Pocket Ants Guide: Tips, Tricks, Cheats & Strategy

Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator is a new mobile game where you build the ant squad and improve the nest. Read on for Pocket Ants guide, tips, cheats & strategies

Pocket Ants Guide Tips Cheats Colony SimulatorPublished by Ariel Software on Google Play Store, Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator is a great mobile title with unqiue gameplay where you get to manage Nest as a base. You will build the chambers in the nest to process the resources, send workers outside the nest to gather the resources, feed the Queen ant to produce soldiers or more workers, build an army of soldiers and creatures to fight enemies; other players and creatures outside the nest. If you are new to the game, then this post is for you. In this Pocket Ants guide, we have explained all the core concepts that you need to know as a beginner. Also, we have shared a bunch of Pocket Ants tips, cheats & strategies. So, let’s not waste any time and head to the main walkthrough guide.

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Pocket Ants Guide Tips Cheats Colony SimulatorFirst things first – the very first thing we recommend is to capture the red ants’ base by slaying down the red ant queen. This task will help you master the combat mechanics quickly. By eliminating the red ants’ queen, you will get Pheromones that you can use to attract creatures. Let’s learn everything in detail and explore all the Pocket Ants tips & tricks featured in this walkthrough guide – 

The Guide To Resources

The five in-game resources are Honeydew, Seed, Leaf, Food, and Body Parts.

Honeydew – you will get this honeydew from aphids. After building the honeydew chamber, go outside the nest and defeat the “fire ants”. After defeating all, you will have to protect the aphids convoy from more fire ants – the convoy carries aphids and drops to the nest; inside the honeydew chamber. Dropping aphids in the honeydew chamber will give you honeydew. 

Seed – gather outside the nest with the help of workers and drop to seed storage. The seeds will be used in chamber upgrades or other tasks. 

Leaf – gather outside the nest with the help of workers and drop to the leaf storage chamber. The leaves are used in food production and other upgrades. 

Food – feed queen with food and produce soldiers or workers. 

Body Parts – defeat the creature outside and gather body parts. You can use body parts to build/upgrade the slavery chamber. The slavery chamber is required to capture the resources. 

Gathering The Resources Outside The Map

Well, the tutorial explains everything clearly – but, if you missed that, then this part will help you understand how resource grinding works. First, you can gather the resources manually or send workers to gather them. Go outside the nest and search for leaf and seed. Once found, go over it -> tap the select option in the lower-left corner -> select gather or set it as a source. 

If you want workers to gather resources in Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator, make sure to set the source. Also, keep in mind that resource source depletes as you continue to gather from it. Once depleted fully, you will need to find again outside the nest -> set source again. 

Getting And Managing The Workers In Pocket Ants

Workers are produced by your queen in the nest. When the queen is hungry, feed food, and get workers. On the left side, tap “worker” option -> you can assign workers based on your requirement – for example; if you need leaf, use the bar to assign a certain number of ants on the task. You can set them on gathering leaf, processing leaves to get food, send food to the queen, gather seed, and body parts. 

Adjust the workers’ behavior based on what you need. 

Building The Army In Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator

Having a great army of soldiers and creatures in Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator will help you defeat other players, capture the red ant nest, defeat powerful creatures, etc. While in the nest, tap the army option on the right-side -> breed(requires food) -> get soldiers. Use Pheromones to attract the “creatures”. 

Getting Pheromones: eliminate other players in the battle or capture the red ant nest by eliminating the red ant queen. 

Tips For Battle – Combat With Ants

->First, you need to assemble the “soldiers”. Tap the “recruit” option in the lower-left corner – this will make you the leader and other ants will follow you wherever you go. 

->To start the fight, you will need to go near the enemy ants; the soldiers will start attacking the nearby ants. 

Pocket Ants Guide Tips Cheats Colony Simulator->Your army size is limited to a certain number; x10 early. So, we would recommend you to avoid fighting a large number of ants. You will lose more soldiers if you fight more ants than the size of your army. So, the best way to save soldiers and combat wisely is by fighting with a small number of ants at a time. How to do that? Well, it’s pretty easy. All you need to do is “lure” the small number of ants. Go close to the ants’ group and step back to separate them from the group. 

