper-right corner, tap the boosters button -> there are two boosters that you can active by watching a short video ad; speed booster, earning booster.

5.) Grab The Free Offers

Idle Fish AquariumNow and then, you will see the golden fish or golden bottle on your screen. Tap these to get a free reward – can be claimed by watching the video ad.

So this would be all in this Idle Fish Aquarium guide, tips, cheats & strategies.

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