Use The Honeydew For Bonuses

Pocket Ants Guide Tips Cheats Colony SimulatorYou can spend honeydew in the shop and buy bonus items that give you buffs; for example – increasing ant workers’ speed, reducing eggs’ hatching time. Increasing the chance of a successful creature fusion. 

Build And Upgrade Chambers

  • Food Processing Chamber – process food. Increases maximum capacity; food, workers
  • Leaf Storage Chamber – store leaves here. Upgrade to increase the max capacity
  • Seed Storage Chamber – stores seed here. Upgrade it to increase the storage limit
  • Queen’s Chamber – unlocks high-level soldier by upgrading
  • Nursery Chamber – lay more eggs at a time
  • Body Parts Chamber – store body parts of dead creatures here. Increases storage limit by upgrading
  • Slavery Chamber – for captured creatures. Upgrading increases the fusion chances
  • Honeydew Chamber – stores honeydew. Upgrade it to increase the honeydew storage limit

What Is Rock In Pocket Ants?

Asked by Mike: – I found a rock in the game but there is not a single description about what this rock is for. I picked it up but nothing to do with it and looked around different places for this answer

Answers: – 

By Andrew: – so far, as the game is in beta, the rocks don’t do much, h9ever, in a battle if you take the time to get a rock, things won’t attack you, it is a neat little thing, you can also mess with the red ants with it, it’s fun.

By Barry – yes you will get attacked if you are carrying the rock!!

So this would be all in this Pocket Ants guide and tips for beginners. Got more tips, cheats, tricks? Comment below. 

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    • The enslaved creature will be placed at the slot at bottom screen, just click the intended insect slot and then click whatever place you want them, you can’t take back the creature into the slot again, and you can only utilized insects when you face against another player

  1. Can anyone please tell me how to make seeds a source as the red ants have already captured it and there is no other source? Also how to make soilders? Please?

    • You can also make it your source even though they are already looting it. However, if they bring soldier ants, they will attack your workers. Bring 10 soldiers and just stand on the seed, they will protect your workers and eventually the red ants will stop coming for that resource.

    • Same issue at the very beggining of the game, the first seed source was held by the red ant so not possible to create soldiers !
      Tip: Send all your workers at the seed source, red ant will kill some of them but you will be able to bring back enought seed to build soldiers

      • Rather than sending all of your workers, you can gather some seeds yourself, with, perhaps one or two workers. This is more controllable, and you can gather when the red ant soldiers move away, which happens frequently.

    • First go not too near the seed keep some distance mind that te seeds are showing on the screen then click on select and then click on the seed you will find two options gather and source, click on source now it is the source of the seed.

    • As of yet, there is only one source for seeds that your workers could gather, and the red ants don’t really reduce the amount of seed it take, so that is a fortunate thing, to make a soldier, click “Army” button, and then click breed button

  2. I need to learn how to get creatures i know that by attacking we get but only spider red and aphids are coming not others like bug

      • Several day playing and only 1 creature appear the first day in the tutorial.
        The only way to have creature is to win battles to use pheromone/battle coins to attract creature.

  3. I just dont like that yge game totaly cease opperation when i close the amm i mesn i already gave the ant orders so if i leave a day and come back all is same its like the ant stoped working
    And y do my enemies have scorpion and i cant fet emm

    • I agree. The game should keep playing when it’s closed. At least until the lead is gone that I assign them.

      Scorpions are rare spawns. I’ve only got 1 out of the 25 creatures I’ve captured. 1 will show up for you eventually.

  4. Hey i just started playing.. how many is the maximum number of worker ants?? Im at 20 and cant find any info on expanding that number…

    • Time your attack. i have one. Just a little before his attack, hit retreat and move away from him, then hit attack right after his special. Rinse and repeat until he is yours.

    • You should attack-retreat your ants, since this creature isn’t quite aggressive, you need to attack it until it starts to glow red, and then just retreat, this creature attack range is not far, so move fast

  5. If you pick up the rock and drop it onto one of the “cobble patches” on the ground, the rock will glow for a few seconds during the shift from night to day. I have not found this to have any purpose as of yet.

    • Based on my ingame experience and creatures collection
      -Tarantula : Health : 30%
      Attack rate : 50%
      Speed : 30%
      -Praying mantis : Health : 25%
      Attack rate : 75%
      Speed : 40%
      -Tiger beetle : Health : 25%
      Attack rate : 90%
      Speed : 100%
      -Bombardier beetle : Health : 80%
      Attack rate : 50%
      Speed : 10%
      -Scorpion : (insufficient info sorry)
      -Rhinoceros beetle : Health : 100%
      Attack : 40%
      Speed : 10%
      -Maybe more…
      *Update may result in addition creatures or buff and nerf on creatures

  6. What is an effective way of gathering honey dew. It takes so freaking long to collect enough honey dew for several reasons. The main one being that it takes like 24hrs to respawn the aphid colony. Another reason is because it’s way way to difficult to get all 10 aphids to your Colony. 3rd you can only get 10…10!!?? Come on… Even if by some miracle you get all 10 safely back you gotta get all 10 back every time for 10 days to get your good bonuses… I mean come on. You should be able to use the pheromones to attract aphids and creatures. Or get a chance at 25 aphids at a time. If you’re lucky and save all 25 everytime it is still gonna take you months… MONTHS!!! To get all the possible bonuses. This system needs a major overhaul. You should be able to purchase honeydew with Gems as well. You should be able to increase your chances of attracting different creatures too. I have attracted maybe 40-50 creatures so far and the best I’ve been able to do is 4 tiger Beatles. I have a crap ton of tarantulas & preying mantuses. You should be able to choose at a percentage of what you want to attract like when you fuse them. But even then you only get 3 chances to earn pheromones by battle perday unless you pay a high amount of gems. Not even that guarantees you pheromones its just for battles. This game is a few tweaks away from being 5 stars. Right now at best I give it 2 stars just because of the obsurdity of how long in DAYS it takes you to progress. The game play and premise is 5stars but unless you have unlimited amounts of real money to waste it falls far short. And again money only gets you chances not guarantees chances at creatures. It useless for power ups because of the low aphid count and the very long respawn rate of the very small amount of aphids. I am not allowed enough space to even attempt to go into the rediculousness of fusing. Come on guys get it together. Make this game better. If you just fixed the things I have mentioned not only would more people play but we’d spend money for more gems. I hope yall take these notes serious. I really want to get into this game.. But right now it’s just not worth it.

    Thanks for your time, and your efforts towards a possible great game.

    • Aphid farm respawns 6 hours after you defeat it. I recommend your first 75 honeydew goes to the x2 honeydew boost. Worker speed and hatching time are useless imo. After x2 boost, I got lv1 lavender, chrysanthemum, 12 soldiers and now saving for x3 honeydew boost.

      • I have alredy the x3 honeydew boost, and i’m saving for lvl2 of resilience of soldiers. But anyone have noticed an importan difference between lvl 1 and 2 of resilience?

    • Well the game is still in beta I’m sure as they do updates which they have been frequently u will gain resources out of battles. U do get honey dew from fighting the fire ants nest so there are ways to get more than just aphid transport. Sounds like a bunch of whining to me suck it up butter cup the game can only get better and when it’s done we got a good head start. Train and upgrade see you on the battlefield soldier!!!

  7. To Mike, so far, as the game is in beta, the rocks don’t do much, h9ever, in a battle if you take the time to get a rock, things won’t attack you, it is a neat little thing, you can also mess with the red ants with it, it’s fun.

  8. I found a rock in the game but their is not a single description about what this rock is for. I picked it up but nothing to do with it and looked around different places for this answer


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